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10 Songs You Need on Your Summer Playlist

10 Songs You Need on Your Summer Playlist

10 Songs You Need on Your Summer Playlist

Your summer playlist needs to be on fire. We have the top 10 songs you need on your playlist for this summer. Whether you are interested in country, rap, or whatever, these top 10 songs will make your summer complete! Tune in to these 10 songs for your summer playlist, that will work with everyone’s style, preferences, and music tastes. When it comes to music, no two people are the same, and it can be hard to make a playlist with songs that we haven’t heard 100 times on the radio. Everyone likes different music, and that’s why we have created this perfect combination of pop, country, and everything in between. Enjoy! 

1. Sucker 

I think everyone will remember when the Jonas Brothers came out with this gem. Sucker is a sure classic song, and this summer, you need to have it on repeat. I have Spotify premium, so I can listen to it whenever I want, for no added cost. The Jonas Brothers have always been upbeat, original, and they’re just isn’t anyone like them. This song is one of the best! On Spotify, you can find it under their biggest hits. Other good songs from the Jonas Brothers include Burnin’ Up, Lovebug, and Year 3000! 

10 Songs You Need on Your Summer Playlist

2. Summer 

Calvin Harris is truly talented, and even though his song Summer came out in 2014, it still doesn’t compare to most of the songs that are out in 2020. In my opinion, at least. If the song doesn’t say Summer in the title or anywhere in the lyrics… is it even a summer vibe? For real, make sure to listen to this song on your runs, while working out, driving in the car, or hangin’ with friends! 2014 was a great music year. Calvin Harris is also very talented, making this song a great hit. When I met ya in the summer!

3. Feel So Close 

Another classic summer beat, ‘Feel So Close’ never gets old. I used to listen to this song in high school, and it really keeps your mood up. You can find this song on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Itunes, and more. Does anyone really use iTunes anymore? On a separate note, this song is great for going for a run. It will keep you moving! This song is truly one of my favorites. Some things never get old!

4. Cruise 

Florida Georgia Line has some pretty sweet beats. A great song for your summer playlist, and even if you aren’t a huge fan of country music, this song is still upbeat. Even if I don’t listen to country regularly, if I am scrolling past the country station and I hear this, I leave it. This song is also great for working out, it will keep you motivated! Warning, this song will be stuck in your head, for the rest of the day. Just keep that in mind!

5. Summer Love 

Maybe I’m biased, but this song just screams summer to me. Justin Timberlake maybe not be everyone’s fave for songs, but it is upbeat and catchy. Summer love is classic. Good for the beach, working out, or any of your summer activities! Find all of your Justin Timberlake favorites on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and more. This song may get stuck in your head! Who doesn’t love summer love?

10 Songs You Need on Your Summer Playlist

6. The Way I Are 

Just another upbeat tune for your summer months, this Timbaland song is a true classic. It may have come out many years ago, but it stays rockin’. This song is pretty fun to dance too, but it is also nice to play during a tanning sesh on the beach. Summer is here, and so is good music. 

7. Good As Hell

Lizzo made this song and instantly everyone started singing it and referring to her. Feelin’ good as hell should be your summer 2020 motto: which is why this song needs to be on your playlist! Blast in the car or sing along, or have it playing casually on the beach. This song is so uplifting, you could even play it while cleaning your room! How you feelin’?

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8. Old Town Road

Ah, this one is the best. I know you have probably seen a bunch of memes created from this song, or maybe you are just sick of it. Whichever the case may be, this song is truly one of a kind, and you’ll have that on REPEAT. Find it on Spotify, YouTube, or Itunes. 

9. California Gurls 

A fan fave, and some of Katy Perry’s finest work. I used to jam to this in middle school, and let’s face it, you did too. Released in 2010, but never an unoriginal. This tune is upbeat, making it the perfect summer song for your playlist! Driving in the car, sunbathing, or at the gym, this song has all of your uplifting vibes. Find it on Spotify, Pandora, or iTunes! Katy Perry is a great artist, a strong woman, and has even better songs. California gurls was a great hit of hers! Some songs you can’t help but sing along to! This is one of those songs. 

10. Fancy

Sorry for all these year-old hits, but Iggy Azalea really hit the jackpot with this one. This song came out in 2014, but this song doesn’t miss a beat. Iggy Azalea is pretty badass, and as a singer, she is even better. Watch out summer 2020, things are about to get fancy. Find this hit on Spotify and or iTunes! Most importantly, enjoy it. Enjoy in the car, on the beach, or at the bar. Some of the greatest hits are from way back when!

10 Songs You Need on Your Summer Playlist

Playlists can be hard to create, and everyone has different music tastes. Not a problem, with this article we’ve created a custom playlist tailored to everyone’s style and preferences. I hope this article gave you some good songs for your summer! Which song was your favorite? Comment below! Thank you so much, everyone, for reading! I hope you all enjoyed!

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