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Spice Up Your Sex Life With These 12 Tips

Spice Up Your Sex Life With These 12 Tips

Are things getting dull in the bedroom? Are you struggling to keep that flame burning between you and your significant other? Are you trying to recreate the feelings you had when you first got married? If so, try giving one of these steamy tricks a try!

Make Eye Contact

There is nothing sexier than making eye contact with your partner while making love. Keeping your eyes open and looking deep into each other’s eyes creates a connection between the two of you like no other. Watching as sheer pleasure crosses their face and buries itself deep in their eyes can boost your confidence because it tells you that you’re doing something right.  This, in turn, can make the sex even hotter!

Get Out Of The Bedroom

Find somewhere else in the house to be intimate. Sometimes when we stick to one place, sex can become routine. It can seem like the same things are happening over and over and sometimes that can dull the flames of even the hottest sex. So make sure to head somewhere new. Make use of every room in the house. (Just make sure you clean and disinfect after yourselves when you’re done!)

Spice Up Your Sex Life With These 12 Tips

Leave The Lights On

Give your partner something more to go on than just their sense of touch and smell. Let them look at your body and appreciate every part of you, the way they used to when you first got together. Remember that your partner loves you, and will love your body just the same, so don’t be shy. Leave those lights on and let them look you up and down and enjoy the sight of you while you make love.

Leave Your Clothes On

Yummmm…..leaving your clothes on makes it feel like a forbidden quickie. It creates a sense of urgency and tells your partner that you really want them. That you absolutely want them RIGHT NOW. That sense of urgency can make you both feel desired, loved and wanted. Maybe that’s all that’s needed in your relationship. To return that sense of urgency.

Spice Up Your Sex Life With These 12 Tips

Introduce A Toy

Spice up your sex life with a toy.

Find a nearby sex shop and spend some time going through their selection with your significant other. There are many options to choose from including toys to be used on her, toys to be used on him and toys that can be used on both of you. Consider what you want this toy to do as well. Are you looking to make sense last? Are you looking to fulfill a fantasy? Do you want to try something new with this toy? Take all these things into consideration!

If you’re not comfortable going into a physical location to find a toy, there are plenty of online shops, including Amazon, that sell sex toys. You can find one there and they are always shipped in a discreet box so nobody will know what’s inside!

Silent Sex

Don’t. Make. A. Sound.

Forcing yourselves to be quiet it harder than you think. It forces you to be aware of your body and the reactions that you are having to each sensation. This can make you feel things even stronger, making you enjoy each moment even more!

Start Date Night With Sex

Don’t wait until the end of the night to have sex. Pick a night for date night and start the night by having sex. Doing this can boost your mood for the rest of the night and create a connection between you and your significant other to last all night. Plus, it’ll give you two the knowledge of what just happened and that knowing look to share the entire evening long!

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Exchange Erotic Stories You’ve Personally Written

Take a little bit of time and write an erotic story for each other. You can make up names, or use your own. It’s up to you!  You can use it as a way to tell your significant other about your fantasies or make it completely off the wall. It’s your story! Once you’re both done, read each other’s stories. Talk about them and ask questions…probably after you’re done having sex because once you’re done reading each others stories you won’t want to wait! Use it as a chance to learn about what the other is looking for.

Take Your Time Just Kissing

Long term couples often forget to kiss before sex. They often forget about this simple act. It is such an erotic act and can bring the two of you even closer than you already are. Sometimes just making out like your teenagers again is a great way to spice up your sex life.

Spice Up Your Sex Life With These 12 Tips

Spend The Day Teasing Each Other With Steamy Texts

Spend Friday teasing the hell out of each other with steamy texts telling your lover what you want to do to them later. Tell them everything you want to be done to you! Describe it in detail. Send sexy pictures. (You don’t have to be nude for it to be sexy! It doesn’t even have to be semi-nude to be sexy. You know your partner. Show them pieces of what they love and let their imagination do the rest!) Take the time to tell your lover what you enjoy and maybe even a few new details they may not know.

Find A Porn You Both Enjoy

This one is slightly taboo. Not everyone will go for it, but if you’re both open to the idea, then try to find a video that includes scenes that you both will enjoy. Act them out. Choose a position you see done and do it yourselves. Maybe you’ll discover a move or two that you didn’t know was out there that become your new favorites!

Slow. Things. Down.

The easiest way to spice up your sex life is to slow things down. Take your time with each other. Remember to kiss. Make sure that you spend time just making out like your teenagers again. Don’t allow yourselves to rush into sex. But once you do, take your time with that. Feel every thrust. Feel every touch. Feel every single movement, kiss, breathe and sensation. Make yourselves focus on every feeling. Allow yourselves to truly enjoy each other the way you were meant to.

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