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10 Sorority Recruitment Conversation Tips When You’re Feeling Lost

10 Sorority Recruitment Conversation Tips When You’re Feeling Lost

10 Sorority Recruitment Conversation Tips When You're Feeling Lost

Starting a conversation at sorority recruitment can be stressful if you do not know what to say. These are new people in your life that you need to get closer to, so the best way to get to know someone is to talk to them. Not only do you have to be good at listening to others, but you have to be able to talk about yourself. Here are ten sorority recruitment conversation tips that will make you shine!

1. Introduce Yourself

Everybody is trying to get to know one another, so the most basic conversation revolves around introductions. Tell them your name, where you are from, why you chose that sorority and university, and what your major is. These are the critical details that every sorority member, and friends generally, know about one another. You should also mention if you are a freshman or a transfer student because it tells the recruiters a lot about how your mindset is at that moment, whether you are scared and new to this or whether you have done this before.

2. Engage In Conversations

It does not hurt to join other people’s conversations. However, if you find yourself not understanding the topic at all, then just listen carefully and understand what is going on in the conversation. You can learn about others through this and you can possibly learn something new.


Try to engage yourself in the conversations and find something meaningful to say. Make sure not to blurt out something meaningless to the topic that will make everybody awkward.

10 Sorority Recruitment Conversation Tips

3. Ask Questions

Asking questions is not only the key to understanding others better, but it’s also an amazing conversation starter.  The more questions you ask, the better. Recruiters like to see potential members asking questions because it shows that you are interested and that you care about the topic!


4. Listen Carefully

You must listen closely to the conversation you are in so that you do not make a mistake by losing track. If you lose track, it will be difficult to get back in the zone. Try to focus on what’s being said and listen to other people’s opinions and what they have to say.

5. Learn Their Names

A big issue during sorority recruitment is forgetting other people’s names. One of the best sorority recruitment conversation tips is to remember someone’s name. Try your best to associate their name with something you know so that it is less likely for you to forget. However, if you do forget, it’s not the end of the world and you can always ask!

6. Take Initiative

Do not be afraid to initiate a conversation. In fact, it makes you stand out if you initiate a conversation. Not only will you have the most control since you started it, but it will allow you to speak out more about a topic that interests you and something that you know. For example, you can talk about their favorite movies and why it is their favorite movie, or you can bring up a hobby and ask for similarities.


7. Be Casual

Do not freak out if you run out of things to talk about or if you feel any pressure. Calm yourself down and try to be casual. If you do not want to talk, then just listen as you calm yourself down. You are not forced to do anything, so just be casual with the crowd around you.

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10 Sorority Recruitment Conversation Tips When You're Feeling Lost


8. Do Not Let The Awkward Pause Linger

Everybody hates awkward pauses, so try to not let them continue. Within all these sorority recruitment conversation tips, it is best to use this tip within every other so you can have an effective conversation. Ask a question, bring up a point, or start a new conversation. Awkward pauses are the one thing you do not want in a sorority recruitment party, so try to avoid this as best as you can.

9. Think Before You Speak

This is a general rule for any conversation you have: think before you speak. The best sorority recruitment conversation tips involve knowing your conversation, so think about your responses to gather your thoughts properly. You do not want to say something meaningless or something that will possibly offend someone, so try to think of the value and the meaning your words have and formulate your thoughts beforehand. It also helps to think of possible questions before you go to the party and then know your answers.

10. Compliment Them

A key to starting a conversation is to give compliments. Of all sorority recruitment conversation tips, this one will probably be the most effective in starting a conversation. If there is an awkward pause or if you have nobody to talk to, then compliment someone. Tell someone their dress is pretty and ask where they got it. Doing so can easily create a conversation that can lead to something else!


10 Sorority Recruitment Conversation Tips When You're Feeling Lost

What are some sorority recruitment conversation tips you have? What was your experience like? Tell us in the comments!

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