20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

There are a lot of ways to confess to your crush that you like them, but the easiest is by sending songs to them, like back in the day when you would give your crush a mixtape with the songs that make you think of them. However, it’s the 2000s and we have new ways to send music to our crush, but at least sending romantic songs to your crush is still a thing. Here are some songs to send to your crush to get them to get the hint. 

1. You’re Beautiful By James Blunt

We’ve all had a crush on that special person who we admire from a distance because we assume that we aren’t worthy of their attention or love. But you never know unless you try. Send them this song as your first step to telling them how you feel about them. When they hear the line “Cuz I’ll never be with you” this is you telling them that they are impeccable and you feel you’re not worthy of being with someone so flawless. They’ll start to feel valuable and would want to be with you, someone who sees them and treats them that way. 

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

2. Lips Of An Angel By Hinder

It’s normal to be in a relationship and feel an attraction with someone else (just don’t cheat, it’s heartbreaking). If the person you’re with isn’t showing you love or isn’t giving you the attention you deserve, then this song is one of the songs to send to that crush and see if they feel the same (but only if you feel they’ll treat you better and there’s a stronger connection). If the feeling is mutual then go for it. However, if that person you’re with is great to you and shows you a lot of love, you owe it to them to make a choice of who you want to be with and inform them of your choice (both parties). But be careful, once you make one choice it’s not easy going back. 

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

3. With My Eyes Closed By Levon

Although this song is by a group that isn’t discovered yet, they are amazing and this song is poetic and one of the most romantic songs to send to your crush. It’s to let them know that they are special and beautiful not just to you but to the entire world. And that no matter what, they will always remain special. 

4. I Really Like You By Carly Rae Jepsen

Listening to this takes you back to having a crush in middle school. This bubbly song is one of the most straightforward songs to send to your crush. The best part of the song is the line “way too soon, I know this isn’t love” because it’s true when it comes to liking someone. When you like someone, you like what they’ve been showing you but you need to take the time to get to know them before dropping the L-word. 

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

5. Beautiful Soul By Jesse McCartney 

Expectations are something we all have when it comes to love. Some guys are looking for a Barbie and some girls are looking for their Ken. But looks shouldn’t be the only thing that matters, what about the inside? If you are into your crush because of how beautiful they are inside and out, let them know with this famous Jesse McCartney hit from the early 00s. This lets them know that you don’t want just anyone, you want them because to them you’re the only beautiful person they see and want.

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

6. Only Heart By John Mayer

Let your crush know that they have your only heart with this upbeat John Mayer song. A lot of girls and guys want to feel that they are the only ones and that there’s no competition between them and anyone else. Let them see that you are worth getting to know, that you are worth their time by showing them that it’s them and only them. Once they see how interested you really are in them, you’ve got yourself a date.

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

7. Say You Like Me By We The Kings

Here’s a romantic throwback for you! “I’m never going down, I’m never giving up, I’m never gonna leave so put your hands up if you like me, then say you like me.” Relatable. Some people don’t know how to say how they feel which can be aggravating. Send your crush this song as a little push for them to admit their feelings. After all, sending them this is basically you already expressing your feelings, so it’s only fair for them to do the same.

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

8. Beautiful By Bazzi

Put your crush in their feelings with “Beautiful” by Bazzi. He sure knew what he was doing with this song because it is positive and beautiful. Your crush will definitely get the message when they listen to this, all you need to do is make that first date happen (Bazzi will get your foot in the door).

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

9. Crush By David Archuleta 

We’ve all tried to walk away from our crush but end the end we are pulled back to them like a magnet. It’s just something about them! This song exactly expresses this, so send it to your crush to let them know that no matter how hard you try, you will still be interested in them! David definitely provided the way to their heart with this early 00s hit.

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

10. Can’t Fight This Feeling By REO Speedwagon 

Again, let your crush know that you can’t stop having feelings for them, no matter how hard you try. It’s what makes them enticing. Hit their hearts with this romantic and empowering song that emphasizes real love (a part of the songs to send to your crush because it’s amazing). Your crush will know your feelings are sincere, passionate and true.

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

11. Check Yes Or No By George Strait

George Strait takes us back to the 3rd grade, which was known to have child-like but cute romance. It’s all about how that one person leaves that unforgettable imprint on your mind, memories, and heart. And if you want that to be your crush, send this to them.

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

12. Yeah By Joe Nichols

Joe makes it very clear that he will do anything to impress the girl he really likes in this song, even if it means saying yes to things she likes and that he doesn’t, which is why it’s one of the perfect songs to send to your crush. Send the same message to your crush with this (just don’t do anything you don’t agree with). Let them know that you are all about them.

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

13. Point At You By Justin Moore

Justin’s best side was the love of his life. For songs to send, “Point At You” is perfect. Say to your crush that they would be the better part of you if they were with you.

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

See Also

14. Amazed By Lonestar

It’s clear your crush amazes you because you wouldn’t be reading this if they didn’t. And you want to win their hearts, turn the crush into a relationship. Lonestar wrote this simple song to express their amazement with that person. Sometimes simple is better. Tell that crush that they continue to amaze you and they sure will want to give someone like you, who sees how amazing they are, a chance. 

This song makes the list of the best songs to send to that person, use it!

15. Break Up With Him By Old Dominion

It’s okay to have a crush on someone who’s in a relationship, especially if you know that relationship is toxic. If they are in a toxic relationship, send “Break Up With Him” and he or she will see that they deserve so much more, which will be you. Now if it isn’t toxic and the relationship is going well, it doesn’t hurt to send the song just to see what may happen. Be ready for nothing but, also, be ready for when they come running to you.

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

16. In Case You Didn’t Know By Brett Young

In Case they don’t know how you feel about them, let Brett Young sing it for them. They’ll most definitely get the message you’re sending with the lines “In case you didn’t know, baby I’m crazy bout you.”

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

17. Written In The Stars By Old Dominion

A lot of friend develop crushes on each other but don’t know if the other feels the same. Or maybe they do but don’t know what they are if they have a label? Give them “Written In The Stars” as your way of asking, what are we, while also saying that you want this to be more.

18. Starving By Hailee Steinfeld

Is your crush that person you didn’t know could have such an effect on you? Maybe your best friend? Or that kid who would pick their nose in the 1st grade and is not hot AF. Well, you must be starving for their attention. Get it with the help of Hailey Steinfeld.

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

19. It Was Always You By Maroon 5

Sometimes you have a crush on someone who you know you are meant to be with. Send them Maroon Five’s “It Was Always You” to let them know that you know they are meant to be yours.

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

20. Head Over Feet By Alanis Morissette

You ever had a crush on someone who has won you over by doing something so small that you just fell head over feet for them? Alanis Morrisette sure did in this song, which is one of the best songs to send to your crush, so she understands. Send this to your crush as your way of telling them that the smallest and cutest things about them have you smitten with them. 

20 Songs You Should Send To Your Crush

Use music to express the way you feel about that person, music gets everyone in some sort of feeling. Use it to your advantage. Comment your favorite song mentioned, share with your friends and send those songs to your crush. 

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