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15 Spring Break Destinations In The US

15 Spring Break Destinations In The US

These Spring break destinations are perfect for any college student looking for somewhere to go during their next vacation!

Thinking about spring break destinations that don’t require a passport? How about these?

1. Daytona Beach, FL

You don’t even have to give this one a second thought. White sand beaches, parties, parties and parties? Yes please! Known for its spring break, this is a no-brainer. Think spring break, think party, think here.

2. Telluride, CO

For a non-traditional spring break destination, go to Telluride for some awesome kicks. Go skiing or boarding and give yourself the time of your life. Gorgeous views with incredible mountains.


3. San Diego, CA

San Diego is the perfect destination any time of year, but why not for spring break? Coronado and La Jolla are perfect spots to beach or see seals. And I gotta say, it has the prettiest sunsets in California. Low key, perfect.

4. Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas has more to offer than other spring break destinations. Casinos, warmer weather than Ohio and shows that will blow your mind. Bring your cash and bring yourself to Vegas this spring break.

5. Lake Tahoe

Ski, stay in a cabin in the woods, snowshoe, sleep, ice skate, hang out with your closet group of friends, listen to artists at the park, then do it all again. Lake Tahoe is perfect for you if you are interested in music, snowboarding or cold weather activities during spring break. Pack up your friends and get out there.


6. Myrtle Beach, SC

Jumping into Myrtle Beach is the BEST when you’ve been stuck in cold weather at school on the North Coast. It is known for its nightlife and can’t compare with any other when it comes to partying. Get ready for the week of a lifetime!

7. Puerto Rico

Don’t forget about the beaches in the U.S. Territory Puerto Rico! San Juan feels like a whole different country when it comes to its nightlife and amazing budget friendly options for college students. Check. Check. Check. Come on by and plan on Puerto Rico for this year’s spring break destination.

8. Lake of Ozarks, Missouri

Although it won’t be ideal weather in Missouri, this is a rockin’ spring break hot spot. Bridal Cave offers incredible views and around St. Patty’s Day, you can rent a boat to take you to a pub crawl around the lake. There’s plenty of live music, shopping and not everyone is there. Win win.


9. Siesta Key, FL

Clubs, crowds, white-sand beaches, non-traditional college spring break destination= an even better spot than Daytona Beach. Choose to parasail, rent a boat, party on the beach incognito. This is one of the best beaches in the U.S., so don’t let an unknown party place keep you from it.

10. Lake Havasu

Located between Arizona and Nevada, this place is the best place to go in the west! Beach volleyball tournaments, events and resort packages make this an easy stop to getting your college years (un)memorable- meaning you can’t remember what happens here until someone else tells you.

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11. Crescent Bar at George, Washington

Did someone say topless? This unique spot not only is on the lake, but it will make your spring break really exciting. Crescent bar is a hidden treasure in Washington and it is extremely close to The Gorge. Incredible views and a great spot for your spring break!

12. Corpus Christi, TX

Brewery tours, beaches, swimming pools and amazing food, this spring break destination spot will make you sing for food. The weather is great. The people are great. And, everything’s bigger in Texas, am I right?

13. The Poconos Mountains

The Pennsylvania Poconos are gorgeous and if you like to relax, let’s have it happen in the comfort of a rented out cabin with your closest friends. Go hiking, start a fire and get cozy indoors or in the indoor pool with your besties over spring break. Not your typical place, but I guarantee it is delightful.


14. Atlantic City, New Jersey

This spring break destination is not for the faint of heart. Gambling, gambling and gambling will make this spring break the best one yet. Especially when you bring home all of that extra dough. Some of the best nightclubs on the East Coast, you’ll see many college students getting their spring break kick in Atlantic City.

15. Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Party like it’s 2019 on Waikiki beach, the touristy spot for all travelers. But for spring break, it gets wild! Surf, hula, swim and more as students gather at spring break parties with a little less people involved. It’s worth the time and money to make it out to Hawaii for your spring break destination.

Which of the 15 are thinking about this year for your spring break destination? Write it in the comments below! Or express one that we missed!

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