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5 Spotify Podcasts You Just Can’t Miss Out On

5 Spotify Podcasts You Just Can’t Miss Out On

5 Spotify Podcasts You Just Can't Miss Out On

Spotify podcasts are a great way to destress and are insightful conversations which often facilitate discussions which are necessary for this day and age. Here are our top five Spotify podcasts that you need to listen to right now.

1. Why Won’t You Date Me w/ Nicole Byer

Why Won’t You Date Me with Nicole Byer is hands down one of the most underrated Spotify podcasts out there. This podcast is an honest exploration of Nicole, and whoever her guests are dating life. Highlights include getting her guests to critique her tinder profile and asking all of them if they would date her. My favorite episodes are the one with Wes from Nailed It (‘Episode 39: Wes from Nailed It is here!’) and the episode with Jameela Jamil (‘Episode 41: Booty Call Horror Story w/ Jameela Jamil’). You really don’t want to miss out on this hilarious and real podcast.

5 Spotify Podcasts You Just Can’t Miss Out On

2. The Receipts Podcast

This is such a fun podcast which alternates each episode from a discussion episode to an episode where they discuss provide advice for submissions from their listeners. Hosted by three women, Milena, Tolly T and Audrey, this podcast doesn’t hold back on discussing a wide variety of topics. The submission episodes are always particularly juicy, with some of the stories being very wacky, and the discussion episodes are always insightful, honest and funny chats. My favourite episodes from this podcast are ‘Episode 52. The Arts of Gyaldem Ft. Dotty’ and ‘Episode 32. End of Year Special Ft. Jackie Aina’, but all of the episodes are equally entertaining and a worthwhile listen.

5 Spotify Podcasts You Just Can’t Miss Out On

3. The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist is one of my favourite Spotify podcasts. Hosted by Deborah Frances-White, this feminist comedy podcast discusses different feminist topics and experiences with a range of guests. The podcast typically starts with the host declaring “I am a feminist but…” and then encouraging her guest to do the same, which is always a funny and relatable comment surrounding the nuances of being a feminist in this day and age. My favourite episodes of this podcast are ‘Episode 152: Late Night with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling’ and ‘Episode 55: Pioneers with Rachel Bloom’. Although, all the episodes are uniquely different and a fun addition to the podcast world.

5 Spotify Podcasts You Just Can’t Miss Out On

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4. Getting Curious w/ Jonathan Van Ness

This is a great Spotify podcast where Jonathan Van Ness (of Netflix’s Queer Eye) talks to a variety of guests about something he’s curious about. This is a great podcast for your commute and Jonathan always navigates a great discussion with his guest. The episodes are usually in bite-sized 30-minute conversations, with some of the episodes a bit longer. My favourite episodes are the ones with Reese Witherspoon titled ‘How Are You Bridging Social Media & Lady-Entrepreneurship?’ and the episode with Antoni Porowski titled ‘Where Are You From, Antoni?’. This is definitely a Spotify podcast you need to check out.5 Spotify Podcasts You Just Can’t Miss Out On

5. Feminists Don’t Wear Pink

This is another one of the Spotify podcasts which you have to check out. The Feminists Don’t Wear Pink podcast is an extension of the book Feminists Don’t Wear Pink And Other Lies, and involves in-depth discussions with the women who contributed to the book. This podcast holds insightful conversations between Scarlett Curtis and whoever the celebrity guests are. My favorite episodes from this are the first episode with Saoirse Ronan and the tenth (live) episode with Beanie Feldstein, which both have great discussions about what feminism means to them, but all episodes on this podcast are a must listen.

5 Spotify Podcasts You Just Can’t Miss Out On

What are your favorite podcasts? Let us know down below!

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