10 Songs To Play For Your Dorm Parties Everyone Will Love

Throw the best dorm party with this party play list! Its all about the music and with the right music playing, your dorm party is guaranteed to be a hit.

The biggest thing everyone looks forward to in college is the dorm parties. Throwing a great dorm party is on almost every college kids bucket list or attending a great dorm party is on their bucket list. If you are a dorm party thrower, we have song suggestions that are perfect to play at your party that will get everyone dancing. If you are a dorm party goer, listen to the music, that is the sign of whether the party is good or not.

1.) Questions – Chris Brown

Start your dorm party off right with this medium pace wine song. For the Chris Brown fans, this is a song favorite because of its upbeat remix of the song Turn Me On by Kevin Lyttle. It is catchy and easy to do a simple one two-step to.

10 Songs To Play For Your Dorm Parties Everyone Will Love

2.) Los Patrones – El Alfa El Jefe

Pop off at the dorm party with this hardcore Spanish rap song. The name of the song means the bosses, this is a great song to play for those people at your dorm party who is a boss in their life. This dance contagious Spanish song talks about living the good life and being the man while doing everything a big shot would do.

3.) Fever – Vybz Kartel

Really turn up the heat at your dorm party with this song. This fun Jamaican style song will get everyone grinding. This song brings out the inner party animal in everyone and is also a great summer throwback song too.

4.) Bruk Off Yuh Back – Konshens ft. Chris Brown

Classic twerk song to plat at your dorm party. This song will get everyone up and on the dance floor with their partners, significant others, and friends. This is the song to play to get everyone up and dancing.

5.) Uproar – Lil Wayne ft. Swizz Beatz

Another banger to play at your dorm party is a chill song that you can vibe to while you play dorm party games. This song has minimal lyrics so you can chill out while playing games, but enough of a party beat so you are still in a party mood.

10 Songs To Play For Your Dorm Parties Everyone Will Love

6.) Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

The sing along song almost everyone knows. Even if people completely butcher the lyrics of this song, you will want to play this at your dorm party because it is a fan favorite. And for the most daring party attendees, they will dance to this song as well.

7.) Push Back – Ne-Yo, Bebe Rexha, Stefflon Don

A great song for the girls who want to dance with their girlfriends. This song is great to dance and sing along to.

10 Songs To Play For Your Dorm Parties Everyone Will Love

8.) Mo Bamba – Sheck Wes

The party song, this is a must for dorm party playlists. Mo Bamba gets everyone hyped up and almost everyone will know this song and want to scream the lyrics at the top of their lungs.

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9.) Sicko Mode – Travis Scott

The combination of Travis Scott and Drake in this song makes it a party favorite and a highly requested song at dorm parties.

10 Songs To Play For Your Dorm Parties Everyone Will Love

10.) Going Bad – Meek Mill ft. Drake

Another chill party song, its all about variety. Meek Mill and Drake together reach a wide range of music lovers and playing this at your dorm party will bring together that wide range of people who listen to both of these artists.

10 Songs To Play For Your Dorm Parties Everyone Will Love

If you plan on throwing a dorm party be safe and have fun! Throwing a dorm party is a lot of responsibility, but once you get everyone dancing and having fun it will be worth it.

Comment below if you like any of these songs! Did we miss any party favorites? Tell us if we did. Do you have a go-to song to get the party started?

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