10 Spring Break Trip Ideas That Aren’t All About The Party

If you're looking for spring break trip ideas that don't involve a party, this is the list for you. These ideas will help you find a way to spend it!

Spring break is a time to have fun and take a much-needed break from your studies. Most spring break trip ideas consists of traveling to the best party cities and embarking on a weeklong party-fest. However, not everybody is about the party life. Some people like to go places that have other things to offer than a great party and lots of booze. If you’re one of those people, check out this list of spring break trip ideas that aren’t all about the party.

Portland, Oregon

Although Portland probably won’t be the warmest of places during spring break, it’s a great destination for any nature lover. This spring break trip idea will make for great hiking adventures. If you’re looking for great trails, try heading to Columbia Gorge or Mt. Hood.

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Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is the perfect spring break trip idea for you if you’re a country music fan. Take a trip to Music City and enjoy historical music related museums. Enjoy music events at popular venues or easily find a free event just about anywhere in Nashville. Nashville also has some really cool bars like, Greenhouse Bar, which is a bar inside of a greenhouse.

10 Spring Break Trip Ideas That Aren’t All About the Party

Charleston, South Carolina

If you’re a big fan of Southern living and historical cities, Charleston is a spring break destination you should definitely consider. Not only does this city offer great historical Southern vibes, it also has a variety of art galleries, shopping venues, and restaurants. Charleston also has beaches, so you can still enjoy the beach without the party.

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Savannah, Georgia

If you’re into great architecture, you should visit Savannah, Georgia. Head down South and take in the beautiful old architecture of the city. You could even stay in an old mansion, Savannah Pensione, that’s been turned into a hostel. Or, if you’re a beer lover, hit up World of Beer and try one (or more) of their 500 available beers.

10 Spring Break Trip Ideas That Aren’t All About the Party

Mall of America

If you’re a shopaholic, Mall of America is the best spring break location. With over 500 retail stores, you’ll definitely need about a week to get through all the spots. Not only are there tons of shopping opportunities, there’s also a roller coaster, flight simulator, and a movie theater. So, even if you get tired of shopping, you’ll have other things to do.

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Breckenridge, Colorado

Maybe you’re not a fan of the heat; a lover of the snow instead. Perhaps you haven’t gotten enough snow just yet and if that’s the case you should definitely consider going to Breckenridge, Colorado for your spring break. Head to Breckenridge and spend your spring break skiing and enjoying the snow. During spring break is a great time to go because there will be fewer winter tourists and slightly warmer temperatures.

10 Spring Break Trip Ideas That Aren’t All About the Party

Yellowstone National Park

Enjoy some fresh air during your spring break at Yellowstone National Park. This spring break trip idea lets you take in nature will you hike away from your stressful studies. You can even get some great nature pics for the Gram!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Yes, New Orleans does offer great parties, but there’s more to the city than that. New Orleans is a great spring break trip idea is you’re looking to enjoy some great food and take in the beauty of a culturally diverse and historical city.

Montreal, Canada

If you want spring break in Paris but can’t afford Paris, then Montreal is the spring break trip for you. Montreal is kind of like a mini Paris. You’ll enjoy wine, cheese, and sidewalk cafes as well as other things, in a beautiful French-speaking city. You can tour amazing places like Notre Dame Basilica.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is great place to visit during your spring break if you want warmth and fun without the party. Take a trip to Desert Botanical Garden, have a hearty breakfast at Matt’s Big Breakfast, or get lost in an 18-bedroom castle at Mystery Castle. This is one of the best spring break trip ideas!

10 Spring Break Trip Ideas That Aren’t All About the Party

Are you looking for a different way to spend your spring? Will you be trying any of these party-free spring break trip ideas? Comment below!
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