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15 Spring Break Trip Ideas For A Girls Trip

15 Spring Break Trip Ideas For A Girls Trip

Here is our list of spring break trip ideas perfect for a girls trip. Escape the madness of spring break and spend sometime with your gals!

Looking for spring break trip ideas for you and your girls? Look no further! One of the best things about college is the people you meet and the memories you make with them. Before you graduate, take some time with your best galpals and go on a weekend getaway that you won’t forget. What better time to do that then spring break. If you need some ideas on where to go to have the best girls trip, here are some perfect places in the US and beyond.

1. Austin

The Austin experience is certainly like no other. This Texas town has an endless list of up-and-coming restaurants to try and a huge music scene. Check out Airbnb to find the perfect place that’s close to the action so you can hit the town running. If you are feeling adventurous, there is plenty of scenic hikes to take as well and don’t forget to stop by the “I love you so much” wall for a good pic. Put on your cowboy boots and go keep Austin weird!

2. New Orleans

New Orleans!!!!! You can’t go wrong by visiting New Orleans. This city will be a guaranteed good time for your spring break girls trip. New Orleans have lots to explore in the city and a great night life but there are also some places just a short drive away that would make for fun daytime activities like swamp tours. Take a pic holding an alligator and have all of your followers jealous of your girl groups adventures.


3. Nashville

Nashville is probably one of the most popular girls’ weekend spots and for good reason. Good food, cute shopping and live music are some of the many attractions that Nashville has to offer. Pinewood social is a must when in town, so stop by for drinks, food or a game of bowling.

4. Florida Panhandle

If y’all are in the mood for a beach trip this is the place to go! The Florida panhandle is one of the most popular spring break spots for college students boasting Destin, Rosemary Beach, 30A and many cities in between. If you are looking for the typical spring break experience this is the place to go but don’t worry theres places to escape the madness if thats what you please! The white sand beaches will have you forgetting about the stresses of life in now time. Sit in the sun, read a book, have a drink and relax with your best friends. When the beach day is done, check out one of the many restaurants that this area has to offer. This is a trip you will surely not regret!!

5. Miami

If you are wanting to go to Florida but want a more lively place than the panhandle, Miami is your spot. Miami is rarely below 60 degrees so it will be a perfect warm weather escape. Head down to the keys for a day of relaxation, otherwise live it up.


6. Vegas

There is so much to do in Vegas! When you aren’t at a pool party, show, or the casinos, get in the car and make the drive to the Seven Magic Mountains art installation. The neon museum, where you can get up close with all of Vegas’ signs, is also a cool place to go. (both of these make for fun pics!)

7. The Ozarks

If you want a spring break trip idea that will provide beautiful views and fun outdoor activities, the Ozarks are a great place to go. Rent a cute airbnb to stay in or camp if your feeling adventurous and spend your break hiking and see some of the beautiful scenery the US has to offer.

8. New York City

The big apple has something for everyone to love. There is a million things to see and do in New York so don’t be worried about getting bored. Catch a show or eat some food in the city that never sleeps.


9. San Diego

Nearly 26 miles of shoreline leaves plenty of room to bike, hike, swim or relax in San Diego. It is also a short drive away from some of California’s other great cities so you can make a road trip out of this spring break vacation.

10. Mexico

What better place for a girl’s trip than Mexico?? Cancun, Cozumel or Playa del Carmen are all hotspots to enjoy some time on the beach and local Spanish culture!

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11. Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos seems to be a popular travel destination more recently. With the way to beach looks its no wonder why! This spring break travel idea is perfect for those who are wanting to get off the grid a little bit more and really have some time to relax.

12. Greece

If you’ve seen a picture of Greece then you probably are wanting to go there. The crystal blue waters against the white houses are begging for you to visit. Not to mention, there is so much culture to experience in the city. Go with your girl group on a picture perfect trip that you surely will not forget.

13. Bali

Talk about a tropical escape. This Indonesian island will have you wanting to stay forever. Rent a villa and feel like a local on this picturesque island that will have you hooked from the second you get there.


14. Europe

For those feeling super inspired, go to Europe. This trip isn’t one you can plan at the drop of a dime so make sure you think ahead. Europe has so much to offer from Paris to London so pick one spot or plan a trip where you can hit them all.

15. Cruise

Why pick one location when you can see more? Take a cruise with your gals that stops by all of your must see destinations.

Let us know your favorite spring break trip idea in the comments.
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