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15 Special Gifts For Your Girlfriend That She’ll Adore

Picture this. You’re at home, chilling on the couch, just like you always do. You’re girlfriend comes up behind you, and proclaims, “Happy Anniversary!” or wishes you a merry holiday of some sorts. Your eyes widen. You forgot to get her a gift!

Or maybe it’s just a normal day, and you wanted to get her something special. Whatever the occasion may be, here are some gifts for your girlfriend that she’ll absolutely love!

1. LoveBox Spinning Heart Messenger

This LoveBox from Uncommon Goods is the perfect way to tell her that you love her, and appreciate her. 

The way this works is that you go onto their free app, and send the message through there. Then the heart spins on the recipient’s end. The recipient can then spin the heart to send a ton of hearts back to you. 

Among all of these gifts for your girlfriend, you should definitely get her this one. She’ll absolutely love it! 

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2. LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Box

Whew, try saying that five times fast! This box of bath bombs is a great gift that’ll let her know that you care about her. 

It’s got 12 unique bath bombs, all of which are designed for dry and normal skin. Great news — it also won’t stain your bathtub! So your girlfriend can enjoy a nice, relaxing soak without care in the world. 

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3. Succulent Gift Box

If your she loves to take care of plants — specifically succulents — then this gift box is a fantastic gift for your girlfriend. 

The box itself has a few cute things in it. It’s got a live succulent, chocolate, a few candies, as well as a candle and some matches. 

The seller has tons of upgrades and add-one that you can include in the box. You can add in coffee packages, tea upgrades, and there’s even an option for a spa upgrade as well! Be sure to check out their Etsy Shop today! 

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4. Silver or Gold Flake Acetate Earrings

Ooh, these are gorgeous. These acetate earrings are beautiful, and are sure to make your partner look even more gorgeous than she already is. 

The earrings themselves come in two colors — silver or gold. They’re here to make a statement, and are a great conversation starter during any party. Your girlfriend definitely gonna get a lot of compliments of these bad boys. 

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5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Has your girlfriend shown an interest in photography? Does she always have a ton of pictures? The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is great just for that!

It’s a fantastic gift for photography, and for keeping those precious memories of the two of you together. Be sure to check it out today! 

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6. Bubble Tea Kit

Have a girlfriend who always goes to her local Chinese place to order boba tea? With this gift, she can learn to make her own! This Bubble Tea kit is great for any boba tea fanatic. It’ll taste just like they’re from her local Chinese food place! 

You know, you two could also make a little activity out of it. You can try something new, and learn how to make boba tea together! Doesn’t that sound so romantic? 

Be sure to cop this kit today!

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7. Crossbody Bag with Tassel

This Crossbody bag can make a cute gift for your girlfriend! It’s medium sized, and comes in many, many different color combinations. There’s mustard and coffee, navy and beige, light grey and blush, taupe, silver, and so many more colors to choose from. 

This is such an adorable bag that you can’t not get it. Be sure to check it out on Amazon! 

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8. Heart Locket Necklace

Diving right back into jewelry, we have this heart locket necklace. If your girlfriend loves jewelry, then this is a wonderfully beautiful gift for her. 

It’s such a dainty, and elegant necklace. It’s blue and gold colors mesh so well together that it gives it that gorgeous, vintage look to it. The seller on Etsy can also adjust the length of the chain to whatever length you choose. There’s also the option of them adding the photo for you. 

This locket is also great for preserving memories of you together, or a loved relative that she may have. Be sure to check out the seller on Etsy today!

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9. Song Bluetooth Speaker

You and your girlfriend are watching a movie together, possibly on her phone or laptop. You notice she’s complaining a bit because of how low the volume is. It’s time to get her a speaker! 

Not just any speaker, though. Get her a Sony Bluetooth Speaker that has extra bass, is waterproof and dust proof, as well as a built-in microphone. It can connect wirelessly from across the room. 

