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Spot A Serial Dater Before It’s Too Late

Spot A Serial Dater Before It’s Too Late

Being a serial dater is dangerous but dating a serial dater is worse. Here is how to find out if you are dating a serial dater. These dating tips will help

If you haven’t noticed by now, millennials hookup culture has reached a new level of bizarre. There’s ghosting, breadcrumbing, cushioning, fuck boys, friends with benefits and the list could honestly go on-and-on. There are the hopeless romantics, jaded daters, bachelors and serial daters. If you are unsure of what a serial dater is, Taylor Swift, is a prime example. In fact, she is the definition of a serial dater.

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Serial daters are considered to be the most dangerous daters. They have incredible charm and come off as if they are looking for a relationship. In most instances, they are. Most of you have probably witnessed a serial dater in your life at one point or another. A serial dater will most likely leave you at an unexpected time, if not a terrible time. They somehow always find the worst days to disappear – whenever things get tough, a serial dater is quickly out the door. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes a serial dater just craves new sexual partners. Below are a few reasons why you should avoid serial daters:


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They Don’t Want To Be Single

This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing but they hate being single. While that doesn’t seem like such a problem, the problem is that they can’t stand being alone. If someone has a hard time grappling with being alone, they aren’t truly ready for a relationship. There are internal issues that need to be sorted with a serial dater. Rather than addressing whatever issues they might be dealing with, they use a boyfriend/girlfriend as a Band-Aid. Chances are, there might be self-esteem issues at hand. Being in a relationship with this sort of personality can be heavily toxic.

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They Can’t Do Commitment

Serial daters are jaded, jumping from prospect to prospect. This leaves very little time for you to get close to them; well, you might become attached but they are keeping themselves at arm’s length. Don’t expect a long-term relationship to blossom. They could be avoiding true intimacy for fear of heartbreak. They most likely avoid sharing personal details, getting to know you and talking about a future relationship. If you find yourself attracted to someone who prioritizes anything but a relationship, you are most likely seeing a serial dater. They love social approval, sex, fun, being a bachelor, or bachelorette, and basically anything but a relationship.

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Someone who is a serial dater is known as a bachelor or bachelorette. Serial daters love living life on the edge. They are consumed with work, love the thrill of meeting multiple people, sleeping around and have a problem committing to relationships. Bottom line?

A serial dater is not emotional ready for a relationship?

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