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10 Spotify Playlists To Get You Through Your Day

10 Spotify Playlists To Get You Through Your Day

If you’re like me, you can’t do anything during the day without having the perfect playlist to provide a soundtrack to your drive, work or a night out. Music has been proven to help people when they are stressed, upset or need motivation, so see if it works for you! Whether you need some positivity, something relaxing or pump up jams, there is a playlist for you!  Don’t see one that catches your eye on our list? Try typing in your mood to Spotify and you’re sure to find the perfect collection of sounds. 

1. Have A Great Day!

The first playlist, of course, had to be Have a Great Day! If you are having a bad day or even a great day, this is an awesome playlist. With over 100 songs, ranging from Elton John and Queen to Lynrd Skynyrd and Train there is a little bit of everything in this mix. All the songs are upbeat and fun songs that will have you singing or dancing along to. You won’t be able to help having a great day once you start listening to this playlist!


2. Morning Commute

If you have a morning commute that you wish you could sleep through, Morning Commute is the playlist for you! Nice easy songs by artists like Hozier, Kacey Musgraves and Maggie Rogers will gradually have you prepared for the day (and hopefully ignore the traffic!) Not driving to work or classes? This playlist works great for walks and getting ready in the morning. I listened to this playlist every day when I lived in Phoenix and had an hour commute and it really helped me stay calm, cool and collected during the drive. 

3. Walk In Like You Own The Place

Getting ready for a big presentation, interview or asking for a promotion? Check out Walk In Like You Own the Place to get amped. All the songs feature heavy beats and anthems that will have you ready to accomplish anything. Drake, Eminem and more are ready to get you motivated and prepared to succeed! Really nervous? Start listening to it at home so you can jump around and dance to get the butterflies out of your system. I’ve listened to this on the way to every interview and it hasn’t failed me yet!


4. Chill As Folk

Chill As Folk is quite possibly my favorite playlist ever. Not only is the name hilarious, but it is also chock full of relaxing music. No matter what time of year it is, this playlist will make you feel blissed-out and like you’re chilling on a summer day. The mix features the best of Indie/Boho artists and is a must-have for studying or getting work done since the songs are soft and melodic. 


5. I Hate My Job. 

Sometimes, life happens and despite your best efforts, you hate your job. In that case, this playlist can help you out. I Hate My Job understands and is full of songs that get how you feel. Quit Your Job, The Job That Ate My Brain and I Can’t Wait To Get Off Work are just a few of the songs on the 2 hour-long playlist. Make sure you listen with headphones though, if your boss catches you, you may not have a job to hate! 

6. Acoustic Covers

This is another relaxing playlist that is perfect to be played in the background while you get ready, study, read or work. Find some of your favorite songs made more relaxing with a folksy and acoustic twist. You may not know all the artists on the 6-hour playlist, but you’ll definitely recognize most of the songs. A lot was recorded at the Spotify studio during live performances by artists like Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa, and Jasmine Thompson. With songs you know done in a different way, this playlist is great for those who like comforting music that isn’t distracting. 


7. Daily Lift 

If you are having a slow start to your day or the afternoon is dragging, plug in the Daily Lift playlist! A great mix of jams with uprising songs, this will have you feeling better in no time. There is such a variety of artists there is no way to put this into a category but highlights include Post Malone, Lizzo, Billy Eilish and Zedd. Play it after lunch and after you listen to all two hours, you’ll be ready to finish up your day!

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8. Songs To Sing In The Car

Whether you are going on a road trip or just down the road, Songs To Sing In The Car has you covered. With over 6 hours of music, you can be sure that not only will you find a song you like, but you’ll also have plenty you’ll want to sing along to! From classics like Uptown Girl to Good As Hell, it’s a mix for everyone. I put this on when I take road trips and six hours feels like nothing when you have that much music to sing to! 


9. Getting Ready

A little upbeat for the morning, Getting Ready is the playlist you’ve been looking for to get ready to go out for the night! Every girl jam you’ve ever wanted in one playlist is mixed in with classic feel-good songs and dance breaks that will have you taking your time getting ready just so you can listen to the playlist more! Take it from the shower to your closet to your vanity and you’ll be jamming the whole time you get ready!

10. Feelin’ Myself

Finally, there are just some days (and times) that you need to feel yourself. Lucky for you, there is a playlist that is made just for that occasion. Check out Feelin’ Myself to remind yourself that you are worth it, gorgeous and 100% that b*tch! Featuring songs by Summer Walker, Cardi B, Mulatto and of course Lizzo, you’ll be one confident lady once you’re done listening. 


Do you listen to playlists throughout the day? Let us know in the comments below.