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Spring 2020 Hair Trends Are In And They’re “Bigger” Than Ever

Spring 2020 Hair Trends Are In And They’re “Bigger” Than Ever

Rail-straight hair has had its time in the sun, but now, voluminous chops are coming back into style! Whether it’s with huge curls (amplified by wands and rollers) or just letting your naturally big hair do its thing, the bigger, the better (just make sure it won’t make you topple over). We’re so excited to see more textured looks in fashion, as adding height to hair, especially to the roots, is a flattering look on lots of different face shapes. Plus, larger locks are often styled away from the face, making your eyes much more of a standout feature! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your mousse, dry shampoo, and keep reading for our favorite big hairstyles this spring 2020. 

1. Half-Back Bouffant 

Bouffant” is the present participle of the French word “bouffer” (to puff), which is fitting for this type of hairstyle in which the crown is rounded into a puffed shape. Bouffant hairstyles were all the rage in the sixties (in particular with the beehive hairdo), and although we weren’t there to witness them in all their glory, we were sad to see them go. Luckily, we can almost guarantee that the bouffant halfback will be one of the most popular hair trends this spring (judging from the looks at the end of this year and on the recent runways). If you like the idea of volumized roots but aren’t too keen on going for full-on Marie Antoinette coiffure, try teasing your roots with some dry shampoo and a comb and pinning a couple of sections of hair behind your ears (make an X with the bobby pins to ensure that hair stays in place). Then, make sure your mini beehive is evenly puffed out before adding a slight curl to the ends of your hair with an iron. So pretty! 


2. Big Curls 

Finger waves are adorable, but let’s be real. Who, apart from the next actress with a 20s’ movie coming up, is going to be seen sporting a head full of them? But voluptuously vintage curls, on the other hand, are becoming more popular than ever! The way to achieve a gorgeous head of hair like the young woman pictured below is to start with day-old hair, dry shampoo, and tease ever so slightly. Then, curl two to three-inch sections away from your face (we recommend using an automatic curler- one that stops after a certain number of seconds- for best results). Finally, roll those babies into jumbo rollers (the ones that look like they could be from I Love Lucy) and let them sit for half an hour before revealing the most glamorous waves you’ve ever seen. 

3. Big Braids 

Ever since the release of Frozen in winter of 2013 (or maybe even slightly before), braids have come back into female fashion, with young women everywhere finding creative ways to weave their strands into classic plaits. And luckily for your recently developed braiding skills, the trend isn’t going anywhere- instead, braided hairdos are going to be bigger and better than ever! Giant braids like the one below may look impossible to create on a regular head of hair, but you can be sure that with enough patience, even the thinnest hair types can look full just by pulling each part of the hairstyle out a bit as you braid. We’re partial to dutch braids, but even a simple three-part braid would look wonderful with a little more bulk. 


4. Lofty Ponytail 

Ponytails are one of those hair trends that people either love or hate- some adore how easy they are to pull together, and how hair stays out of their eyes when they wear one. Others find the look lacks excitement. With a style like a pony pictured below, you can have the best of both worlds! This amply textured style couldn’t be less difficult to recreate or less boring to rock out on the streets or at school. To get a volume-packed ponytail of your own, loosely curl your hair with a wand and crunch it up (or put in French braids overnight) and secure it at the crown of your head with an elastic. Then, take a strand of hair, wrap it around the elastic, and pin it down. Pull the roots up a bit and fluff out your ponytail before securing with a little hairspray. Gorgeous! 

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5. Big And Short 

Why should the long-haired girls get all the fun? Short hair can be ridiculously fun to play with, and you’ll likely only need a little bit of product to make your hair stand out (literally). Our recommendation is to run a dollop of high-quality mousse (like the one from Tigi Bed Head) through semi-damp hair after a shower, and then blow-dry upside down (tilt your head down and run the dryer through your roots. Then, style however you want! Some like a head of defined ringlets, while others would rather just scrunch and go- whatever big hair trend you end up recreating, you’ll look great! 


6. Big, Natural Hair 

The last trend on our list is one that should have been made popular years ago- natural hair in all its vast glory! Those who’ve been blessed with the genes responsible for such beautiful hair shouldn’t have to hide it behind endless straightening treatments. Instead, let your hair grow naturally and keep those coils moisturized by using a sulfate-free deep conditioning treatment about twice a weak, putting a limit on the amount of heat you use, and blow-drying on cool with a diffuser. Like any other hair type, your natural hair’s needs will vary from person to person, so do your research and see what will work best for you and your lovely mane. There are lots of Instagram and Youtube pages dedicated to the care of natural hair, so try giving them a follow to get inspiration and ideas on how to rock your naturally sizable strands. 

Which big hair trends could you see yourself rocking? Are you as big a fan of big hair as we are? Tell us in the comments below! 

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