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10 Songs You Should Add to Any Girl Power Playlist

10 Songs You Should Add to Any Girl Power Playlist

If you love a girl power playlist, then these are the top hits that we've ranked that deserve some listening too. Check them out!

Looking for music to add to your playlists? Here are ten old and new songs you should add to any girl power playlist!

1. God is a woman by Ariana Grande

God is a woman is about female empowerment and reclaiming female sexuality all wrapped in a hit pop song track. With allusions towards Madonna’s Like A Prayer and Catholic prayers, God is a woman is about believing in your own body and your own self. It’s about taking female sexuality and turning it into a superpower that you shouldn’t be ashamed or apologetic for.

2. Holy by King Princess

King Princess aka Mikeala Straus, is a fresh, unique, queer voice that has recently exploded onto the pop scene. Her song Holy is great to any girl power playlist because of the themes she touches on in it. In Holy she makes it known that she is a “ /f****** queen/” and she lets the listener know that she’s control by saying “ /and you’re begging, “please”/ ” The song is about a person knowing their worth and not compromising on anything. Instead they are letting themselves be worshipped in the way they deserve.


3.Shout Out to My Ex by Little Mix

This song is on the British girl group’s 2017 album Glory Days. Its poppy, fun, light lyrics and beat will have you humming along almost immediately! This song is about a girl letting her ex know that she isn’t bothered by any of his new relationships or actions. Lyrically, its bold, featuring phrases like “/I hope she gettin’ better sex.Hope she ain’t fakin’ it like I did, babe /” so  it’s the perfect song to have on repeat all summer long.

4. Dancing Queen by Abba

This 1976 timeless hit and pop culture music staple by ABBA is perfect for any girl power playlist, especially now that Mamma Mia 2 is in theaters! Relive or pretend you are back in the disco days and dance to this songs always catchy beat! The lyrics are about having fun, enjoying your youth and are quintessentially disco!

5. Sex Yeah by Marina and the Diamonds

Sex Yeah is a catchy pop song off of Marina’s 2012 album Electra Heart. Sex Yeah tells the listener to question everything they have been told by society and culture around sex. It deconstructs and criticizes the mainstream beliefs around gender and hypersexuality. This song is the ultimate summer feminist anthem because it throws back preconceived notions through clever and at times satirical lyrics. The song condemns society for building a unequal environment towards woman.


6. Diva by Beyonce

Beyonce has always been a queen, but her 2009 sing Diva is an unapologetic anthem about female success and independence. In it Beyonce proclaims, “diva is a female version of a hustla’” , she is making a statement that men aren’t the only ones allowed to flaunt about their riches or excesses.

7. I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor

Another disco hit! This song is definitive pop song representation of the era of the 1970’s. Gloria Gaynor recorded the vocals for this track while recovering from a back injury so the lyrics especially spoke to her. This song is about empowerment and resilience. It is about rising from the ashes and staying strong. It’s message is always relevant so it’s no surprise it has had so much endurance in the years after its release.

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8. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cydni Lauper

Although Cydni Lauper is not the original artist that sings this song, she is the most popular. Her 1983 revival of this song turned it into a classic  and the song has been a must have in girl power playlists ever since. The song is about a girl in her youth just trying to be herself and be free outside of the constraints of the men in her life.

9. Woman by Kesha

Woman by Kesha celebrates womanhood and explores the liberty in what being a woman means. Kesha’s lyrics are unapologetic and the inclusion of laughter within the track brings a fun summer vibe element to a powerful anthem.

10. Respect by Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin’s 1967 bold reinvention of Otis Redding’s 1963 song Respect became a game changer for woman power anthems in the years following. It is considered one of the best songs of all time and has a place at the Library of Congress in the National Recording Registry. This song influenced so many after its release and continues to inspire songwriters today. This song is about a woman who deserves and demands respect from her husband.


What songs are on your girl power playlist? Let us know below!

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