Spring 2019 Makeup Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing

Ah, Spring 2019 Makeup trends. Have you figured them out yet? Are you trying to join in but don’t have any idea what looks people are going for this spring? With so many trends happening right now, it is not surprising if you cannot keep track of what’s in and what’s out. Here is a list of Spring 2019 makeup trends you will be seeing all over your Instagram feed in a few months.

1. Clear Skin

Beauty starts from the inside out and I’m not talking about your inner beauty. Your skincare starts with your diet and your health. And skincare is important because this spring, everyone will be trying to get great skin. Instead of working on a strong contour or perfecting braided eyebrows, try to explore your skincare routine and figure out which products work best for you. You don’t need crazy colors or a strong highlight to be trendy. Your bare face with your perfected skincare regimen is a great look for spring!


2. Think Pink

Break out your inner girly girl this spring because pink is everywhere! Every part of your face could use a little pink. Find a nice blush that will give your cheeks a rosy flush. Give your lips a pouty, pink tint with some gloss. Reward yourself with a sparkly, rose gold eyeshadow. You could just dip your toes in with just a touch of pink on your face. Or you can follow this makeup trend all the way and embrace your girly girl personality with monochrome pink makeup looks.

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3. Glossy Lips

Leave the matte lipsticks in the fall and winter and welcome glosses back into your life this spring! You might be tempted to pass because glosses do have the downside of being hair magnets. But you will appreciate how plump your lips look with just a little gloss. Ditch those lip plumping devices and overdrawing techniques and try a swipe of lip gloss instead. Why mess around with weird devices and difficult techniques when you can get the same effect with a simple, little product?

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4. Glitter

Keep those loose glitter shadows and sparkly lipsticks on your top shelf. Your favorite sparkly looks are not going anywhere because everyone still wants to sparkle. Perfect your best unicorn or mermaid glitter looks this year and go to your next rave with all the glimmer and glitz to really shine throughout the night. Glitter looks, however, are not just for raves and clubs. You can go through your daily life with a little sparkle by adding some glitter on top of your lipstick or in the inner corner.

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5. Highlighters

Speaking of shiny things, don’t throw those strong highlighting powders away! Strong highlights are another trend that’s sticking around. You won’t want to keep those icy highlighters locked away in your drawers this spring when you could be glowing like an angel. With all the trending glitters and glosses, you will be able to shine better than anyone else if you keep that highlight game strong this spring.

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6. Colored Liner

Ditch that boring brown and black eyeliners. Instead, have some fun with colored liners this spring. You will love how chic and fun your makeup will look if you add a simple, colorful cat eye. This trend gives you the perfect excuse to mess around with color and explore the ways you can add a little more color to your life. If you want to try this look, remember to keep the rest of your face relatively bare so your eyes can command all the attention.

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7. Red Lips

Find those bright red lipsticks to bring back that classic sexy look this spring. Leave those vampy reds and purples for the fall and go for a true red lip as your spring go-to lip color. It is the perfect lip for a romantic daytime date with your man. Aim for a strawberry or cherry red color and your lips will be reminiscent of these natural aphrodisiacs.

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8. Neon Colors

Want even more color in your life? Get on the neon colors trend then! There are so many ways to incorporate neon into your makeup.  Choose a wide range of looks from full neon liquid lipstick to a subtle flick of neon eyeliner. But no matter how you choose to wear neon colors, you can be sure that you will stand out this spring with these makeup looks.

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9. Gradient Lips

You might have tried those multi-color ombre lips but have you tried gradient lips? This popular lip trend started in Korea and it is now trending everywhere. Get this look by focusing the pigment on the center of your lips and blending out to create a gradient effect. Your lips will love how light this makeup look is. It will be a nice break for them from the heavy and thick liquid lipsticks you’ve been using all fall and winter.

10. Pastel Cut Crease

Another trend that is surviving and thriving is the cut crease. Update your cut crease looks with pastel colors for spring. Lavender is a popular color to use if you want a soft and romantic look with this dramatic technique. Or you can stick with the monochrome pink look and create some interest with a baby pink cut crease.

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Which Spring 2019 makeup trends will you wear this spring? Tell us in the comments.

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