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10 Spring Break Activities You Need To Try

There are so many Spring Break activities you just want to do and try. But when there is only one week of vacation, you need to be selective about what you are going to do. You just won’t get to do all the things you want to do. Deciding between vacations, friends, and family time, how can you choose what you will and won’t do? Here is a list of 10 Spring Break activities you just have to try.

1. Sleep 8 hours

This week is precious and you want to maximize every second. But those final exams have been wrecking your sleep cycle. Start off your Spring Break by catching up on some much needed sleep before you take off to do new and exciting things. Getting the full eight hours of sleep will make you feel refreshed and revving to go. You’ll be so glad that you decided to sleep in and not try to get up at sunrise so you can do absolutely everything.

2. Go snorkeling

If your vacation takes you to a beach town, you try snorkeling. You might have already  explored the town and the night life but you will be missing out if you leave before you see the world underneath the water. Snorkeling will give you a chance to be close to the animal life and see another side of the world.

3. Jet skiing

Not everyone like the beach. Sand can get everywhere and salty water can damage your hair. It can be a mess. If you still want to have fun in the water without dealing with the downsides of being on the coast, you should try jet skiing on a lake. It’s an exhilarating ride! Just imagine how nice it feel to have the wind blowing and the water misting your face on a hot spring day.

4. Visit an art museum

Going outside and enjoying mother nature during your spring break can be fun. But you should give some appreciation to some man-made creations as well. Visit an art museum during your Spring Break and you can see what artists are creating and what they have to say about the world we live in in their art. It can be an interesting trip that will open your open eyes.

5. Travel

Everyone dreams about seeing what the world is like. If you get the chance this year, use your Spring Break to see a part of the world that you have not yet. Location doesn’t matter because wherever you go, it will be somewhere new and exciting. Give yourself a chance to see how the other side of the world lives and what life means to them!

6. Join a new Gym class.

You have seen what is new and exciting out in the world. Now you can bring some excitement into your daily life too. Join a new fitness class during spring break so you can start your next quarter with something to look forward to! There are so many new options to choose from. Aerial silks would be thrilling and elegant. Pole dancing can be sexy and fun. Some fitness classes even take place on trampolines! Whatever you might be interested in, you can probably find a group fitness class for it.

7. Volunteer

Taking the time to enjoy the world will make you feel so lucky to be alive. You have the chance to help someone else feel the same during your Spring Break. Taking time out of your day during your break to volunteer can be so rewarding. Knowing that you’re doing something that makes a real difference in the world can feel just as great as exploring the world and enjoying time for yourself. Check out local events that need volunteers or visit your local animal shelter to see how you can help out. Spending some time with cute animals might just be the perfect way to spend a day!

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8. Relaxation

You have worked hard all quarter and Spring Break is the perfect time to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in. Those rewards might be trips to different places or finally doing all the activities you’ve been postponing during the busy quarter. Spring Break can be super fun but tiring and you go back to school even more exhausted than when you left. So don’t forget to take some time to just relax. You can relax anywhere! Sitting by the pool at your destination and just enjoying where you are and how beautiful the place is or at home with a DIY face mask and some Netflix on your laptop are good options.

9. Go on a picnic

Three months have passed since you’ve been home for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Take the time during Spring Break to spend some time with your friends, your boyfriend, or your family. What’s the perfect way to enjoy the wonderful spring weather and to catch up on all the gossip and drama that you’ve missed while you were away? Go for a picnic with everyone and bring food and drinks! You can leave the crazy city life behind and just enjoy each others’ company without distractions.

10. Find a summer internship

Summer is right around the corner. Get a head start on summer vacation by using your free time during Spring Break to find something to do this summer. There are many summer internships and everyone is fighting for one. Start your search early this year so you will have something set by the time summer starts. Just one less thing to worry about during the quarter! Afterwards, you can start planning the fun activities to do during the summer!

What Spring Break activities will you be spending that precious week on? Tell us in the comments.

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