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15 Cute Hairstyles For Spring Formal Every College Girl Can Pull Off

15 Cute Hairstyles For Spring Formal Every College Girl Can Pull Off

Cute hairstyles for spring formal can be hard to perfect, but with spring formal coming up, we have 15 styles that everyone can do! College stresses don’t give you much time or much to work with when it comes to hairstyles, but we’ll give you everything you need to get started! No matter what your style, trend, or dress is for this spring… we have everything for you and 15 different hairstyles! Enjoy!

1. Side Waterfall Braid

I love this hairstyle, and it is absolutely perfect for Spring! Relatively easy to do, there are tutorials all across YouTube. Paired with curls or waves, this hairstyle is perfect, trendy and will work perfectly with whatever dress you may choose! It is similar to french braiding, in the sense where you add hair as you go. Work it, girl!

2. Double Braid

Similar to number 1, the double braid hairstyle is on the side of your head, and usually just on one side. This hairstyle is elegant and trendy at the same time, and will go great with light waves or curls! Fairly easy to do and not too hard to learn, this will take you a couple of minutes at most!


3. Hair Wrap Around

For this hairstyle, you’ll feel like your walking down the red carpet. Trendy and modern, you may have seen this on some of your favorite celebs! You can use this with your hair in a ponytail, or half up half down. To start, pull back the hair and lightly but firmly secure it with a hair tie. Next, gather hair below and wrap it around, concealing that you have a hair tie in. You’ll love it, and it is very easy!

4. Beach Babe Waves

It wouldn’t be spring formal without this hairstyle. Beach waves are a perfect way to rock the crowd and still keep your hair low-key, letting your hair do the talking. For the best results, use a bigger curling wand, and take a generous amount of hair, and gently curl. If your hair does not hold a curl very well, apply hairspray to keep it in place. You are going to love this style!

5. Classic Updo

This look is for the ladies that love to wear their hair up, and still look flawless while doing so! There are two different ways you can rock this look, one with a few pieces coming out of your bun, or the other option being a side braid (or waterfall). You want the bun to be lower, close to your shoulders and slightly off to the side for the elegant look. This hairstyle looks great with a strapless dress and will work perfectly in the spring because of the warmer temperatures, you won’t have your hair in the way!


6. Fishtail Braid

With this spring formal hairstyle, you’ll feel like a fashion icon. While the fishtail braid can take some time to create, it is worth every single second. Plus, it is easy to do! With just two pieces of hair, you just cross them over and over to create the ‘fishtail’ design. To do a trendy spring hairstyle I recommend half up half down, with the half up part fishtail. See below for an example!

7.  Side Ponytail

This style is amazing. Beautiful, trendy, and you get the best of both worlds. For the best results, curl your hair to achieve loose waves, and (optional), add a side braid or waterfall side braid.  With this hairstyle, you’ll show off your waves and still have your hair up and out of your face so you can enjoy the night. Plus, when your hair is pulled back, the focus is on your makeup and your dress!

8. Thick Curls

This hairstyle is my all-time favorite. I’m not great at braiding, so I like to put my hair in a ponytail and curl it from there so that the curls are all mid-length. I have very long hair, so this works out! I love curly hair, and I can’t even imagine the damage I have done over the years – but hey, it is totally worth it.


9. Classic Half Up

If braids, updos, or side ponytails aren’t for you, you can stick with the classic half-up, half-down look! It is both pretty and classy, and you can pull some pieces to the front for that effortlessly messy look, while still looking polished and pretty!

10. Low Ponytail

When it comes to spring formal hairstyles, it can be difficult to decide on a hairstyle, makeup, and dress. Everyone is different, and this spring rock the crowd with a low ponytail! Very elegant and mature!

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11. Volume

This spring, wearing your hair long, flowy and shiny is in. Adding some definition by creating volume isn’t always as hard as it sounds. By doing this, you’ll create a subtle difference to more healthy, shiny looking hair.

12. Headwear

This spring, switch up your normal hairstyle with a headband, or other detailing in your hair! These can be found at a local boutique, online, or just about any standard mall. This will add a feminine touch and help stand out from everyone else!

13. Two Top Braids

For this next hairstyle, you’ll feel boho and trendy! I think it’s a relatively new trend, but check it out! It takes less than 2 minutes or so, and you can secure the braids with bobby pins to conceal any unnatural ties.


14. Twist Back

This hairstyle is a classic when it comes to formal. For your spring formal this year, try twisting the front part of your hair into a half up half down style! This is one of our favorite Cute hairstyles for spring formal!

15. Side Braid Loose Bun

I think this hairstyle may speak for itself, however, number 15 is the side braid loose bun look. You’ll feel formal but also natural, and I personally love this style!

I hope this helped everyone get an idea of what cute hairstyles for spring formal they want to wear! Thank you so much for reading, and feel free to comment on your favorite!

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