10 Spring Dresses To Bring You Out Of Winter

Spring dresses are coming back in stock. Have you decided on which dress you want to add to your collection? There are so many patterns, prints, and designs to choose from! It’s hard to abandon the  trusty sweater dresses after wearing them for an entire season but the lighter and more colorful dresses of spring will bring you out of that winter gloom. Here are 10 Spring dresses that will make you forget those comfy sweater dresses and heavy winter coats.

1. Polka Dot Dress

The polka dot dress is timeless and simple. This staple is such a necessary addition to your closet. You’ll love how playful you can be with the short hem but still remain effortlessly chic, no matter where you’re going. With all the ways that you can dress this outfit up or down, you can go anywhere in this dress.

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2. Denim Overall Dress

This sturdy and super cute dress is made for adventure time! Whether you’re going to the mall to do more shopping or exploring a different part of the city this spring, you will be comfy in this dress. Think of it like your favorite pair of jeans. You don’t need to worry about the wrinkles or creases. This dress will still look adorable in those Instagram pictures, no matter what time of day it is.

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3.  Floral Off-the-Shoulders Dress

You can embrace the blossoming scenery in your dress this spring. This off-the-shoulder, floral dress matches the beautiful flowers outside and sheds off the heavy layers from the winter season. You can finally show off some skin after being covered up all winter. This flirty and light dress keeps it sweet and chic.

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4. Gingham Dress

The gingham dress makes you think of picnics and all kinds of outdoor fun. It’s short and sweet. Perfect for a stroll through the park and an afternoon picnic! You will wow your date when you show up to your outdoor date in this dress.

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5.  Pleated Shift Dress

The shift dress is a classic style, but this spring, we’ll add a little twist to the original design. Try a shift dress with pleats! The pleats give the original, chic design a much more flirty and romantic feel. You’ll love how girly and fun you’ll feel when your dress fans out as you twirl and move.

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6. Yellow Maxi Dress

In this dress, you will be the sunshine during all the spring showers. This yellow flowy dress transports you tropical islands and is made for the most dramatic beachside photos, especially when there’s a breeze. When you buy this dress, you know your spring break are going to be filled with palm trees and sand. Your Instahubby is going to be taking a lot of pictures this spring break because this dress has so many Instagram-worthy angles!

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7. Lavender Crochet Lace Dress

Lavender is such a soft, romantic color for spring. This dress with the crochet detail and chiffon skirt will give you princess vibes. It’s perfect for that spring time date with your man whether it’s a walk in the park to see all the flowers in bloom or stroll through the city to find a new salad place. This dress guarantees that you will float around with an ethereal aura.

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8. Lemon Dress

Have you heard that fruits on clothes aren’t just for elementary school teachers and nurse scrubs? Fruits are on rompers, dresses, and tops. They’re everywhere! They are a great print to play with when the season’s hot and all the yummy produce is in season. You look like you’re ready to hit the farmer’s market to browse the seasonal goods or relax by the beach with some big sunglasses.

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9. Midi Red Dress

If you love the way that maxi dresses look but don’t like all that fabric bunching up or you are just too short to enjoy the full length of a maxi dress, midi dresses are a dream come true. This red midi dress is fiery and sexy for spring if pastels and whites aren’t your style. You can enjoy all the sassiness of the flowy skirt and lace detail without feeling like you’re dealing with too much fabric.

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10. Button Down Dress

Buttons have been so trendy lately. Something about a little column of buttons instantly makes a simple white dress more sophisticated and whimsical. You will love having a staple like this dress in your closet this spring. You can wear this dress to a more professional event or to a casual get-together with friends. This dress will last you through spring and into summer!

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Are you excited for these spring dresses? Tell us what you’ll be wearing this spring in the comments below.
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Joann Kong

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