20 Songs To Listen To On A Rainy Day

After all the heatwaves and sunny weather we have experienced this year, we always feel relieved when the weather cools down a bit and the rain finally begins to pour. When you want to spend those rainy days inside with a good cup of coffee or tea, just sit by a window and watch the rain pour. If you don’t like the sound of rain, here are 20 songs to listen to.

1. Santa Monica Dream-Angus & Julia Stone

This singing duo always reminds me of sitting on the beach on a sunny day with a friend. It’s a lovely relaxing acoustic piece with two amazing singers which makes the piece really soothing to listen to.

2. All I wanted-Daughter

There are two versions of this to listen to, but I’ve always preferred their live version at the Asylum Chapel. With this version, not only is it accompanied by a string quartet, you can really hear the effects of the acoustics in the room which make the piece even more beautiful.

3. Skinny Love-Birdy

A cover of Bon Iver’s track, this beautiful duet of vocals and piano made Birdy’s career come alive. This gentle take on a classic song is soothing when you need to unwind for the day.

4. Words-Birdy

From Birdy’s latest album, this song is all about break up. The beautiful mix of her vocals, piano, drums makes it such a great piece to listen to when its raining.

5. Tell Mama-The Civil Wars

This is one of their gentler pieces on their album. This beautiful lullaby sings to the child that has been rejected to confine in her, whilst saying everything will be okay.

6. A Hole in the Earth-Daughter

I first heard of this amazing group from playing the video game “Life Is Strange”. This song and the rest on the album were based round the adventures of Chloe, the main protagonist wanting to be understood and have someone there for her when her world turns upside down, and I think this song does this brilliantly.

7. The A Team-Ed Sheeran

The single that made Ed Sheeran as famous as he is today. Despite being released seven years ago, its still a great acoustic classic to listen to.

8. Read all about it-Emeli Sande

This powerful yet gentle duo of vocals and piano sings about the issues that we face. Instead of being silent to the issues that go on around us, we should acknowledge and tell the world about them, and not be afraid of what the world will think.

9. November-Gabrielle Aplin

This Gabrielle Aplin’s song was released on her first album, English Rain. This song is all about how someone can make you feel amazing and then destroy you in a blink of an eye. A great track to listen to when its raining.

10. Follow you Down-Lights

Taken from Light’s “Midnight Machines” album, with many acoustic covers of her previous album, “Little Machines”, this is one of the very few originals written for the album. Its beautiful to listen to when you need to unwind or watch the world go by in the bad weather.

11. Meteorites-Lights

This acoustic cover was taken from her upbeat version of her original song with the same title. Its such a gentler version of this song and its great to listen to when you need to unwind.

12. The Colder Months-Liza Anne

Liza Anne’s album “The Colder Months” is full of beautiful songs to reflect on our lives. This song contemplates whether Lisa is ready to be committed to the person she is with.

13. Tunnels-Liza Anne

Sometimes, we change ourselves depending on the people and paces we are in, and Liza Anne writes that beautifully in this gentle song.

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14. Sausalito-Lydia Luce

It’s a lovely piece to listen to when you need to just want to watch the rain from outside. It’s a sweet piece with guitar, vocal and strings that make it really wonderful to listen to.

15. Rubble-Liza Anne

This beautiful piece is about the lover she wants to leave her mind but can’t keep away. No matter where that person is, that person will always be loved and kept in her memories.

16. Ocean-Liza Anne

Another great song! If you listen to the background noise, you can hear the noises of the trains. All about falling away from someone you care about.

17. 26-Paramore

During Hayley’s previous struggles with mental health, this gentle song is all about keeping on hoping when the people around us make us feel down.

18. Tell Me How-Paramore

Another gentle track on Paramore’s latest album, singing about the struggles of what to feel towards someone who has become a stranger.

19. When it Rains-Paramore

Taken from their second album, “Riot” this piece alongside “We are Broken” makes a gentler side to their album. Perfect for rainy days!

20. This Love-Taylor Swift

The queen of love songs, Taylor Swift, writes another love song to the man she cares about. It’s a good piece to listen to and hum to yourself when you need a moment to yourself.

When the rainy days of autumn finally come around, these songs will help you unwind and enjoy watching the rain fall outside. Is there any that should be on this list, comment below!

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Rebekka Abel

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