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5 Spring Fashion Trends You’ve Got to Have

While it may not seem like it in many parts of the country, spring is officially here!  A new season means new fashion. We’ve got 5 essentials to keep you trendy, cute and comfortable as we begin to thaw out and welcome the spring sunshine and summer warmth.

1. Birkenstocks

Nordstrom carries ton of different styles of these unique and comfortable sandals, all great for spring and summer! They can be a little pricey, so if you want a more affordable pair Target and American Eagle make cheaper versions!

2. Shift dresses

So simple and fun! Shift dresses are great for any warm day when you want to look cute and casual while also dressing for comfort. They go great with most basic accessories like scarves and jackets. If it’s still a little chilly out they pair perfectly with tights and boots! They are available in so many styles at dozens of stores and boutiques. Forever 21 has great basic colors and styles at affordable prices and online boutique Amazing Lace has both plain and sparkly styles.

3. Hippy pants

The 70’s hippy style is back…again! These pants combine style and comfort. They go great with crop tops, flowy tees, and sandals. PacSun and Nordstrom have so many different kinds of hippy pants in tons of patterns. Tribal patterns are so hot right now.

4. Dainty Jewelry

Dainty jewelry is feminine, not overpowering and there are so many different ways to wear it! You can buy necklaces at different lengths and styles and throw them together for a simple-styled look, or just have your signature little necklace to wear with most everything. I personally love the brand Dogeared because they have so many options to choose from and each necklace has a special meaning!

Rings, especially dainty gold and silver,are great for spring. They don’t weigh down your hands and they look great with most outfits.

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5. Floppy Hats

The perfect accessory! They look good on everyone and with mostly everything! Adding a cute hat can either dress up or dress down an outfit depending on what you pair it with. Nordstrom and Forever 21 have some adorable, relatively inexpensive ones!


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