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10 Spring Lip Colors That Will Make You So Kissable

Match your spring lip colors to your spring outfit this season! With all the spring lip colors available you are sure to find one (or many) that is just right for you. We have created a list of 10 spring lip colors to try, enjoy!

1.)Bold Red.

Can never go wrong with a classic red as your spring lip color. A red lip is a statement lip, this spring lip color says you are daring, bold, wild, fierce. This spring lip color is perfect for those who want to make a statement and leave an unforgettable impression.

2.) Glitter Gloss.

This spring lip color is a dazzling eye catcher. In the sun your lips will shine 10x as bright, but even in the shadows, your lips will still shimmer. Glitter gloss is a great substitution for those who aren’t fans of colored lips but still want something dazzling.

3.) Orange Red.

Bright spring lip colors are great for those who want a show stopping makeup attraction. Perfect for any type of spring party event.

4.) Watermelon Pink.

This spring lip color is juicy and great to pair with a colorful spring outfit. This spring lip color against the right skin tone can also look very natural, so you get very pretty natural looking lips without even trying.

5.) Bight Pink.

Stop everyone in their tracks with this spring lip color. A bright pink lip color will not only look great, but it will contrast really well against most skin tones. Makes for the perfect lip color all year round.

6.) Clear Gloss.

Back in high demand. Since Fenty Beauty created their own version of a universal lip gloss, clear/nude lip glosses have gone up in popularity. They can be worn with any outfit, hairstyle, skin tone, clear lip gloss always looks good. This spring lip color is one everyone should try, it sometimes looks even better than wearing a colored lip product.

7.) Nude Pink.

Go soft and subtle with a nude pink spring lip color. For those who like the bare minimum in colored lip products. A nude pink is a great compromise for a subtle lip color that still gives you coverage with a natural finish.

8.) Nude Peach Gloss.

A real sweet spring lip color. A nude peach gloss is fun and sweet and perfect to wear with a casual springtime outfit. The gloss finish makes this spring lip color edgier, making it the perfect balance between casual and mesmerizing.

9.) Metallic Lipstick.

Does anyone have a spring rave to go to? If so, this spring lip color is perfect for all parties and raves you have planned this season. This lip color resembles a mermaid’s tail, unique, color changes in different lights, and just breathtaking.

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10.) Ombre.

An old trick in the book to get fuller looking lips. This spring lip color will give you the illusion of fuller, bigger looking lips without any painful lip fillers or burning lip plumpers. With doing an ombre lip, any color can be used and you can end up with two different looks. A dark bold lip, or a natual full lip. Either one is a great spring lip color choice.

Try something new this spring season! A spring lip color can really make all the difference with your spring outfits and/or hairstyles. With all the spring lip colors listed above, you are sure to find a match made in heaven and your lips will thank you.

Comment below what your favorite spring lip color is! Who is it made by? Gloss or lipstick? What finish is it?

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