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10 Spring Beauty Trends To Copy Right Now

10 Spring Beauty Trends To Copy Right Now

You need these Spring beauty trends to be up to date with this year's most fashionable styles. They're the absolute protagonists of the scene!

If you’re truly a fashionista, you’ll know that fashion trends go hand in hand with beauty trends. And while seasonal clothing trends are easier to spot, seasonal beauty trends can be harder to catch. But don’t worry, we’re here to help with 10 Spring beauty trends to absolutely copy right now!

1. Statement Nails

Remember when pastel colors and French manicure were the absolute protagonists of the scene? Well, those times are over now! Spring 2019 calls for a bold approach to your mani: cone-shaped nails & neon colors are everyone’s new favorites for the season. If you feel like daring a little more, try some artsy designs too: animaliér or marbled nails surely will turn heads!

10 Spring Beauty Trends to Copy Right Now

2. Bright-red Lips

Among the top-ranked Spring beauty trends, that of bright-red lipstick surely stands out. Nude colors that were so popular last year give space to bold, vivid red. And it’s such a versatile look! Wear red lipstick with either just a little mascara for a daytime look or with a dramatic smoky eye for a friends night out – either way, you’ll be glamorous.

10 Spring Beauty Trends to Copy Right Now

3. Glossy Lips

If bold colors are not for you, the Spring beauty trend of lipgloss is at your rescue. Once popular in the 90s, glossy lips are coming back – and this is such a life saver! No time for a full make-up? No worries, get some highlighter and some lipgloss on, and you’re good to go – and to shine, too.

10 Spring Beauty Trends To Copy Right Now

4. Glitter Eyelids

From Valentino to Versace, every designer seems to agree that glittery and colorful eyeshadow is the it-girl beauty trend of the year. Aside from dazzling everyone around you, it will give a fresh, shiny look to your face. But if green, blue, and red are still risky colors for you, go with nude sparkly pigments. The rule is only one: it has to glow in the light!

10 Spring Beauty Trends To Copy Right Now

5. Headbands

Let us not forget that hairstyle plays a huge role in beauty trends. And on that note, accessories can come in handy. This Spring’s beauty trends see headbands coming back from the past, and everybody loves them! Be as colorful as you want and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone – there is no restriction on how your headband needs to be. A little advice: try something with a bow, some of the most acclaimed designers had their models sport bow headbands on the runways.

10 Spring Beauty Trends To Copy Right Now

6. Extra Hair Accessories

Obviously, going extra doesn’t only apply to headbands. Extravagant hats and designer bandanas also enter the chart of this Spring’s beauty trends. If you think a hat is too big or too particular, it is definitely the right choice to be up to date with fashion.

10 Spring Beauty Trends To Copy Right Now

7. Bushy Eyebrows

Last year’s trend of bold eyebrows is still going to be relevant this Spring: for a trendy make-up let your brows grow, fill them in with a brow pencil and give them a 3D look with a brow mascara. You can even leave your eyes make-up free and complete the look with red lipstick for a classy, vintage effect!

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10 Spring Beauty Trends To Copy Right Now

8. No-Make-Up Make-Up

They say the best make up is unnoticeable to the bare eye, and that is true especially for this Spring beauty trend. For a natural and fresh look, less is more: nude eyeshadow colors, rosy lips and just a touch of highlighter on your cheekbones are the perfect ingredients for a trendy beauty recipe.

10 Spring Beauty Trends To Copy Right Now

9. Braids

Two on the sides or one down your back, braids are a beauty trend to copy if you’re looking for a new hairstyle. They can be the perfect choice for a casual “jeans and sweater” outfit or for a fancy Friday night out. To make your new hairstyle stand out, try and dare with some statement earrings to give it a glamorous look!

10 Spring Beauty Trends To Copy Right Now

10. Pixie Cut

This Spring’s Prada fashion show demonstrated that you don’t necessarily look long hair to be trendy. A pixie cut is a short, fancy haircut that undeniably enhances your face’s features and make-up. And it’s a huge beauty trend this year! It’s the right time to find your inner strength and give a sharp cut to your hair: you’ll be surprised by how a pixie cut can give you a brand-new, fashionable look.

10 Spring Beauty Trends To Copy Right Now

Are you going to try some of these Spring beauty trends or do you have new ones to suggest? Let us know in the comments below!

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