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8 Spring Break Destinations For You And Your Friends

8 Spring Break Destinations For You And Your Friends

Spring break is a such a fun time to plan for, and it’s extra amazing if you’re able to take a trip with your friends! However, it can be hard to find places to stay with a larger group, and if you’re on a budget, travelling is expensive. But do not fear! There are so many great vacation destinations that you can look into for an incredible spring break trip. Here are some amazing places you can head to with all your best friends!

1. Sanibel Island, United States

This island off the coast of Fort Meyers, Florida, is a relaxing getaway that everyone needs. This place is super casual, and there are some beautiful beaches where you’ll probably spend most of your time lounging around and hanging out.

There are plenty of resorts and hotels to stay at, or you can opt to rent a house with your friends. Either way, lodging is pretty affordable here, especially for and tropical island paradise! You’ll find so many other fun things to do here, from kayaking with dolphins and manatees to setting sail at sunset. Get your friends on board and start planning this dreamy spring break vacation!


2. New Orleans, United States

Ranked by US News as the cheapest spring break destination, New Orleans has so much to offer. You and your friends will have endless things to enjoy; ghost tours, gorgeous architecture, and tons of live music! It is the birthplace of jazz, after all.

There are dozens of amazing hotels here, and if you and your friends all chip in, it can be downright cheap! Whether you want to stay in the French Quarter, the Garden District, or on Frenchmen Street, you’ll have so many new, fun things to do and try with all your friends.


3. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

If you’re hoping to go somewhere tropical, beachy, touristy, and very budget-friendly, this is the perfect spring break destination. Punta Cana has tons of all-inclusive hotels and resorts, and their rates are pretty affordable! If you and your friends are all pitching in, you can enjoy a luxury vacation at an extremely reasonable price.

Whether you and your friends prefer adventure or relaxation, there’s something for everyone here and you can be sure to get some relaxation while still fully enjoying all of the spring break fun. With low prices and great accommodations, this is the pinnacle of spring break living.


4. Outer Banks, United States

Maybe you’re familiar with the popular Netflix show of the same name, but this chain of islands off the coast of North Carolina boasts plenty of real vacation fun, as well. This is definitely the place to go if you and your friends are hoping to rent out a large house to stay in together; there are plenty of them scattered throughout the area and right on the beach.

While this spring break destination is more about the nature rather than the nightlife, there are beautiful sights and beaches to enjoy. The beaches usually don’t get too crowded, especially if you’re visiting during the spring rather than during the summer. You can lounge around and work on your tan, go snorkeling and explore the fish and hundreds of shipwrecks, and just enjoy time with your friends in a beautiful place!


5. The Bahamas

The Bahamas seems like a far-off dream destination, but you can easily go with a group of friends and stay at a big resort—like Atlantis—on a budget. Big hotels and resorts will offer so much to do that you may not even have to leave the area (if that’s what you prefer). You and your friends can feel secluded in paradise for your entire spring break!

With over 700 islands, the Bahamas has so many places and things to explore. Whether you want to shop, scuba-dive, or just relax by the pool or beach, you can find it all here; this will be a trip you and your friends remember forever!


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6. Grand Canyon, United States,

This is one of the best spring break destinations in the United States, and if you visit during this time, there’s likely to be some incredible weather. If you have some more adventurous friends, you can actually camp here for really cheap, which is a pretty hard price to beat! Otherwise, there are a few hotels in the area to choose from.


The Grand Canyon boasts some of the most incredibly sights in the world, and if it’s on your list of places to visit, taking some friends along on this spring break trip will be an unforgettable memory. You can hike, go river rafting, and have a blast sharing such a cool experience with people you love.

7. Daytona Beach, United States

If Florida is your spring break destination of choice, but you can’t afford to stay in Miami, try Daytona Beach instead! It’s much more affordable, and it’s arguably one of the most famous beaches in the world. You and your friends can enjoy the dreamy, beach vacation life and either relax in the sun or go wild together.


If you begin to get sick of the beach, there are some amazing water parks here, too! You can find so much to do, and it will all be extra fun and special when you’re with all of your best friends.

8. Atlantic City, United States

If Las Vegas sounds like the dream trip for you and your friends but you need something a bit more budget-friendly, Atlantic City is the place to be. It has the draw of the Jersey Shore—beaches, shopping, and more—with the fun nightlife and gambling aspect of Vegas.


This is the perfect spring break destination if you’re looking for a mix of relaxing beach days and wild nights out. There’s something for everyone, and you’re sure to have a blast with all of your friends on this incredible getaway. Plus, there are so many casinos to stay at!

Which spring break destination will you and your friends be heading to? Let us know in the comments down below!

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