10 Spring Break Activities You Can Enjoy If You Don’t Like Partying

Here are a few spring break activities to make the most out of your break. Partying isn't the only way to spend your spring break!

Contrary to popular belief, not every twenty-something loves to party.  If you’re anything like me, a good book is more tantalizing than house music and hard liquor. While your classmates are getting wasted at Daytona Beach this spring break, here are ten things you can do.

1. Catch up on your reading list

Don’t lie, if you’re still reading this it probably follows that you’re introverted. And every introvert has at least one book they want to read, right? This is my tried and true method for relieving stress after months of school.  Especially if you have a rainy spring break, it’s a great opportunity to read a book that you’re not being forced to read. Grab an armchair and relax. You deserve this.

10 Spring Break Ideas If You Don't Like Partying

2.  Go to the movies

Going to the movie is a fun way to catch up with old friends. Relive your high school memories! There’s at least one movie you’ve been wanting to see. School is off for a few weeks and now you can! Take your friends and enjoy the show.

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3. Game of Thrones Marathon

This is how I spent my last days of summer, and it was totally worth it. Invite your friends over for a GOT marathon. Refresh your memory or watch if for the first time before the last installment airs! Who needs to leave the house when you can watch medieval war instead?

4. Go on a road trip by yourself

Road trips are fun with friends, but everyone should take a road trip by themselves at least once. Go where you want without anyone else’s opinions, find yourself, and have fun! You don’t need to be around your friends to have a good time!

10 Spring Break Ideas If You Don't Like Partying

5. Visit a Museum

Grab a friend or two and visit your local museum! It’s fun and you learn things too! My personal favorite is the art museum in Chicago. No matter how many times you go to a museum they always have new exhibits. You can even go by yourself if you want to study the art rather than just glance at it.

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6. Party game party

Even if you don’t like drinking and going to parties, it’s still fun to invite a few friends over to play party games! Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme?, The Voting Game, and Drunk Stoned Or Stupid are just a few ideas. If you do like drinking and just don’t like too many people, these games get even more fun!

7. Go to a drive-in movie

Watch a classic under the stars with your family and friends! There’s nothing better than fighting over who gets space on the roof.

10 Spring Break Ideas If You Don't Like Partying

8. Bowling

Personally, I suck at bowling, but it’s always to grab a drink and some junk food and see your friends fail at it with you. If you’re from a suburb like I am and activity options are limited, you can’t go wrong inviting a group of friends to bowl a few games!

10 Spring Break Ideas If You Don't Like Partying

9. Take a day cruise

If you live in a port city like Chicago there are cruises that will take you out for the day and you can chill, eat, and enjoy the nice weather and be back on the dock by nightfall. If you like to boat but don’t want to commit to a multiple day cruise, this is a great option for you!

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10. Reread Harry Potter

I’ve read the Harry Potter series many times because the story always lifts my spirits when I’m feeling down This option appeals to die-hard fans like myself. If you’re stressing about school, pick up the Sorcerer’s Stone and revisit the magic of your childhood! It’s a relaxing detox from adulting.

Do any of my spring break activities appeal to you? Let me know your spring break plans in the comments!

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