Spontaneous Date Ideas Your Man Will Love

Being in a long-term relationship has many perks. You always have someone to wake up to and go to bed with. You can share the house chores, who cooks that night, and you will always have someone to talk to. Unfortunately, it can be difficult sometimes to squeeze in and plan a date night when both of you are busy with the tasks of everyday life. Life is one of those things that just gets in the way and makes having one-on-one time difficult for you and your special someone. If you are tired of trying to coordinate a date night, try these spontaneous date ideas that your man will love!

Arcade Bar

If your man loves video games and a good drink, then this is just the place to surprise him with. Arcade bars have an atmosphere like no other. Everyone is there for two reasons, to get drunk and to play some great old fashioned games. You’ll find in a themed bar like this that you will make friends around you super easily to have a great time with. This spontaneous date idea is just one of the few that has a little something for everybody. If you aren’t that much of a gamer, there are still plenty of other games such as pin-ball, air hockey, and skee ball to play together to have a great and memorable date night.

Spontaneous Date Ideas Your Man Will Love

Build A Fire

This spontaneous date idea is romantic, fun, and gives you the perfect excuse to cuddle up in a blanket while you roast some hot dogs and marshmallows. Whether you have the capability to build a fire outside, or just turn on your fireplace and dim the nights, this date idea will be sure to put you both in the mood and rekindle some romance!

Spontaneous Date Ideas Your Man Will Love

Try A Couple’s Massage

If you have ever met anyone who says they don’t like massages, they are either lying or have not experienced a good masseuse. Surprising your man with a couple’s massage will not only be fun, but extremely relaxing. Getting out all of those tense knots your body has will be beneficial for you and your man, as well as give you the chance to spend some nice quality time together. Grabbing drinks and dinner afterwards is also the perfect way to end such a nice and relaxing evening.

Drive-In Movie

Drive-in movies are one of the few spontaneous date ideas that is not only extremely fun, but also amazingly entertaining, and not just because of the movie. From my experience, people go all out for drive-in movies. People will pull in the some of the coolest looking cars you can imagine, so if your man loves a good car show alongside his movie, then this is definitely the date idea for him. There is nothing better than grabbing some popcorn and candy and kicking it like they did in the 1950s.

Spontaneous Date Ideas Your Man Will Love

Attend A Local Concert

Going to a local concert is another great date idea if your man just loves to jam to some tunes. Local concerts are great when it comes to spontaneity due to how affordable ticket prices usually are. It is also a fantastic way to find some new music to listen and follow with your significant other. If you happen to see that a band that plays in you and your man’s preferred music genre, give them a shot!

Ice Skating

There are two types of people when it comes to ice skating. Those that are pretty decent at it, and those that are not. Regardless of what category your or your man are in, ice skating is an activity that everyone can enjoy, even if they aren’t the best at it. If either you and your significant other aren’t the most skilled at ice skating, then that can sometimes make the date even better as the superior skater of the two does their best to keep you close and not let you fall. If both of you are pretty skilled, then it is also fun to watch each other get better together!

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Spontaneous Date Ideas Your Man Will Love

Sky Diving

If you want to be truly eccentric and have an exciting and spontaneous date, then sky diving is just the thing to surprise your man with! While it may take a couple days to plan it out, this date idea will surely be a once in a life time experience that you and your man can cherish and look back on. While it also may cost a little extra, it will be well worth it if you are looking to add some spice back into your date nights.

Rock Climbing

If your man loves to try new things, or just loves being active in general, then this is the date idea for you. Not only can you encourage each other to do well, but you’ll both have loads to talk about on the car ride home as you both go over what you struggled with most and how you could have improved. Rock climbing takes a lot of strength and endurance, so if that’s just the type of thing you like to have on your date nights, then this is the thing for you and your man to try. But if heights freak you out, then I’d try another date idea. It can be fun to be on the sidelines while your man has fun, but trust me when I say that a date where both participants can have fun and enjoy themselves will make all the difference. 

Spontaneous Date Ideas Your Man Will Love

It can be hard to figure out just what type of spontaneous date ideas suit you and your man’s style. Spontaneous date ideas can range from a simple picnic to bungee jumping off the nearest bridge. Also getting the courage to try something new is also something to consider when trying to be spontaneous. But going out of your way to do new things and try new experiences is rewarding all in itself, and you won’t be disappointed afterwards. What did you think of these spontaneous date ideas? Do you already have your own spontaneous date idea in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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