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10 Spiked Eggnog Recipe Ideas

10 Spiked Eggnog Recipe Ideas

These spiked eggnog recipe ideas are going to be loved by all of your guests at your Christmas party! Here are some of our favorites!

Christmas just wouldn’t be right without a cup of cold or hot eggnog. It’s rich and creamy with the sweet taste of cinnamon or nutmeg. It’s a holiday classic drink that gets us excited for some spicy holiday parties. If you’re looking to spice up your adult holiday parties, here are 10 spiked eggnog recipe ideas to liven up the party and keep your guests coming back for more.

1) O.F.T.D. Rum Flip

When you think of spiked eggnog, you’ll most likely think of a whiskey infused kick. Rum is for more than just Piña Coladas or Mojitos. This dark rum adds a bitterness to a sweet drink making it one of the best spiked eggnog recipes.

2) Miracle on Spring Street

This spicy sweet drink is just the kind of spike your eggnog needs this holiday season. Add a pinch green matcha powder for a unique garnish. With a mix of sweet Amontillado sherry and spicy Ancho Reyes, your guests will be asking where you came up with the one of the best spiked eggnog recipes.


3) Captain Burrows Eggnog With Rye Whiskey

How about some maple syrup, rye whiskey, and Ration Expedition Style rum eggnog to shake things up? With all the sweetness from the maple syrup, eggnog, and Ration Expedition Style rum, the spicy rye whiskey tones it down to a relaxing and savory taste. You’ll want to sit by a cozy fire when you drink this spiked eggnog recipe

4) North Pole Nog With Rum

Cinnamon and eggnog just go together like butter and bread. The cinnamon adds a touch of sweetness without all the sugar and spice that won’t burn your tongue or stomach. This is one of the simplest spiked eggnog recipes as it uses spiced rum and bourbon for the kick and cinnamon for a festive flavor. This is one of the best spiked eggnog recipe ideas!

5) Uncle Davie’s Nog With Bourbon

This is one of the nuttiest spiked eggnog recipes you’ll ever use at your holiday party. It contains Marker’s Mark bourbon, pimento dram, and aged rum for the kick and almond milk and walnut liqueur for the nutty flavor. Have your guest munch on some candied walnuts while sipping this spiked eggnog.


6) Waiting Up For Santa With Jamaican Rum

If you happen to be in a warm tropical setting this holiday season but need a little reminder of home, this has to be one of the best spiked eggnog recipes. It has Jamaican rum, espresso, Nocello walnut liqueur, heavy cream, and a whole egg. It’s a simple spike recipe that adds a little nutty and coffee flavor to your eggnog.

7) Love and Salt Eggnog With Laird’s Apple Jack

Looking for a recipe to make homemade eggnog with a sweet flavor? Like any homemade dish, it will take some time to create, so be patient and focus on the looks of your guests when they taste your delicious homemade eggnog. It’ll put all the store-bought spiked eggnogs to shame.

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8) Eggnog Á La Branca With Spiced Rum

Spiced rum is a delicious spike to add to your eggnog this holiday season. This is one of the simplest spiked eggnog recipes with a flavor that’s true to the holiday spirit. With some nutmeg for garnish, you’ll singing Deck the Halls all night long.

9) Dark And Stormy Spiced Eggnog Float With Bourbon

Who doesn’t love a bailey’s infused cocktail? How about a bailey’s and eggnog cocktail? Genius right? This spiked eggnog recipe will be the coldest eggnog you’ll ever drink, but it will be the best. Add a little grenadine and garnish with nutmeg and cinnamon for a drink your guests will be coming to for more.

10) Margo Flips Eggnog With Scotch Whiskey

This eggnog packs a lot of punch with two parts single malt whiskey, a whole egg, brown sugar cayenne syrup, and chocolate stout. Rocky Balboa would appreciate this eggnog during the holiday season and so will you.

Which spiked eggnog recipe ideas did you like the best? will you try any of these spiked eggnog recipe ideas? Let us know in the comments!
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