20 Space Saving Hacks For Your Tiny AF Freshman Dorm

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When hanging out in your dorm, it can often feel cramped and uncomfortable. However, there are a bunch of different ways to maximize your space, minimize your clutter and make you feel comfortable in your own room. Especially when you are far from home, adapting to dorm life can be a big adjustment. Having enough space to make yourself feel at home is a way to make the transition a lot better. Below are 20 space saving hacks for that tiny AF dorm room of yours!

1) Bed risers with outlets.

By having outlets that are also bed risers, you can limit the amount of wires and extension cords. Less wires equal less clutter. Not only does it provide power, it also lifts your bed in order to store things under it.


2) Use storage bins for under your bed.

Limit the amount of clutter by storing things under your bed! Most storage bins have wheels and are stackable which makes them easily accessible!

3) A Mattress caddy.

With the amount of things we bring to college, who has room for a night table? Mattress caddies are perfect when you want to keep important things close to your bed. It is always extremely helpful to have your bedtime necessities right next to you when you are too lazy to get up!


4) Vacuum bags for things you don’t need at the moment.

Go to college far away from home and have to bring every type of clothing with you? Vacuum bags are the way to go! Why have your sweatshirts taking up space in August when you don’t even wear them?


5) Hanging shelf for in the closet.

Sometimes it is almost impossible to fit all your shoes on the bottom of your closet. The hanging shelf makes it easy to locate your shoes quickly when running late for class and makes your closet look neat!

6) Over your door storage.

The more ways to organize the better! Putting things over your door reduces the clutter everywhere else and leaves your room looking neat.


7) Storage ottoman.

These ottomans make for great seats when your friends hang in your room and are perfect for storage! Definitely a necessity that is easy to put to the side to eliminate clutter!


8) Drawer organizers.

Oftentimes you find your desk so cluttered that you can’t even use it. The drawer organizers allow you to store more things inside the drawer to eliminate clutter on your desk!

9) Command Hooks.

Command hooks allow you to hang everything from over the shoulder bags to necklaces to decorations on your walls. They are easy to put on your walls and easy to take off when necessary! Instead of wasting space on shelves or in drawers, use command hooks!



10) Nightstand with shelves.

The more places to store things the better! Having efficient ways to organize reduces clutter in your dorm and makes the dorm look bigger.


11) Hamper/Night table.

Why not kill two birds with one stone! This hamper can double as a night table! Not only can it fit next to your bed and allow you to place things for easy access, but it is also easy to carry when doing laundry!

12) A shoe rack.

There are many times when I am trying to find a certain pair of shoes but cannot find them in my mess of a closet! A shoe rack can be helpful in keeping your closet clean and helping you find the shoes you are looking for!


13) Use mirrors.

Mirrors are the extra touch of decoration you need! Not only are they really cute and a necessity for getting ready, they are also a way to make the room look bigger!


14) Hanging string lights.

Often times, when the room is brighter it seems bigger! It also adds a nice and warm touch to every room!

15) Hang a tapestry.

Tapestries are an awesome decoration to add to every dorm room. They turn a dull dorm room into a cool one! Not only that, they also make the room seem bigger because it draws the eye up and takes up a large chunk of the wall.

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These space saving hacks are perfect for small dorm rooms!

16) Minimize the amount of decorations.

Although it may be tempting to buy a load of decorations for your room, keeping your room simple is the way to go. Having a busy wall with a lot of decorations can make your room seem extremely cluttered.


These space saving hacks are perfect for small dorm rooms!

17) If possible, bunk or loft your bed.

Lofting your bed allows you to store extra stuff under it. Whether you loft it very high to fit another bed, or just loft it enough to fit a few bins, you would be saving a lot of room and opening it up a lot.

These space saving hacks are perfect for small dorm rooms!


18) Keep your room clean.

Obviously, one of the easiest ways to make your room look better is to keep it clean. If you leave clothes on your floor and do not make your bed everyday, the room will feel cluttered and overwhelmed.

These space saving hacks are perfect for small dorm rooms!

19) Keep the windows and the blinds open.

Opening windows and blinds allows the light to shine through and it brings fresh air into the room. In the summer it can get extremely hot and uncomfortable so opening the windows is a necessity.


These space saving hacks are perfect for small dorm rooms!


You definitely are going to want to bring your entire closet to school… DON’T! Trust me, you will not be able to fit everything, and if you do it will look super cluttered.

These space saving hacks are perfect for small dorm rooms!

Can you think of any more space saving hacks that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!


Here are 20 Space Saving Hacks For Your Tiny AF Freshman Dorm


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