ICYMI, Here Are 10 Spring Break Destinations Worth The Journey

Spring break is the perfect time to step out of yourself after a long school term. Whether you prefer to spend your break at a peaceful viewpoint, or at the pool/beach with the other spring break partygoers, the possibilities of where you spend your time are almost endless. And, in some cases, the places that offer the biggest parties may also offer that peace and quiet that you need to unwind. In case you missed it, these are ten of the hottest hotspots worth the trip for this spring break. This list includes options for whatever activities you may plan on doing to spend your time, whether it’s to dance your heart away every night or just kick back and relax.

1. Hawaii

The first of many spring break destinations is, of course, one that may first come to mind in anyone’s vision of paradise. The way colors pop when the sun sets over the sand and palm trees in heavenly descent can sometimes be the key for someone to step outside themselves. Visit the popular Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, explore the volcano ruins in Kailua-Kona, explore the tropical hikes in Oahu, or swim with the sea turtles in Maui. And who doesn’t love a good luau?

2. Washington

If you’re from a smaller town, sometimes you just need a big city experience to getaway. And, naturally, if you’re looking for one of those spring break destinations in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is definitely a good route to take. . . For some people, big cities can sometimes be too much. No matter, there are plenty of mountain viewpoints in cities like Bellingham (also 30 minutes away from the Canadian border), and the San Juan Islands


3. Jamaica

This next of many tropical spring break destinations that will get you lost in the reggae beats heard through the island. A well-known party location, you can search through the many resorts provided to forget why you were ever stressed out at all. You can feel literally on top of the world at hotspots like the Blue Mountains, and Blue Lagoon (like the Brooke Sheilds movie). If parties are the scene you prefer, check out the famous Montego Bay, or the Seven Mile Beach in Negril.

ICYMI, Here Are 10 Spring Break Destinations Worth The Journey

4. California

Ah, California. The state where the sun is high and the beaches are totally “far out, dude.” Spring break destinations such as Palm Springs are perfect to enjoy during this time because the weather is just the right amount of hot. And, if you’ve ever been to the desert part of SoCal in June or July, you know how hot it can be. Of course, Laguna Beach is a perfect spot for kicking back, as well as enjoying lively nightlife, with spots like Brussels Bristo, and Skyloft. For a much more relaxed environment, one can never go wrong with Lake Tahoe, known for its variety of relaxing beaches and snow sports. And, of course, no one can forget the happiest place on Earth: Disneyland.


5. Florida

You can never really forget about this next place to go for a good time. The entire state itself is party central. Spring break destinations like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Daytona Beach are well-known for college students to paint the town red in or near the pool/beach. If you’re looking to explore deeper in the state, then the Florida Keys are especially worth the visit. If parties aren’t your thing, then enjoy the many springs Florida provides such as Weeki Wachee Springs (especially if you love mermaid shows), Rainbow Springs, Ginnie Springs (perfect for swimming), Ichetucknee Springs (perfect for tubing), and Blue Springs.

6. Cannon Beach, Oregon

It may not be a party beach destination, but this next spring break hotspot is one to let you get away from all your problems. Part of Anytown, USA, you will not see anything in this Oregon town that you may see in a big city. Along with a variety of food and architecture, you can catch viewpoints from Arcadia State Park and Hug Point, “with its dizzying array of attractions such as a waterfall, a couple of insanely cool sea caves, and that irresistible ancient road going around the point.” If you look at any photos, you may notice that this is the same location One-eyed Willie’s ship from The Goonies sails away into the sunset.

ICYMI, Here Are 10 Spring Break Destinations Worth The Journey


7. Mexico

When one thinks of a spring break beach blowout, the first thing that may come to mind is the annual MTV Spring Break in Cancun. And if you know MTV, you know how wild they can depict their pool parties/performances. It’s just the release that most college students need to help them through the next phase in their college careers. Cabo, San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Mayakoba

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ICYMI, Here Are 10 Spring Break Destinations Worth The Journey


8. New Orleans, Louisiana

Though it is very different from other spring break destinations, that’s what makes New Orleans so unique from the others. The music, the cuisine, and the overall community will make any visitor feel at home. Besides, Mardi Gras is pretty much the ultimate spring break party.

9. Canada

This next of many out-of-the-country spring break destinations is one that has a little bit of everything to let your mind reset. You can enjoy the animated nightlife in Vancouver or any of the different nature sights this great country provides. Probably best known for its snow sports, Whistler or the Monashee Mountains are just as breathtaking in the springtime. Explore the many scenic hikes such as the Bruce Peninsula Grotto, with the blue water pool behind the rock formations in the background, and the waterfalls in Hamilton.

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

This next location really goes without saying, but, Viva Las Vegas! The city of lights, sin, and no sleep is most well known for its variety of live performances such as Cirque De Soleil and the famous Blue Man Group. Whether the bright lights or peace and quiet are your go-tos, you can enjoy a view almost anywhere in spots like the Stratosphere Observation Deck, the High Roller Observation Wheel, or the always beautiful Grand Canyon!


Which spring break destination would you want to check off your bucket list? Which getaway destination did I miss? Let me know in the comments below!

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