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8 Spooky DIYs For When You Can’t Wait For Halloween

8 Spooky DIYs For When You Can’t Wait For Halloween

If you love Halloween and all things scary then there’s no need to wait for October before getting creative. These DIYs will get you in the spooky spirit.

1. Spooky String Art

String art never fails to look amazing and it can be a great way to create cheap art to fill your walls. It works especially well for something spooky, with the black and white contrast of this skull making a bold statement.

What you need: MDF board painted black (around 50×70 centimeters), white string, small pins (ideally white, though silver can also work), a small hammer.


1. Once you have painted your MDF board black and it has dried, you can start to hammer in your pins. It is best to have a design in mind before you do this so that you can pin them in the correct place. Place them at around one-centimeter intervals around the outline of your shape.

2. Once you have your pins in place, tie the string onto one (it doesn’t matter which) making sure the knot is small and neat. Then take the string sound your outline. You may wish to do this twice for a bolder outline.

3. Once you have got back to the beginning, wind the string across to opposite pins to fill in the shape. You can do this to symmetrically or randomly (randomly works best for the skull design).

4. Keep going until you are happy and then just tie the string to a pin to secure it.

8 Spooky DIYs For When You Can’t Wait For Halloween

2. Bat Mobile

Bats are the perfect middle ground between spooky and cute and are definitely the best way to incorporate Halloween vibes into your room. That’s why we love this DIY mobile. You can attach it to a light to make a lampshade or just hang it alone.

What you need: black paint, four embroidery hoops (each a different size) fine black thread, black card, scissors, glue.


1. Start by painting the embroidery hoops with black paint and set them to one side to dry.

2. Whilst you wait for the hoops to dry, cut out your bats. The more the better, but try to aim for thirty.

3. Now that your hoops are dry, string them together. At the top you need the smallest hoop, the second hoop must be the biggest, the third must be the second biggest and the fourth must be the third biggest. The reason why you want the smallest at the top is so that you can secure all the rest to it, you won’t hang any bats from it.

4. Once all the hoops are together it is best to hang the empty mobile up, this will stop it from tangling as you add the bats. A washing line is the best place to do this.

5. Now, glue bats to short lengths of string and tie these onto the embroidery hoops. Some string can have two or three bats attached to them, and make sure the bats are at different heights.

8 Spooky DIYs For When You Can’t Wait For Halloween

3. Black Pot Plants

If you’re the type of person who wishes it was Halloween all year, then these black pot plants are a subtle way to bring some darkness into your room.

What you need: faux succulents, black paint.


This DIY is pretty basic, it doesn’t need much explaining. You just need to paint your faux succulents black and leave them to dry. Easy!

8 Spooky DIYs For When You Can’t Wait For Halloween

4. Spider Embroidery

Embroidery is the ideal hobby for anyone who loves crafts and it can be put to any use. It’s not all just about embroidering flowers, it can also be a great way to make something spooky and cute to hang on your wall.

What you need: Two embroidery hoops (of different sizes), black canvas, white canvas, black thread, white thread, needle, black ribbon.


1. Place your canvas’s into the embroidery hoops, the black canvas in the bigger hoop and the white canvas in the smaller hoop.

2. In the black hoop, embroider a spider web design. Though it may look complicated, it should be easy enough if you break it down. Start by doing four straight lines that go through the middle to divide the canvas into eighths. From there, you need to spiral out from the middle.

3. The spider is more difficult. Lightly sketch your design onto the white canvas and then all you have to do is fill it in with black thread.

4. Attach black ribbon to the tops of the embroidery hoops so that you can hang your designs.

5. The final thing to do is to sew a white thread between the web and the spider but do this last as it will make it difficult to work on each design when they are attached.

8 Spooky DIYs For When You Can’t Wait For Halloween

5. Ghostly Tea Light

These ghostly tea lights are a great alternative decoration that will fill your wall even in the dark.

What you need: a fake tea light, card, glue, scissors.


1. Draw a ghost design onto your card, leaving a tab at the bottom that you can fold beneath the tea light.

2. Cut out your design and glue the tab below the tea light. You may also need to put a bit of glue to the side of the tea light.

3. When it’s dry, turn off your light and switch on the fake tea light. Place it near the edge of the room to see your design light up the wall.

8 Spooky DIYs For When You Can’t Wait For Halloween

6. Halloween Pressed Leaves

Autumn leaves are a warm color to add to any room, and, if you want to give them a spooky twist, this Halloween DIY is perfect.

What you need: leaves, kitchen roll, a sharpie, a photo frame, black paper.

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1. Collect some autumn leaves. Place them between two sheets of kitchen roll and place that between some pages of a heavy book.

2. After a few days, you can take the leaves out. They should now be flat and dry.

3. Use a sharpie to draw Halloween, pumpkin style faces onto the leaves.

4. Put them in a frame and lay a sheet of white paper behind them. Now you have some spooky, autumnal wall art.

8 Spooky DIYs For When You Can’t Wait For Halloween

7. Pumpkin and Ghostie Garland

This adorable garland is the perfect way to add a subtle touch of Halloween into your room.

What you need: White wool, orange wool, green pipe cleaners, googly eyes


1. This DIY requires you to make orange pom-poms and white tassels, instructions for both of these can be found anywhere online.

2. Once you have your pom-poms and tassels, you must decorate both to make them Halloween-y. Use the green pipe cleaners to create pumpkin stalks and stick googly eyes to the tassels to make ghosts.

3. String them up on a long piece of wool to create the garland.

8 Spooky DIYs For When You Can’t Wait For Halloween

8. Ghost Cushion

This ghost cushion is the perfect Halloween-y decoration that you can keep in your room all year round.

What you need: White felt, black felt, black thread, stuffing


1. Firstly, trace out your ghost shape and cut it out. You will need two identical shapes so place one sheet of felt below the first one as you cut it out.

2. Sew the shapes together leaving a small gap at the bottom. Turn it inside out and stuff it.

3. Sew up the small opening. Then, cut out a black felt face and sew it on to your ghost.

8 Spooky DIYs For When You Can’t Wait For Halloween

Have you got any spooky DIY ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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