5 Spots To Soak Up The Sun Around Boston

It’s summertime and all you want to do is get some sun! In the city, sometimes it can be hard because there is the belief that the city is all concrete with nowhere pleasant to sit out and soak up some sunshine. However, in Boston, there are plenty of spaces to sit out and tan. Here are some of the best spots to do so!

1. Charles River Esplanade

As a student at Boston University, this has to be one of my favorite spots to sit out on a sunny day. Overlooking the Charles River, the Esplanade offers picturesque views of Cambridge and of the city of Boston. In addition, the space is lined with lush trees, which provide plenty of shade if you’re getting too hot sitting in the sun. The Esplanade is a total of 17 miles long, so you’re to find a spot that’s just right!

5 Spots To Soak Up The Sun Around Boston

2. Boston Common

The Common is the go-to spot on a warm day, as it is the largest green space in Boston at an area size of 50 acres. There’s plenty to see around the space from performers, food trucks, and other vendors. At the Common’s heart lies the Bandstand, which has been the location for numerous gatherings in the city over the years. And if you’re getting a little too hot, no worries! Just take a stroll through Frog Pond to cool down. If you want a lively spot to make you feel as though you are still in the city, this is the place for you to get a little Vitamin D!

5 Spots To Soak Up The Sun Around Boston


If you’re looking to do a little exploring and get some exercise while getting some sun, you definitely want to consider taking a stroll along Boston’s Harborwalk. The walk will have you overlooking scenic views of the harbor. The route takes you along through the different spots of the city like the North End, South Boston, Charles Town, East Boston, and the Downtown area and even surrounding districts like Dorchester and Deer Island. The Harborwalk stretches down to the Neponset River, and along the way, you’re bound to find cool finds like piers, beaches, and historical monuments!

5 Spots To Soak Up The Sun Around Boston

4. Paul Revere Park

A gem located in Charlestown, this charming little park has beautiful views of the Zakim Bridge and TD Garden. Paul Revere Park is filled with sunflowers, daffodils, and lush trees. There’s walking paths and plenty of seating areas as well! If you stay past the daytime sunshine into the evening, you’re bound to catch a beautiful sunset and clear views of the Boston city skyline. Also, people love to bring their dogs to this park, so bring your pooch or go puppy spotting with your friends!

5 Spots To Soak Up The Sun Around Boston

5. Boston Public Garden

Located right next to the Common, the Boston Public Garden is the perfect spot to catch some rays in a little quieter environment. The Garden features 24 acres of green space to layout and observes some peaceful nature views. It is filled with beautiful arrays of multiple types of flowers, most notably tulips. However, most people love this spot for the Swan Boats, a tourist attraction that is a must for anyone who visits Boston. And if you’re lucky, you will see some actual swans floating in the pond!

5 Spots To Soak Up The Sun Around Boston

When you have a day off and just feel like getting some fresh air and soaking in all the sunshine that Boston has to offer, you should consider these spots! Sometimes when you remove yourself from the city to get a breather, it gives you a sense of ease and also helps you recollect your thought. So get out there and catch some sun!

Have some favorite spots around Boston for fresh air or in your own city? Let us know in our comments section!

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