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10 Spots With The Best Brunch In Columbia

10 Spots With The Best Brunch In Columbia

Everyone loves brunch! So brunch lines on the weekend are obscene. To give you some options, here are the places with the best brunch in Columbia!

Sorry (not sorry) to be a cliche, but god I love brunch. It’s the best. You get to eat delicious breakfast foods, but you don’t have to get up too early for it. You can go hungover as hell or dressed up super cute. Also, you can drink amazing cocktails super early in the day, and you get to look forward to it every weekend. It’s the perfect set-up. Living in Columbia, SC full-time these days, I have tried out many a brunch place. I’m always going back for more. Here are the ten places for the best brunch in Columbia. They’re definitely worth trying if you live here or ever find yourself just visiting one lucky Saturday or Sunday.

1. Publico Kitchen & Tap

So I’m starting with my favorite. Publico is a restaurant and a bar serving a Lat-Asian cuisine. They make a bomb brunch every Sunday from 10:30 to 3. They have a great array of special brunch cocktails, from coffee to margaritas to the classic bloody Mary. On Sundays they all come for special deals. Reflecting the cuisine, the food puts a fun spin on brunch. Like did you just put an egg on my nachos? I live for their chilaquiles, but they have more run of the mill options too, and you can always still order off their normal menu. Unfortunately, the rest of Columbia also knows how great Publico brunch is, so the place fills up fast. Just make sure to get there before or after the rush and bring a smaller party. That wait can get long.


2. The Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli

This place may be called Devine because of the street it’s on, but let me say it’s also divine for its cinnamon rolls alone. Especially the fact that a mini one comes with every meal. Their menu is made up of delicious breakfast sandwiches you can choose from (or construct your own). Or, you can go straight to the money and get a giant, gourmet cinnamon roll in a variety of heart-melting flavors like bourbon caramel or apple cobbler. Their breakfast is served all day if it takes you a bit longer to roll out of bed, and usually they have mimosas as well. This small deli fills up fast, but they work quickly and the food is worth a little wait.

3. Liberty Tap Room & Grill

If you’re hungry on a Sunday and looking for the best brunch in Columbia, try the Liberty Tap Room & Grill! From 10-2 each Sunday, Liberty offers up their delicious brunch to the world. Their menu is extensive, offering up a ton of breakfast and lunch options that can fit whatever food mood you find yourself in. From a salad to french toast, from a burger to chicken and waffles, it really is a wide range of choices. People go crazy for the Lincoln Street Hash, which is dubbed “the ultimate hangover cure.” It’s a huge mix of potatoes, corn beef, eggs, and a ton of delicious toppings. Prices are solid for a brunch place, with entrees typically around $11.


4. Bourbon

Bourbon is a brunch place to be checked out when you’re feeling on the fancier side. The prices are higher than some other brunch places, but the food promises nothing but goodness with their Louisiana-influenced cuisine. You’re looking at items like quail and waffles, a creole crab cake, or the biscuit of champions. This baby is a fresh biscuit with sausage, chicken and bacon, all covered in gravy. You’re definitely getting your money’s worth. And they have an extensive list of the classiest cocktails. Check out Bourbon on Saturdays AND Sundays from 11-3.


5. Cafe Strudel

The best brunch in Columbia wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of grease, so Cafe Strudel is a brunch place people go crazy for. It’s out in West Columbia, but still readily available for any Columbia brunch-goers. They have all the regulars of a classic brunch place: biscuits, bagels, french toast, loaded hash browns, sandwiches, even quesadilla and burrito options for something kind of different. Not to mention the prices are super reasonable. No surprise that this place is packed every weekend, but with their call-ahead seating service, you might have more luck getting into this super sought-after brunch location.

6. Gourmet Shop

My roommate and I started going to Gourmet Shop when we were freshman at USC, and since then we’ve been addicted. The restaurant is placed within a super cute gourmet cooking store and outside seating options line the sidewalk. They have breakfast sandwiches and bowls, Belgian waffles, and lighter options like fresh fruit and yogurt. I love the Brie and Bacon croissant here. Let’s be real, I’ll get anything with brie, and it’s only made more delicious by the crisp bacon and buttery croissant. Did I mention brunch is served here every day? Oh, gourmet Shop, you give us so much.


7. Jake’s

If you say “Jake’s” to most people in Columbia, they’re immediately going to think of the cool bar so many people frequent each weekend for their great beer selection and awesome outside seating. But Jake’s also has a great menu and a great brunch, served all day every Sunday. Your selection may be smaller, but they have all of the greats: shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles, french toast, sandwiches and hash. There’s really not much more you can ask for. Enjoy brunch here outside on a sunny day and you’ll find true bliss.

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8. Motor Supply Company Bistro

Motor Supply is one of the fancier restaurants in Columbia with a constantly changing incredible menu. Because we’re #blessed, they also do brunch every Sunday, and the prices are actually pretty good if you’re looking for something special. Ranging from about $11-$15, you can dine fabulously on things like bread pudding french toast, SC crab cakes, or a simple buttermilk biscuit plate. That plus a few cocktails and I’m drooling.


9. Twisted Spur Brewing

I don’t know if I’m alone here, but I really like it when my brunch places have some kind of relation to alcohol in their names. The best brunch in Columbia could not be completed without an alcoholic pairing. It usually means there are good things to come. Brunch at Twisted Spur is served Saturday and Sunday from 10-2, giving you plenty of opportunities to try out their awesome menu. It’s a balanced list of breakfast and lunch options, giving you plenty to choose from, be it a classic burger or their twisted breakfast burrito.

10. Tazza Kitchen

Tazza Kitchen at Trenholm Plaza is another great brunch option open on both Saturday and Sunday. They have a super long menu, and it even includes breakfast pizza, which sounds perfect for waking up with a hangover, IMO. If that’s not your style, they also offer things like quiche, french toast, and huevos rancheros. Definitely check out this place. They’ve got all your brunch needs met.


Honestly, looking at this list, we’ve all got some work to do trying out these places extensively every Saturday or Sunday for many a weekend to come. Finding the best brunch in Columbia means fighting a crowd. But with so many great options you’ll definitely find somewhere to take your crew, or you’ll be willing to wait for all this delicious food. Let’s get eating, y’all.

 Where do you think the best brunch in Columbia can be found? Share it in the comments below!