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Top 10 Spotify Playlists You’ll Have On Repeat At Your Halloween Bash

Top 10 Spotify Playlists You’ll Have On Repeat At Your Halloween Bash

A successful Halloween bash can’t be let down by the choice of Spotify playlists. To impress your guests, you need the décor, the costumes, the food and drink and the tunes all to follow the same spooky theme. This is a once a year opportunity to play those classic terrifying tunes that everybody knows and loves but can also have a good boogie to – it’s a party after all! Prepare these 10 Spotify playlists ready for 31st October and your DJing duties will be almost as invisible as a ghost itself.

1. Halloween Party

This playlist has all the classic Halloween bash bangers, including Thriller, Monster Mash and Ghostbusters, as well some modern tunes thrown in to mix up the mood. It’s the most popular of the Halloween genre Spotify playlists, with 164,963 followers, however, this collection is all about quality rather than quantity so don’t count on this playlist alone to carry your party into the early hours of the morning.

Top 10 Spotify Playlists You’ll Have On Repeat At Your Halloween Bash


2. Ultimate Halloween

A slightly longer playlist, this collection makes a good alternative to Halloween Party as it still includes the classic spooky songs but rather than carrying the chill vibe that Halloween Party gives off with its intermittent chart hits, Ultimate Halloween is full on scary mode with aggressive bangers such as Dragula channelling the demons within the graveyard characters at your party. Use this intense playlist once your party is in full swing and the alcohol is flowing as it will be the mad part of the night where memories are made but also often forgotten!

3. Scary Stories

Break up your party tunes with some spooky narration. Make your Halloween party unique to any other party throughout the rest of the year by taking a boogie break to sit down in a circle and listen to a creepy voice tell an even creepier story. Your party will have the ultimate scare factor, freaking out your friends with tales by the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, spoken with a sense of urgency, and Frankenstein, with dramatic pauses and that old-fashioned English accent. Your party will be the talk of the year and one people will remember forever!

4. Día de Muertos

Add a cultural element to your party with this playlist based on the Mexican version of Halloween. Move away from the scary aspect of death that our Halloween thrives off of and set aside a portion of the party to celebrate death, rather than fear it, as the Mexicans do. This is one of the most upbeat of these Spotify playlists, including a Spanish version of Monster Mash (Que Monstruos Son) which will make a change from the inevitable repetitions of the original throughout the night!


Top 10 Spotify Playlists You’ll Have On Repeat At Your Halloween Bash

5. Fright Fest

Although on the short side, this playlist is made up of mainly horror film theme tunes, including Psycho, A Nightmare On Elm Street and The Shining. If you’re making your own playlist, pinch a few from here to break up a more lyrical playlist as instrumental songs work best when interspersed in the more common lyrical tunes. These songs will maintain the spooky theme and give you and your guests a well-deserved pause from the dancefloor. It also creates a good drinking game opportunity to guess which film the song is from – the first person to guess correctly can designate a special Halloween shot! Better brush up on your horror film music knowledge!

Top 10 Spotify Playlists You’ll Have On Repeat At Your Halloween Bash


6. This Is Scary Pockets

Scary Pockets funkily cover well-known songs on this playlist, enabling you to change up the mood at your Halloween Party. The songs are almost unrecognizable, giving your music a fresh vibe, which uses mainly piano and trumpets for the funk effect, strangely not moving too far away from the more chilled Halloween tunes, with the smooth tone of the vocals. This is a good option when you want to wind down the night and subtly hint at your guests to leave.

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7. Lana Del Rey Complete

This artist’s songs have a sinister tone which fit the creepy Halloween mood, making this playlist perfect for the occasion. The songs are appropriately titled, for instance, Season Of The Witch and Dark Paradise. They’ll slow down the pace of the party, giving couples the opportunity to slow dance, just don’t play too many or you’ll end up scaring off the singletons!


Top 10 Spotify Playlists You’ll Have On Repeat At Your Halloween Bash

8. How Do You Sleep? – Sam Smith Complete Playlist

With a similar slow tempo to Lana Del Rey, Sam Smith songs provide a great crescendo for the drunk, passionate partygoers to devote their heart and soul to. A personal favorite on this playlist is the acoustic version of Latch, the lyrics taking on a new Halloween meaning as we interpret them as vampire-like. The eerie Writing’s On The Wall also features, Sam’s falsetto giving us chills on the cool autumnal evening of Halloween. Just make sure you avoid the Christmas number hidden in this playlist!

9. In a Past Life

For a strong party base when the Halloween themed tunes get a little too much, turn to this speaker pumping playlist to hype up the mood at your bash. Full of solid old-school house bangers like Would I Lie To You, L’Amour Toujours and Be Right There, of all the Spotify playlists on this list, this one will be the biggest crowd pleaser for sure. Follow it now so you’re ready to go for 31st October!


10. Creepy, Stupid, Love

If you’re in the mood for love but want to maintain the creepy Halloween vibe, this playlist is perfect. It’s dramatic, it’s slightly sad and most importantly, it’s Halloween focused, with songs such as Annie Lennox’s Love Song for a Vampire, Harry Styles’ Two Ghosts, and Fifth Harmony’s I’m In Love With a Monster. With a real mix of artists and genres, there’s something for everyone on this varied playlist so it’s worth having on the backburner for your epic Halloween extravaganza.

Which of these Spotify playlists will you be playing over and over this Halloween? Let us know your favourite in the comments section below!

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