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5 Sorority Recruitment Tips To Calm Your Nerves

5 Sorority Recruitment Tips To Calm Your Nerves

5 Sorority Recruitment Tips To Calm Your Nerves

If you chose to go through sorority recruitment at some point in your college career the idea of not knowing what is going to happen or who you will meet can be overwhelming and scary. Let’s start out by stating that yes, it is very overwhelming because you’re getting so much information thrown at you but sorority members understand that and they have no problem repeating something, so don’t be afraid to ask questions that have already been answered. All of these sorority recruitment tips are important but some may be more important than others. Here are 5 Sorority Recruitment Tips To Calm Your Nerves!

1. Talk To Your Rho Gamma

A Rho Gamma is a member of one of the sororities you are going through recruitment for and she gives you unbiased advice on the organization you choose to join. Your Rho Gamma is there to answer any and all questions, and when you need it she will support and encourage you to have fun. The best part is that if you end up joining the same sorority that your Rho Gamma is in then you’ll already have a great friend as well as a sister. Just like the women that you go through recruitment with, you and your Rho Gamma will always have a bond together.

2. Wear Your Favorite Outfit

If there is a favorite shirt that you always feel confident in, wear it. In a room full of strangers you need something that will comfort you and that you know. But also remember to wear something that won’t cause you any discomfort, for example shoes. Don’t wear heels unless you’re positive that you’ll be comfortable in them, but the safer option is sneakers, flats, or sandals. Some sororities will have a fun activity or game that may involve being on your feet a lot or running around so wear shoes that you could do any activity in.


3. Drink Lots Of Water

You will be talking a lot throughout your time at recruitment so try to drink water as much as you can. You also may have to stand around while at recruitment so remember to hydrate. Most sorority recruitments will have snacks and drinks but just in case you can always bring your own and have your Rho Gamma hold onto it for you while you’re talking to collegians.

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4. Don’t Read Articles That Will Stress You Out

It’s understandable to want to know what will happen at your recruitment, but there is fun in not knowing and some of the articles you read could be misrepresenting Greek Life. The same can be said about movies, since Greek Life isn’t depicted so great you could go into recruitment with the wrong facts. Instead be open minded and if you realize you hate Greek Life in the end that’s okay too, at least you took your own experience as proof and didn’t rely on others opinions.


5. Make Friends With Other Girls Going Through Recruitment

Out of all the sorority recruitment tips this one is super important. The girls you go through recruitment with may become some of your best friends. If you join the same sorority it will be even more special knowing that your friendship started while you were strangers who decided to go through recruitment. If you don’t join the same sorority it doesn’t mean that you can’t be friends. If you’re in Greek Life you always have a bond. Get to know the girls you go through recruitment with because they’re the only other people who understand and feel what you’re feeling about recruitment.

What are some of your sorority recruitment tips to calm the nerves? Comment them below!

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