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Spring Fashion Trends To Wear In 2020

Spring Fashion Trends To Wear In 2020

Spring is officially here which means warmer weather and an updated wardrobe. Now you can finally ditch your puffy winter jacket for a lighter jean jacket. Plus, with a new season comes a new opportunity to experiment with your fashion and style. There are many spring fashion trends to look forward to, and we’ve created a list of the top ten trends for you to try.

1. Pastels

Pastel pinks, blues, purples, greens, and yellows are going to be your new color palette for the spring season. A pastel skirt or blouse can brighten up your outfit and add a pop of color. A cute pastel sweater looks great with white denim or even matched with pieces that are similar pastel colors. Pastels are perfect for transitioning into the spring season because they are softer than the neon colors that were trendy for the winter.

2. Billowy Sleeves


Another spring fashion trend to try is billowy sleeves. Blouses, tops, and dresses with billowy sleeves are going to be a spring staple. A top with billowy sleeves can easily dress up a casual outfit and make it seem like you put more effort into your outfit than you actually had to. You can pair a billowy top with a pencil skirt for a fancier look, or with a pair of mom jeans for a more casual but still stylish look. Billowy sleeves are also light and breathable, which is perfect for the spring weather.

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3. Monochrome Looks


Monochrome looks are trending for the spring because they are sleek, simple, and classy. An all white or an all black outfit is super easy to put together, and looks very high fashion. A monochrome outfit can be as simple as wearing white leggings with a white top and white jacket, and accessorizing with silver jewelry. Even wearing black denim with a black bodysuit and a pair of black booties would be a chic monochrome look. You probably already have all the clothes you need for monochrome outfits!

4. Light Wash Jeans and Ripped Denim

Dark wash jeans were reserved for the winter, and now that it’s spring, it’s officially time to try wearing lighter wash denim. Light wash jeans can brighten up your outfit, and they go great with a simple white t-shirt or a pastel blouse. Distressed and ripped denim is also popular for the spring. Ripped jeans aren’t as heavy as normal jeans, which makes them appropriate for the warmer spring weather. For an edgier look, try tying up a graphic tee with a pair of high wasted distressed jeans and black booties.


5.  Mules

Another spring fashion trend to look forward to is wearing mules. In case you didn’t know, mules are shoes that have no back around the heel. They’re really convenient and easy to slip on when you’re running out the door. Mules are basically like an upgraded version of flats, and they come in a ton of cute styles. They go great with a pair of skinny jeans or a flowy dress. Accessorize with a small bag and chic sunglasses, and you have the perfect day to night outfit. Mules keep an outfit business casual, and they are perfect for a day when you have to do a lot of walking.

6. Kitten Heels


Kitten heels are perfect for when you want to look classy or professional, but still feel comfortable. If you want to make jeans and a t-shirt look fancier, kitten heels are a great option. They would also look amazing with a mid-length skirt and a fitted top. Kitten heels dress up a casual outfit and aren’t as chunky or heavy as taller heels or sneakers.

7. Dainty Gold Jewelry

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Dainty gold jewelry is perfect for layering and adding personality to any outfit. Dainty gold necklaces, rings, or bracelets are elegant, and they don’t distract from the rest of your outfit. Try layering a simple gold choker with a longer gold necklace that has a small pendant, and matching them with a pair of simple gold hoops. You can also find a lot of jewelry that is inexpensive so you can look boujee on a budget.

8. Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are great for the spring because you can wear them with layers when the weather still isn’t that warm yet. Slip dresses look great over a long sleeve fitted top, or under a casual blazer or denim jacket. You can dress them down with a pair of platform sneakers and ankle socks, or dress them up with kitten heels. They are also super comfortable but still look fancy. Slip dresses are a spring fashion trend that you can also wear into the summer.


9. Blazers

Even if you aren’t going to an interview or a meeting, you need at least one good blazer in your wardrobe. Blazers are a great alternative to a denim jacket or a leather jacket in the spring because they are light, but will still keep you warm. Try wearing a patterned blazer over a simple fitted dress with a pair of chunky sneakers. You could even wear a blazer over a bodysuit and denim shorts for a classy yet casual look. A blazer will make you look put together and professional.

10. Corset Tops


Finally, the last spring fashion trend to try is corset tops. Corsets have been having a moment in fashion, especially for the spring. They make any outfit look girly and sleek. Corset tops are super form fitting, so wearing them with a pair of looser mom jeans or boyfriend jeans looks great. You can accessorize with a belt and crossbody bag, or even layer a blazer over your corset. Building an outfit around a corset top takes little effort, and you will still look trendy and stylish.

Which one of these top ten spring fashion trends are you looking forward to trying out the most? Let us know in the comments below!