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10 Spicy Stereotypes About Trinity Western University Students

10 Spicy Stereotypes About Trinity Western University Students

10 Spicy Stereotypes About Trinity Western University Students

Trinity Western University is a small campus with a vibrant community! However, we tend to have some of our own little quirks. If you go to Trinity Western University, you’ll recognize these stereotypes!

10 Spicy Stereotypes About Trinity Western University Students

1. You Wear Blundstones

You wear your scuffed brown Blundstones proudly and are not ashamed of it despite literally every other person on campus also having the exact same pair. But that’s ok. The point is not to stand out, it’s to signal that you’re PNW like the rest of us.

10 Spicy Stereotypes About Trinity Western Students

2. Every Couple Gets Married, Like, Really Fast

Awe, your roommate told you she really likes that guy from the dorm date! How sweet! What, now they’re dating? That was quick! Wait a minute, it’s only been a month and she’s just told you she got engaged? You can’t even remember this guy’s name yet! And the wedding is set for next year? I guess Ring By Spring really does happen!

3. You Think You’re Really Cool for Liking The 1975

The 1975 is a great blend of classic emo lyrics paired with fun, unique tunes. They’re your favorite band and honestly? You’re convinced that you’re their number 1 fan. They understand that you feel sad sometimes about the state of the world and your crush not liking you back. They totally get you and you are so hardcore for liking them. Unfortunately, everyone else on campus feels the same way.

4. We Can All Agree On One Thing: Torch Kids Who Complain About the Cost of Trinity Are the Worst

Everything about Trinity Western University so expensive! You’re under the constant pressure of classes, work, life in general, and finances on top of that. You’ve taken out so many student loans, but you’re a Worship Arts major and don’t really know how you’ll pay them off. Sometimes you like to complain about money to blow off steam. However, there’s always that one torch kid that interrupts everyone to complain about how expensive everything is even though they live at home.

5. You Hate The Caf

Seriously, does anyone really enjoy a buffet-style spread? Everything goes cold so quickly that by the time you get to dinner at 5:30, every bite of your food reminds you of the polar ice caps. You can’t remember the last time you had food that wasn’t pasta and chicken that wasn’t pink in the middle. And God forbid you’re vegetarian or vegan; unless your goal is to lose weight.

6. You Either Love or Hate the Geese

There is no in-between. You either hate those honking, hissing, monsters that parade around the Trinity Western University campus with their beady little eyes or you think they’re precious little friends that deserve to be respected. No matter which side you’re on, you know one thing for sure, each and every Trinity goose will fight you with no questions asked.

10 Spicy Stereotypes About Trinity Western University

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7. You Have A Lot of Patagonia Fleeces

Patagonia is a great brand, you love how much they care about the environment, you cheered when you read that they donated the $10 million they saved in 2018 from the recent tax code passed in the US, and you love that they recycle their clothes. So naturally, you own more than a normal amount of Patagonia fleeces.

8. Every Girl You Have Met is Named Sarah

There’s a girl in the dorm above yours who is named Sarah, the girl down the hall from you is named Sarah, the girl you went on a date with is in O-Week is named Sarah, your roommate is named Sarah. Who here isn’t named Sarah?

9. You’re Not Sure What TWUSA Does

Whether it’s for the coffee or the free printing, you visit TWUSA almost every day. However, every year when election season rolls around, you’re faced with the realization that you have no idea what TWUSA actually does. You just vote for the president that seems like the nicest one.

10. You Diss Mars’ Hill, But Secretly, You Love It

While roasting Mars’ Hill at dinner is sure to win you some laughs from the people at your table, you know that everyone secretly loves to read it. Every time you pass a stand you assure your friends the issue you’re grabbing is just for wrapping paper, but you know that you’re going to lock yourself in a bathroom stall later and at least read the declassifieds.

10 Spicy Stereotypes About Trinity Western University Students

Are you a Trinity Western University student and did you recognize these stereotypes? Comment some of your favourite stereotypes about Trinity Western students below!

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