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12 Spring Nail Colors To Wear All Season Long

12 Spring Nail Colors To Wear All Season Long

Liven up this spring time with these 12 spring nail colors to have you looking and feeling fresh for the season.

With winter in full swing, spring time will be approaching before we know it. We’ll escape the blizzarding snows of the Midwest and warm up to cool breezes and refreshing rain showers. The grass will turn from a dull brown to a luscious green. Having your spring nail colors in check will help you feel ready for fresh flowers and spring showers. Every female gets excited for a new season to arrive, for her nail color to change suite from deep, warm tones, to pale pinks and purples. These 12 spring nail colors are cute enough to wear all season long.

A Polarizing Pink

Pink is a a must in spring nail colors. Ranging in wide varieties of hues, this shimmering polar-effect will be dazzling on your nails in the spring. Shop the spring nail color here.


A Lilac Purple

Purples are one of the prettiest spring nail colors you could rock. A grape purple is almost too deep for spring, however a soft lilac is adorably cute for any skin color. Shop the lilac color here.

A Ballerina Pink

Soft pastels are spring nail colors you cannot miss out on. The most perfect pastel pink is a ballerina’s dream, and this nail color is about to be your spring dream come true! Shop the ballerina pink here.


A Tiffany Blue

Every girl knows a Tiffany blue when they see it. A gorgeous, robin’s egg blue is the one of the most trendy spring nail colors you could wear. A bright pop of color really livens up the transitions of seasons. Shop the Tiffany blue color here.


A Seafoam Green

Similar to a Tiffany Blue, a seafoam green color is on the musts of spring nail colors. With more green hues to it, this nail polish color is perfect for spring and a gorgeous pop of brightness. Shop the seafoam green here.

A Metallic Tangerine

Orange is a bright, refreshing pop of color, especially being included in spring nail colors. A metallic finish allows the springtime sun to shine on your nails, casting different hues of pinks and oranges. Shop the metallic tangerine here.


A Pretty Plum

Springtime doesn’t have to exclusively limit pastels for spring nail colors. Deep purples and greys are the perfect transition colors for those who don’t necessarily fancy a soft pastel. This plum color is just right to add a pop of color into the springtime! Shop the pretty plum here.

An Off White

The color white is the most perfect nail polish color, especially when it tops the list of perfect spring nail colors. An off-white shade is complementary to any skin tone, and makes any skin looked tanned and beautiful! Shop the off white here.


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A Dandelion Gold

A yellow shade is a springtime-must for spring nail colors. The warmth and happiness a yellow color gives off is truly perfect for the happiness that spring time and warmer weather brings. Shop the dandelion gold here.


A Mermaid Blue

Sparkles are adorable additions to all varieties of spring nail colors. A gorgeous blue with sparkles and holographic affects sounds like a dream come true! Shop the mermaid blue here.


A Pale Olive Green

The trend of army and olive greens is skyrocketing, and the spring time is going to be no different. Stay ahead of the curve with this beautiful addition to your favorite spring nail colors. A pale, shimmering olive green is the perfect way to welcome the regrowth of all things nature! Shop the pale olive green here.

A True Beige

There’s nothing like the perfect nude…even for your spring nail colors. This true beige color is the most neutral way to bring in the season. It can also be the perfect transition shade between any season! Shop the true beige here.


Celebrating the warmer weather and the blooming of mother nature’s fabulous colors, you can be just as fabulous and fresh with these amazing spring nail colors.
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