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10 Songs To Listen To When You Want to Be In Your Feelings

10 Songs To Listen To When You Want to Be In Your Feelings

10 Songs To Listen To When You Want to Be In Your Feelings

Sometimes it’s nice to be in your feelings. With everything that could be going on in your day to day life, it can be nice to listen to music that makes you feel like there is someone in the trenches with you. In my case, I love to listen to music that makes me want to bawl my eyes out just because I’m a masochist. So, if you like to hurt, this is the playlist for you!

1. “when the party’s over” – Billie Eilish

In this song, Billie is acknowledging that the person she is with is better off without her. Even with that said, she wants him but can’t find a way to keep them from leaving. I think that this is perfect in your feelings song for two reasons. One, I think it is cool that Billie takes the stance of the relationship being toxic from both sides.

Too often there is this blame game in breakup songs, but here there is this acknowledgment that they both failed. The second reason why I love this song, and in extension Billie herself, is because of how beautifully haunted the piece sounds. For me, she is an expert at haunted lullabies.

2. “Good Goodbye”- Lianne La Havas

This song is all about loss. She has lost someone she loved, but they part on good terms. This is the most positive in your feelings song on this list. While the loss is sad and tragic, there is still the gratefulness of being able to have had the time they did. It is a refreshing change from the bitterness that can seem to dominate sad love songs.

10 Songs To Listen To When You Want to Be In Your Feelings

3. “Like I Need U”- Keshi

This is the perfect song for those who felt like they loved alone. If you, like Keshi, feel like you were in a one-sided love affair, this song is the one to have you in your feelings. He talks about how the person he is with seems indifferent to his presence while he struggles without them.

4. “Hello”- Adele

Did you really think that I would have a list of in your feeling songs without the queen of them? “Hello” is all about regret. Wishing you didn’t end on bad terms, wondering if they have moved on, asking if they were the one to get away. She is speaking to a fear we all have and some of the worst pain of a failed relationship.

10 Songs To Listen To When You Want to Be In Your Feelings

5. “I can’t make you love me”- Bonnie Raitt

The worst reality of wanting to be with someone. Unlike with Keshi’s song, there is no relationship that has gone sour; the relationship didn’t have a chance to begin. You have someone who is willing to give their all but knows that they are only met with disinterest. George Michael also does a rendition of this song and it is magnificent.

6. “Ready for Love”- India Arie

For when you want to be in love, but aren’t. India asks why love seems to evade her when she wants nothing more than to be in love. This song reminds me of the reason why people love cheesy romance movies. It’s like you want to experience being loved, but it feels like you won’t have it; you’ll only experience it through others.

10 Songs To Listen To When You Want to Be In Your Feelings

7. ” Would That Make U Love Me”- Robin Thicke

If some jerk dumped you because you weren’t everything they wanted, this might be your song. Robin puts himself in the position of someone trying to figure out why they weren’t good enough. It turns into a plead of what would make them love him. Too often people are made to feel like they are not enough but screw that. Let Robin soothe your pain.

8. “Can’t Help Falling in Love”- Kina Grannis

This rendition literally made me cry when I saw it in Crazy Rich Asians. It is the embodiment that anyone would want to have and feel. This is a song that will put you in your feelings if you actually have that special someone or if you wish you did. So, I guess it is up to you whether it makes you feel better or not.

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10 Songs To Listen To When You Want to Be In Your Feelings

9. “Paper Bag”- Fiona Apple

This song speaks to me in so many ways. It’s the idea that you are such a mess that you can’t be loved. I guess I am a sucker for this level of self-awareness, but there is something to be said about someone who can acknowledge their self-destructive behavior.

So, if you have recently gone through a breakup and can acknowledge that you were not a shining star in that relationship, you may really be into this song.

10. “Preet”- Jasleen Royal

This is a beautiful song from a Bollywood movie called Khoobsurat. When translated, the singer talks about how if they knew how painful love could be, they would have never been in love. There is another more faint voice that pleads with her to not feel that way, but that doesn’t change the way she feels.

This song will definitely have you in your feelings because love is painful, even when you are with a great person. We have all experienced heartache in some capacity, so anyone can relate to the idea of being heartbroken by the loss of a loved one.

10 Songs To Listen To When You Want to Be In Your Feelings

There are always good songs to put you in your feelings, but these (in my oh so humble opinion) are the best! What other songs do you like to listen to?

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