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10 Spring Date Ideas You Can Still Do If It’s Raining

10 Spring Date Ideas You Can Still Do If It’s Raining

Spring date ideas can be really exciting! The weather is warmer, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the rain is also pouring. Everyone always gets so excited about spring that they forget that it’s the rainy season in many places, and that it can also be a little chilly. Embrace the joy of the rainy season with these spring date ideas that you can still do, even if it’s raining.

1. Rollerblading Or Skating

Rollerblading and roller skating are awesome, fun, retro spring date ideas that take place totally inside, so it won’t be one of those spring date ideas that will be ruined by the rain unless you plan to meet outside. Roller rinks make excellent date locations because you two can chat while skating around, you can help your date to overcome their fear of being on wheels, and it’s kind of a goofy place, so you can just let loose and have fun. If you’re lucky, maybe you can even have some nachos and play ski ball!

10 Spring Date Ideas You Can Still Do If It’s Raining

2. Get Sporty

From covered basketball courts to indoor tennis courts, there are plenty of options to get active with your spring date ideas without getting caught in the rain. If you and your date like to move or are a little competitive, playing a sport together can be a perfect way to test your communication, and also your teamwork. If it’s just the two of you, you will technically play against each other, but that doesn’t mean that one of you needs to totally annihilate the other. In fact, if this is how your date plays, it’s better for you to find out early.

10 Spring Date Ideas You Can Still Do If It’s Raining

3. A Greenhouse

A greenhouse or an indoor botanic garden is one of the spring date ideas that lets you enjoy the blooming lushness of the season without standing in the pouring down rain. The sound of the rain will be so beautiful under the glass and give a nice ambiance to your garden stroll. This kind of romantic atmosphere is what brings love into the picture, people!

10 Spring Date Ideas You Can Still Do If It’s Raining

4. Coffee Shop and Bookstore

This tried and true combination is great for any time of year, really, but during the rainy days of spring, I find it particularly endearing. Meeting at a coffee shop first gives you time and space to get to know each other, find some common ground, and get a little caffeinated if that’s your jam. After you’ve finished your drinks and treats, you can walk around downtown, campus, or wherever you may be, which may lead you to a sweet little bookstore.

Bookstores are super fun on dates because you can separate for a bit and then come back together with your picks, or you can wander around and talk about what you’ve read, different books that look interesting, etc. Either way, if you both like to read, then you can find out a lot about a person by their taste in books.

10 Spring Date Ideas You Can Still Do If It’s Raining

5. Movie Night

Classic spring date ideas for rainy days bring movie nights to the top of the list. If it’s a new relationship, I’d definitely opt for a movie theatre, but you can also go all out at home with popcorn, candy, and special drinks.

Just because you might choose to chill at home doesn’t mean you can’t pull out all the stops: some candles and a little bit of planning go a long way in impressing your date. Find out their favorite movie snacks, and then make sure to pick them up! They will appreciate the gesture, and hopefully, it will make them feel extra special.

10 Spring Date Ideas You Can Still Do If It’s Raining

6. Museum Excursion

Museums make fantastic rainy spring date ideas. There are so many different kinds of museums to choose from, and they give you so much to do indoors. From checking out the dinosaur bones to contemplating Picasso, to watching a penguin swim around, you can learn about your favorite topics while learning about your date as well. Perfect for those who think knowledge is sexy, and those who just like to watch jellyfish float around.

10 Spring Date Ideas You Can Still Do If It’s Raining

7. Planetarium

Another great destination to pick for your spring date ideas is a planetarium. Although some of you might have already considered going to a science museum for your date, I’m guessing a lot of you didn’t, which is a mistake! Maybe you don’t want to learn or talk about science with your date, but you can go specifically to sit in the planetarium and gaze up at the stars with your spring sweetie.

Space may or may not be your thing, but a planetarium gives you a lot of opportunity to sidebar discussions about a wide range of topics like Star Wars, philosophy, and even astrology. The stars are romantic, inspirational, and educational, after all.

10 Spring Date Ideas You Can Still Do If It’s Raining

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8. Gazebo Picnic

There are so many gazebos out there just waiting to shelter people from the rain! Pigeons tend to live in gazebos, and in some places, homeless people might as well, but if you know of a good gazebo then you’re golden! Make sure to bring a blanket to cover the nasty ground or some folding camp chairs as well as your delicious basket full of snacks.

Also, consider asking your date to wear rain boots, especially if there isn’t a paved walkway leading up to your romantic little escape from the rain. Recommended for people who don’t mind rain, humidity, and the outdoors!

10 Spring Date Ideas You Can Still Do If It’s Raining

9. Bowling

Another great, retro date idea is to hide out from the rain in a bowling alley, which is also another place you can get nachos and play arcade games! Bowling is a really low stakes activity for me personally, so it’s really interesting to see who gets super into it and who is just there to chill. Are you a die-hard bowler or more of a sit back and chill bowler? This is also one of the spring date ideas that makes an excellent double date idea! 

10 Spring Date Ideas You Can Still Do If It’s Raining

10. Trampoline Park

After being cooped up inside all winter, you and your date can jump out all your cabin fever at a trampoline park together. There might be a kids birthday around, especially on the weekend, but if you section off a little corner for yourselves you can have a really great time. Just make sure to wear athletic clothes so you can move around easily.

This is one of the best spring date ideas for highly active people, especially if you know how to do flips and things. Tricks are a great way to show off and maybe impress your date (or be impressed by your date), but make sure that you know how to do everything safely. Nothing ruins a date more than a trip to the ER.

10 Spring Date Ideas You Can Still Do If It’s Raining

Which spring date ideas are your favorites? What do you think are the characteristics of a great date, besides being with the right person? Let us know in the comments below!

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