If this sounds like something your girlfriend will adore, be sure to check it out today on Best Buy! 

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10. Book of the Month Subscription

If you have a bookish girlfriend, and possibly goes through a few books a month, this monthly subscription is a great gift for her. 

How Book of the Month works is that when you subscribe to it, they send you five books each month to read. When you haven’t finished the collection of books yet, you can stall the shipment for another month until you’re done with all your books.

Book of the Month has many great titles; from The Vanishing Half, to The Unraveling of Cassidy Holmes, to titles like The Space Between Worlds. They’ll send those five books picked for that month. 

These five books will make perfect little gifts for your girlfriend. Check out Book of the Month today! 

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11. HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

Whoop, looks like you’ve got a gamer girlfriend on your hands. What do you get her? She has a ton of video games already; what else could she get? 

You could totally get her a good headset! The HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset is great for your girlfriend who gets super focused in Fortnite or really into button-mashing in Kingdom Hearts. 

If you’re looking to make her gaming experience that much better, be sure to check out the HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset today! 

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See Also

12. Kimi Kalimba Cat Paw Shape

Is your girlfriend really into music, or major in music? Then she’s definitely going to love this Kalimba instrument. 

Made by Shakala, this Kalimba is a great gift for any music lover. It’s made out of high-quality crystal, acrylic, and ore steel bars that give it that magical, whimsical sound. It’s also very easy to play, and even comes in the cute shape of a cat’s paw!

The Kalimba models itself and is known as the thumb piano; it’s just much tinier and portable. This allows for easy learning and mastering; its perfect for a beginner in music or a full-blown professional.

If you’re thinking about getting this gift, then check out Shakala today!

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13. Royal & Langnickel Essentials Watercolor Art Set

Do you have paint stains all over the house? Does your girlfriend gush at the site of paintbrushes and sketchbooks? Chances are, you have a artsy girlfriend. She’s the kind of girl that might hoard paintbrushes and paint forever. Why not get her some more?

This watercolor set is a perfect gift for someone who loves watercolor, and painting with it. It’s got everything you’ll need for a perfect masterpiece: pencil sharpender, graphite pencil, palette knife, watercolor artist pad, and a few more essential things that every artist needs. 

This is also another one of those gifts that both of you could make an activity or art date out of! Both of you could have a ton of fun just painting with watercolor,  laughing and making memories. 

If this sounds great, be sure to check it out on Micheals today! 

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14. Daily Harvest Subscription

You look at your girlfriend one minute then whoosh! She’s gone the next minute, off to go exercise, or maybe to her job. Either way, she’s super busy, and probably doesn’t have enough time to eat a full meal in the morning.

Daily Harvest is here to help with that! Daily Harvest is a food brand that sells nourishing and nutritious smoothies for those who are moving 24/7, 7 days a week.

Oh, but they don’t just have smoothies; they have Harvest Bowls, flatbreads, soups, chia bowls, and plenty of other organic and nutritious foods that are really easy to prepare. Getting her a box of all these fast, easy, and delicious goodies is sure to get her up in the morning, and leave her feeling healthy and happy.

These will make great gifts for your girlfriend! Be sure to check out Daily Harvest today!

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15.  Bokksu Subscription

Does your girlfriend watch a worryingly excessive amount of anime? Is she fond of Japanese culture and food? Well, wouldn’t you know it, there’s a subscription box for that! 

Bokksu is a subscription box that sends authentic Japanese snacks, tea, and candy to your house. Every box you buy supports family-run business owners in Japan. They even have free shipping worldwide from Japan! 

The box usually consists of 10 – 25 different Japanese goodies that are centered around a specific theme. If this sounds like something your anime-loving girlfriend may like, be sure to check out Bokksu today! 

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Each and everyone of these gifts are perfect for any kind of girlfriend that you have. If you do decide to get any of these gifts for your girlfriend, we hope that she’s happy with them. 

Which one of these gifts for your girlfriend caught your eye? Comment down below, and let us know!

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