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10 Sorority Halloween Costume Ideas

10 Sorority Halloween Costume Ideas

Summer is nearly over, and sweater weather is almost here. That means Halloween is just around the corner, and so it’s time to start planning out your sorority’s group costumes for the season! Get ahead of everyone else and start planning ASAP to be the best-dressed sorority at every event this year.

Nothing’s better than showing up to a college Halloween party and having all your sisters looking good—and matching. Or, if you’re throwing your own Halloween mixer, you’ll definitely want to plan your costume theme around the party’s theme or vice versa.

Planning matching costumes for an entire sisterhood can be challenging, especially since we tend to see the same group costumes copied over and over every year. This spooky season, aim to be different with your sorority and stand out from the crowd with group costumes that are different enough to be original but still classic enough to be recognizable. And remember, all your costumes for this season should be planned as a group since all your sisters deserve to wear what they feel comfortable wearing.


So, when you’re ready to starting planning a Halloween costume theme for your entire sorority, look no further. Here’s a list of 10 sorority Halloween costume ideas for sororities of all sizes and personalities that will stand out from the rest!

1. Glittery mermaids

Try this sexy and glittery version of the classic mermaid look! To be extra unique, have each girl in your sorority wear a different color skirt and matching choker, glitter pattern, and shell top. If you’re feeling extra festive, ditch the miniskirts for full-length faux mermaid tails! And if you’re heading to a pool party, check out these waterproof mermaid tails designed specifically for swimming. Dazzle your fellow sorority and frat members with your authentic mermaid-likeness!


2. Disney princesses

Disney princesses can be recreated in so many different and unique ways. Wear traditional costumes to match the characters in their movies or be hoochie and sexy like the group pictured below. You can also DIY by throwing together clothes you already own! This group costume idea is best for smaller sororities. There are currently 12 official Disney princesses as well as a few others that played smaller roles or aren’t included in the official lineup.

3. Space cowgirls

A cute and different twist on the classic cowgirl that can be recreated with endless possibilities, your entire sorority can wear different variations of this costume and still look uniform. Add some faux leather holsters for your dual fake guns and sport some authentic cowboy boots. Just make sure you keep the cowboy boots, and don’t forget to add some spacey body glitter!


4. The Spongebob cast

Perfect for a smaller sorority, the Spongebob Squarepants cast includes 9 major characters and 13 supporting characters. And the best part about dressing up as Spongebob characters is that literally everyone will know who you are! Wear t-shirts with the characters’ faces and jeans, or go all out with full costumes, gloves, and accessories. Be as minimal or as complex as you want, but be creative!


5. Bratz dolls

One of the sorority Halloween costume ideas with the greatest leeway, all you really need is the Bratz crop tops, body glitter, and some doll-like makeup. The rest is up to your creativity! Feel free to wear whatever miniskirt, ripped jean shorts, or high-waist jeans you already own. This group costume is perfect for sororities of all sizes. Check out this video for a great tutorial on creating an authentic Bratz doll look!

6. 80’s girls

This retro costume idea is also great for mid-size and large sororities since the possibilities are endless. Have some fun with the neon-bright colors, old-school scrunchies, and calf-high socks or leg warmers! Check out this page for a detailed rundown of everything you need to recreate the most authentic 80’s look possible. And if you’re heading to a nighttime party, glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark body glitter are an absolute must!


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7. Flight attendants

Show off some skin with this sexy take on the classic 50’s flight attendant! Another costume idea that works for sororities of all sizes, you’re probably going to be some of the only sorority sisters with this classically sexy look this Halloween season! With this idea, you’ll want to make sure you check out an online costume store for all the right accessories. Wear some stilettos or wedges to amp up the heat factor!


8. A suit of cards

Sexy, adorable, and definitely unique, these card costumes are perfect for sororities of any size. If your sorority is smaller, wear just one or two suits of cards, like hearts and spades. Or, if you have 50+ sisters, then dress as an entire deck of cards—and don’t forget the two jokers! Stand out and get creative with this look by matching your makeup and shoes to the card suit you’re wearing, especially if you’re implementing all four suits!


9. Mario Party characters

Great for smaller sororities, this look can be recreated in so many different ways. Be cute and conservative like the foursome below, or make each character sexier with bandeaus instead of t-shirts, some colorful body glitter, and stilettos or wedges! Check out this list of all the official Mario Party characters to choose from, and don’t forget the facial accessories!

10. Sexy felines

Definitely one of the more popular Halloween costume ideas, the sexy cat is easy to throw together if you’re short on time. All you really need is the cat ears, fishnets, and a black bodysuit or crop top and matching bottoms. If you have plenty of time to plan ahead and want to stand out from the other girls who are sure to dress as cats, have each of your sorority girls dress up as a different type of feline and get festive with some elaborate makeup effects, plenty of body glitter, and stilettos, knee-high boots, or wedges!


Which of these sorority Halloween costume ideas is your sorority going to try this spooky season? Comment below!

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