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15 Spotify Playlists You Need To Make

15 Spotify Playlists You Need To Make

There are fifteen Spotify playlists that you need to have on your account. Honestly, its the best feeling when you are in the mood for certain music and you have a perfect playlist for that mood. There are definitely different straightedges the creating the ultimate playlist for your individual music taste. Use this as a guide rather than rules! If you become inspired to make another Spotify playlist from this article, then go for it! The best Spotify playlists are created when the creator feels the most inspired.

1) Workout 

You always need a work out banger in your Spotify playlists. The key to these playlists are the tempo in the songs. You don’t need music that you will want to necessarily sing along to (because you’re in the middle of a workout. Instead, find some songs that you feel like you can bob your head to. Typically, rap is a genre that is popular for this tempo reason; however, there are other genres of music that can do the same job. I suggest grabbing songs from other workout playlists. Also, different sports networks, teams, and even video games have playlists that are unique and fire.  

2) Chill Party 

This is a total vibe when it comes to Spotify playlists and you will use it more often than you think. If you are just hanging out with friends or family, this is the perfect playlist to have in the background. A hint for this playlist is to know the general audience of people that you hang out with. Make sure it’s not explicit if that will bother anyone. 

15 Spotify Playlists You Need To Make

3) Bumpin’ Party 

While you have a Spotify playlist for chill hang-out vibes, it’s also important to have a go-to party playlist with a fast beat and songs that people know the words to. You will find yourself adding and subtracting from this playlist a lot because it really is the best if it follows the latest party music trends. To find good party music, look up of the trending charts on Spotify and choose your favorite. 

4) Car Alone 

This is a personal favorite playlist because these are the songs that you know by heart and can belt out when you are in the car or in the shower. These can be your favorite songs that you enjoy singing to and new songs that you can put on repeat to learn the words to!

15 Spotify Playlists You Need To Make


5) Car With People 

This is a playlist of great songs that you enjoy to listen to with people. It is suggested that you make this playlist wicked long so that you can listen to it for hours during road trips without any repeats. You can try to match a vibe for this playlist or you can just put a variety of you favorite songs on this playlist. The only suggestion is to make it long!

15 Spotify Playlists You Need To Make

6) Intentional Playlist

This on is fun and a perfect playlist to make for car rides or long days listening. To keep yourself entertained, create a playlist with a variety of songs, interviews, podcasts, and stories to tell your own unique story with your playlist. This will keep you guess on your next car ride and you can really have some fun with how intentional each song or podcast is on your list. 

15 Spotify Playlists You Need To Make


7) Study/ Focus

Create a playlist that does not require your mind to think very much. Do you have a few relaxing sounds and instrumental music? Create a playlist that you can have on repeat without knowing that it actually is repeating. This is a great Spotify playlist for the times where you need to focus on a task. Do you need to write a paper? Read a book? Study? 

15 Spotify Playlists You Need To Make

8) For Your Lows

We all need it. When you are feeling particularly low, create a playlist that will put your feelings to a lyric or beat. Creation makes us all feel heard, expressed, and overall feel better. Make sure to also create a playlist from your highs dedicated to your lows. It is also good to remind yourself from when you are happy that things will get better again.

15 Spotify Playlists You Need To Make


9) Angst Music

Ever feel like screaming your heart out? Put it to music. Trust me. 

10) Throwback

Can you remember what playlist was on your iPod shuffle? Put the throwback songs that you know the words to on a Spotify playlist. These throwback playlists more often than not turns into a comfort playlist. It is fun to spice things up with your people and whip out a throwback playlist. Chances are, others have also grown up singing these songs and will love to sing them with you. 

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11) Memory Playlist

Do you ever have an event, time, or moment you know that you will look back on fondly? Create a playlist when you are in the midst of a special time in your life. Choose music for this playlist that inspires you and seems to capture your exact mood. Also add the songs that you currently have on repeat during this special time in your life.  

15 Spotify Playlists You Need To Make


12) Playlist For Others

If you have a person or friend that is special to you, create a playlist of the songs that relate to them. This is a great gift to people. Also, if people’s aesthetic inspires you, create a Spotify playlist that captures their unique vibe. 

15 Spotify Playlists You Need To Make

13) Genre Playlist

If there is a specific genre that you are a fan of, then make the ultimate playlist that compiles all of your favorite songs in that genre. This will definitely become a go-to playlist for you.

14) Pump-Up Playlist

You do not have to be an athlete to have a pump up playlist. Use this playlist to pump you up for multiple events in your life. To you have a big presentation coming up? Then use this playlist to get you feeling confident as heck! 

15) Songs You Want To Learn

This playlist will constantly be added to of the new songs that you want to learn. Once you’ve learned the song, take it off the list and add it to one of your others! It’s a great system for learning lyrics fast. 

These fifteen Spotify playlists are the basics when it comes to playlist inspiration. Share your go-to Spotify playlists with us in the comments! Paste links here!

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