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Spice Up Your Night With These 8 Conversation Starters

Spice Up Your Night With These 8 Conversation Starters

Dating conversation starters can be so routine, especially if you’re not asking the right questions when getting to know someone.  This year, we’re spicing up your night by asking 8 burning thoughts every single person wants to know. All you have to do is, turn on that charm and follow along. Your goal is to leave them fired up for more. We’re taking a deep dive into the relationship pool and we want you to join us! 

1. What is your favorite meal to cook? 

Now, you’re not asking what their favorite food is or what they like to eat, those are both played out and basic conversation starters. We’re turning the heat up in the kitchen. Asking about their favorite meal to cook says that 1. you’re interested in them and how handy they are in the kitchen. 2. How adventurous are they? Cooking can be seen as a sex appeal, how creative they can be with food can easily show how much they are willing to try in other places. It also shows how well they are willing to take care of you.

If you’re someone looking for a commitment/serious relationship, this might be the question for you. You’re going to want the person that makes the best breakfast in bed or dinner after a long day in class. Food and love always make the best entrees.

2. What puts you in a good mood?

Asking about what puts people in a good mood is a great conversation starter to have in your pocket. It gives you a different view on what makes them happy. You’re learning what they do for themselves that gets them there. That could be singing, dancing, baking, you’re finding out their interests and insight on their personality. It also reveals how they may view themselves.

People tend to hide a lot of things on a first date in order to keep up with appearances. Maybe by asking this question, you can help them see what it is that could make a good mood for them if they can’t see it themselves. You have an opportunity to change something in someone. You could become a reason for their good mood. That at the least could land you a second date, if not more.

3.  What traits do you find most attractive in a partner?

Let’s get into the juicy stuff. Asking someone about what they find to be the most attractive traits can be a great conversation starter. It allows you to see where you align with this person. Many people pick physical features like eyes, mouth, or legs. As your asking this question, try to zone in on your own sexual appeal. Let them know that you have some attractive traits in you they haven’t seen yet.

Get to know what it is that draws them to these traits. Females tend to like what they hear and males like what they see. Try to relate to that and ask them deeper questions in order to see beyond the surface of what they are telling you. At the end of this date you’ll want to know why they like a nice smile or good manners. This question can be both intriguing and versatile. Both things you want in a lasting relationship.

4. What season of life are you in?

 This is one of those conversation starters that asks your date, what point of your life are you in and where do you see it heading. This conversation starter can apply to both dating and career choice. Meeting someone for the first time is nerve racking and you don’t know where their head lies in relation to you or what this is for them. By asking this question, it allows you to ask “what are your expectations with me?” without actually saying it.

You also want to know how serious or attached to get. If this is a casual dating phase for them and they are looking for a fun one nighter, it’s safe to say they are not thinking of marriage anytime soon. Save yourself the time and the heartbreak by being intentional with your wants. Getting a sense as to where they are at in life will help you plan yours out as well.

5. Name something that appeals to your sexual side

These are fun conversation starters to ask because in so many words you are asking, “what turns you on”. There are so many ways you can approach this, you can start off by seeing how they react to the question. This will weed out the prudes from the flirts. Next, listen up for any steamy ideas that may appeal to you. Being sexual or flirty with someone can become a point of attraction.

Being the same level of intensity with one another can grow the connection and teach you new ways of flirting with them. Your goal here is to see how invested they get into the question. Usually you’ll find that if someone is into you, they’ll talk in length about a topic. Tune into your sexy side and see where it can take the conversation.

6. How has your past made a difference in who you are today?

Learning about someone’s past is important for conversation starters going into the dating scene. You want to know where they have been and where they want to be. Start off by assuring them that good or bad, you are here to listen and overall, get to know them. Sometimes people struggle with opening up about their past and need that friendly face to tell them it’s ok. 

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Be open to hearing shocking or surprising things. The point is knowing and going from there. You also want to see if they have any underlying traumas from their past, (cheating, manipulation, abuse). Very important to know going forward because you never know if something you do or they do may trigger one another. You want to have all topics open for conversation, so that you continue to learn more about your date.

7. Name one thing people instantly notice about you

Boost up their ego with these saucy conversation starters. By asking this question, what you’re really saying is, “what do you like most about yourself”. Let them show off a little by trying to impress you with their great qualities. After they’ve spent an hour on how they have the greenest eyes, ask them a follow up question like, what do you wish people saw more in you?

Dig into that lonely piece in them that’s dying to get picked. It allows them to talk about what they want to be noticed for and what they wished was appreciated more.

8. How adventurous are you in a relationship

You’re looking for the ride of your life and you need someone who’s willing to take that on with you. Everyone has different levels of adventure whether that’s rock climbing in Colorado or trying a new position in the bedroom.

Establish where you lie first and then ask your question. You’re going to have some expectations going in, but remember, whether they are on the same page as you or not, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun learning about them. Listen and enjoy the company, letting the spark build up.

Are you looking to spark up a conversation with your date? Follow our tips and let us know how it went!

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