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Songs To Listen To A.S.A.P.

Stop, Drop, And Listen

It’s easy to fall into a music rut where you repeat the same songs over and over until you hate them, and I’m here to help you fall yet again with some of my favorite songs that I have yet to hate. I have attempted to create a nice grab bag of fun songs that are anything but fun sized with their booming beats and lyrics, and they actually hit. Enjoy!

*f.y.i. the starred songs are my top of the top picks 🙂

Omar Apollo

All I got to say is you better buckle up before listening to Omar Apollo, because his sound is impossible to pin down. He does not conform to any boxes and truly creates something that he wants to create, which is why he’s so enjoyable to listen to. For example, Omar can go from a slow, emotional love ballad that hits all the bases of a relationship’s beginning and ending to pure funk that turns your brain into a disco ball. I’ve seen live videos of him in concert, and his energy is unstoppable onstage. Often decked out in something shiny to ensure that all eyes are on him, he barely even needs a spotlight, which has a hard time keeping up with him anyway. More interestingly, he also is a new leader of this Chicano music wave that bridges the gap between Americanized pop and Spanish bops by either incorporating Spanish verses or just saying to hell with it and putting out a complete Spanish tune, without singling it out as strictly Spanish in an album lineup. Music, no matter the language, is universal and Omar is in the center of that universe. It’s Omar’s world and we’re simply living in it, so here’s a few of my favorite songs so you can speak his language. 

(Also, if you do end up messing with Omar, he’s going to Atlanta December 15th! I’ve already secured my ticket, and you should too!)


If mustard had emotion, Dijon is it, like wow. Dijon’s music gives me chills; it’s the perfect sad music to listen to when you’re already sad. His lyrics are quite simple and somewhat repetitive but when paired with his strong vocals and stronger feels, the lyric’s simplicity doesn’t matter, if anything, it only adds to his story and makes singing along easier. Like Omar, each song is quite different. His sound distinction is not as apparent as Omar’s, but I have yet to listen to one song of his and simply dismiss it because it sounds like the last. Here’s a few of my favorite Dijon mustard beats:

Brent Faiyaz/Sonder

All I can say is, Brent Faiyaz knows what you need when you’re feeling needy. His warm, sultry melodies completely envelope you and sends you straight into your feels. Personally, signed, sealed, delivered by Mr. Faiyaz. I know, without a doubt, after you listen to one, you’re going to want more, and, again, he delivers with his collaboration with fellow musicians, Dpat and Atu, under the name Sonder. I would describe Sonder as Brent Faiyaz 2.0, which is why it saddens me to say they don’t come out with songs as often as the world needs to hear them, but, on the bright side, it only makes you appreciate their few songs that much more. 

Still Woozy

If I could give summer a sound it would be Still Woozy. His sound is the epitome of the cliché hand out the window scene in every teenage coming-of-age movie, but what’s better than music that makes life feel like a movie? Still Woozy appears to be a one stop shop when it comes to music by producing his own beats while also serving vocals. Not to mention, I love his cover art so much I made my best attempt to recreate it on canvas, which now proudly hangs above my bed. You definitely won’t be able to stand still listening to his woozy rhythms. 

See Also

Orion Sun

 Like her name suggests, Orion Sun is the brightest star after the most breathtaking sunset, which is the best time to listen to her soft, sweet tunes. Her music is the definition of easy listening with her simple musicality, breathy tone, and real lyrics about being broke yet dreaming big, which most college kids can relate to. Her music makes you feel like you’re simply hanging out with her on a chill Friday night in your dorm room, and she just so happens to be extremely musically talented. In comparison, Orion Sun is the underdog of this list in terms of popularity, but, do not let that fool you, she definitely produces top dog sounds. 


I swear this guy has like fifteen different personalities that fight for the spotlight in every song; I can hardly keep up, but I do appreciate the chase. Choker’s composition is insanely dimensional with his variance in pitch alteration and beat switches. Despite all the moving parts, each song comes out like a well-oiled machine. He knows what he’s doing, and he seems extremely confident in his sound and brand in general. Here’s the rollercoaster of Choker’s greatest hits, in my opinion. 

And that’s a wrap! I hope you have discovered a few new songs that you can bust your car’s speakers with just like I have. Make sure to share some of your favorites down below too!

featured image:
Lydia Neuhoff


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