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Spring 2020 Fashion Trends We Didn’t Expect To Make A Comeback

Fashion and what’s on-trend tends to recycle ever so often. Many of the trends that are popular in the ’90s and ’70s are making a come back this spring at full force. So expect to see a lot of flares and bold, funky prints this Spring. This article will showcase a few trends that we did not expect to resurface this upcoming spring season.

1)  70’s Disco Collars

70’s disco collars are going to be a significant fashion trend this springtime. These bold and larger than life collars were quintessential during the 1970s. The button-down shirt below also showcases a fun and funky print that would also be very popular in the 70s. If the pattern is too much for you, you can always be a part of this trend by opting for a solid color button-down with the infamous collar instead.

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2) Tube top

These kinds of shirts were popularized during the late 90s and early 2000s, and now they are back. Tube tops with the ruching all the way around, like these, can be found almost any and everywhere. They come in a wide variety of colors, so you can style them in so many ways. Pastel colors and bright yellow are the major colors we will be seeing this upcoming spring, so you can always find one in one of those colors to be extra trendy.
You also can style these tops with high-waisted jeans if you are a bit modest and/or you aren’t comfortable with showing off your midriff. 

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3) Vests

Professional looking vests are going to be all the rage this upcoming spring season. On the runway, they were styled with professional looking outfits as well as more casual ones. If you are intimidated by this trend, but you still want to try it out, I suggest choosing a vest in a more neutral color, like brown or black. Having the vest in a neutral color ensures that it will not stand out as much. For an added 70s feel to your outfit that’s a bit more modern, then you can pair it with a simple white short-sleeve and flare high-waisted pants. That would look really cool as a business casual look. 

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4) Faux Leather

Faux leather is normally a trend for the fall or wintertime. This spring season, faux leather is going to be everywhere. The item linked below is a faux leather skirt that would be perfect for a night out. The skirt is almost midi length, which means you could wear this skirt to a few other spots as well. Since it’s not super short, you can wear this to dinner with your family or any semi-professional occasion. Spring nights can still be a little chilly, so you could pair this with black thigh highs for an added bad girl flair. 

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5) Polka Dots

Polka dots are considered more of a classic trend. Polka dots are a fairly timeless trend, but prepare for it to be everywhere this spring. Since polka dots are so posh, why not play it up with a demure and sophisticated looking blouse? The item linked below is a bit low cut, so if that is too much for you, you can always add a black cami underneath. 

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6) Stark White

Any crisp, white clothing items will be very fashionable this upcoming season. This trend would look really great for a brunch date with a friend or even a dinner if you are okay with being the center of attention in this bright and edgy ensemble. This pants linked also plays on the trend of the 70s since the jeans are flared, but it has a modern touch with the holes in the knees.

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7) Sequins

These pants are the perfect statement piece for any night out outfit. The pants are grey, which is a fairly neutral color, which means it will be easier to style these extravagant pants. These pants would also look good with a crisp white shirt tucked in for a semi-formal event. You can also style it with a simple shirt, like the way it is shown below, to give it more of a casual and modern look to the outfit. You do not have to wear these pants to be a part of the sequin trend if it is too much for you.  You could wear sequins on a skirt or in your accessory to highlight this trend in your outfit. 

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8) Paisley Print

Paisley print is probably my favorite trend from the 70s. It s fun and easy to incorporate in any outfit. My favorite way to wear this trend is by having it on a skirt as the statement piece of your outfit. Paisley print pants are another easy way to incorporate this trend into your outfit. You can keep the other factors of your outfit very simple. The print gives a perfectly groovy look to any outfit. 

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9) Puffy sleeves

These puffy, Victorian sleeves are probably one of the most out of the box outfit looks that this spring season will bring. This top would style best with high-waisted shorts and jeans. This outfit just screams spring. The item linked below also has more of a professional feel to it. You can style that shirt with a dress pant or even some flare pants to give a business casual look that’s 70’s inspired.

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10) Bell Bottom/ Flare Jeans

This is probably the most versatile item in the entire list. These kinds of jeans can be styled in multiple ways. You could pair these pants with a nice blouse to make it look more professional. You can also style it with a classic graphic tee for a cool casual look. 

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What are some fashion trends that you have noticed are making a strong come back this Spring?

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