5 Sportswear Brands We Love To Sweat In

Finding the right clothes to wear at the gym can be a daunting task. There are so many sportswear brands to choose from now! We want to make sure we have proper clothing that’ll keep us cool during our workouts since we’re sweating heavily in them. It’s also an added bonus if we happen to look cute in them too. We’ve gathered five of our favourite sportswear brands we love to workout in.

1. Adidas

Believe it or not, this German sportswear brand was created in a washroom in 1924. You’re welcome for the obscure trivia fact. Adidas has been popular for decades, with several star athlete and celebrity sponsorships. Heard of Kanye West’s Yeezys? Yeah, those are Adidas. Though we can’t all afford the latest Yeezy Boost 700s, Adidas is actually a fairly affordable sportswear brand. We are fans of their latest Parley Ocean collection, where all clothes and shoes are made out of recycled materials in an effort to save resources and cut emissions. Our favourite product is their Believe This Parley 7/8 tights, which is mostly made out of recycled polyester.

2. Nike

We are still riding off the high from watching Nike’s “Dream Crazier” ad. Known for its motivational advertisements and Air Force 1‘s, Nike is a sportswear brand that we absolutely love. You can shop by sports with this sportswear brand, which will guarantee proper attire for whatever it is you do from surfing to yoga. What’s really cool about this brand is that you can customize your own Nike sports shoes (even soccer cleats!) Our personal favourite items from this sportswear brand are their Nike One tights and their Nike Pro Intertwist Tank.

3. Lululemon

This Canadian sportswear brand was originally created for yogis. Since its creation in 1998, with its first store opening in Vancouver in 2000, the brand has expanded to creating sportswear for cyclists, runners, cross-trainers, and every other sweaty sport in-between. Lululemon has been able to create a worldwide community through its yoga classes, run communities, and global brand ambassadors. Their Wunder Under tights are so comfortable, we swear, you are going to want to live in them once you put them on.


Even if you’re not familiar with this sportswear brand, you have most definitely seen their Disruptor 2‘s on your friends, and others passing by. Maybe you even considered getting a pair yourself. We are such a fan of FILA because they create cute sportswear that you can wear at the gym or as a cute, casual outfit. In their most recent collaboration, FILA teamed up with The Phluid Project to create a gender-free collection in order to celebrate and promote inclusivity and diversity for everyone. The proceeds support The Stonewall Community Foundation and its global LGBTQIA+ network. Not only would you support a great cause, but you would also get to wear a cute crop top too!

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5. Puma

You probably still remember Kylie Jenner’s endorsement for this sportswear brand (before she switched over to Adidas with the rest of the fam). We’re sure Puma isn’t too upset about it though, especially now that Selena Gomez is their most recent brand ambassador. Puma creates trendy sportswear that is actually meant to be sweat in, which is why we are such a fan of this brand. Their PUMA X BARBIE collection is a perfect blend of nostalgia, style, and sportswear glam that you didn’t know you needed up until now. Our favourite from the collection is the PUMA X BARBIE XTG Track Jacket, which would look cute both on and off the track.

Are you an athleisure lover too? Which sportswear brand is your fave? Leave a comment below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/ATaX4AyxZfFho1j3HTMUu7T14j8QxwOYDHda1UTYvCoQPzz7Yab15k4/
Alex Arsenych-De Castro

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