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20 Songs To Add To Your Playlist When You’re Feeling Yourself

20 Songs To Add To Your Playlist When You’re Feeling Yourself

Finding that perfect playlist to get ready to when you’re feeling yourself isn’t something that you want to do when you’re on a time limit so just sit down, add these songs on to your playlist, sit back and enjoy this 1 hour and 12 minute playlist that will make you feel like the hot city girl that you are. 

1. Pour Some Sugar On Me

Starting strong with some classic rock. Reaching number 2 in the charts in 1988 this Def Leppard hit will have you strutting straight away. 

2. Black Velvet

Mixing things up just a little with some blues-y rock, Alannah Myles’ 1990 power ballad reached number one for two weeks in the USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. 


3. 7 Rings

Bringing things into 2019, 7 Rings by Ariana Grande spend 8 consecutive weeks at number one in 19 countries as well as being in the top 10 in charts in a further 10 countries and will be sure to have you feeling the fiercest version of yourself. 


4. Jenny From The Block

From Jennifer Lopez’s third studio album, This Is Me… Then, Jenny From The Block received mixed reviews upon first release in 2002, this is undeniably one of JLo’s best songs. This song is essential for any confidence boosting playlist. 

5. 7/11

7/11 also received mixed reviews upon first release in 2014 as a platinum reissue of Queen Bey’s fifth studio album, Beyonce, but lets be real, however questions Beyonce is not worthy of giving out reviews and the music video that goes along with 7/11 is everything. 

6. No Scrubs

A song that has aged like a fine wine and will still get any girl gang going. This TLC banger was released in 1999 and spent more than 21 weeks in Billboard’s top ten charts. 


7. Supermassive Black Hole

Bringing another rock song into the mix, Supermassive Black Hole by Muse was first released in 2006 but was brought back to mainstream media attention in 2008 when it was used in the iconic baseball scene in Twilight. 

8. Midnight City

We all think about what song we’d want to play in the montage of awesome moments if our lives were a movie… no?… Just me? Oh well. This song fits perfectly into every playlist and will make you feel great no matter what mood you’re in.

9. Terrible Thing

Okay so let’s be real, we all only really know this song from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina but the raunchy baseline from this song has the power to make anyone feel invincible. 


10. A Little Wicked

Another song taken from the soundtrack of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (what a soundtrack) that you have to add to your playlist as this song will make you feel like you can do anything you put your mind to and look good doing it. 

11. Trouble

Another song of Valerie Broussard that has been used in a few different television shows that will give you the confidence boost that you need.

12. Raise Hell

If you’re a fan of female led rock bands then you have to check out some of Dorothy’s music and Raise Hell is the perfect place to start! You will find her music slowly sneaking into all of your playlists. 


13. Emperor’s New Clothes

One for those who left the emo phase behind and even those who didn’t, this song is the perfect transformation between Panic At The Disco’s style from their fourth album Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die and their fifth album Death Of A Bachelor. 

14. Bug A Boo

Would this list of songs even be worth reading if there wasn’t a little Destiny’s Child somewhere? We think not. Bug A Boo will have you feeling yourself and no one else, be the independent women Beyonce wants you to be! 

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15. Juice

A self-esteem boost if there ever was one in the form of a song, Lizzo’s 2019 funk-pop will make you feel yourself no matter how you were feeling before. 

16. The Sweet Escape

It was a tough choice trying to pick just one Gwen Stefani song but it just had to be her 2006 song The Sweet Escape from her second solo album of the same name. 


17. Freak Like Me

Originally sung by Adina Howard in 1995 as her debut single, it reached number 2 in the US chart where it stayed for 2 weeks. The Sugarbabes’ cover of this song was their debut chart topping song in the UK in 2002 where it stayed in the top ten for a further four weeks.

18. Promiscuous

Described as “a playful update of Janet Jackson’s Nasty” and Nelly Furtado calling the song “a verbal ping pong game”, this song has been on everyone’s playlist since it first came out in 2006 and it looks like it’s going nowhere anytime soon. 


19. Pon De Replay

Pon De Replay was Rihanna’s 2005 debut single from her first album, Music Of The Sun that almost never happened. Jay-Z, who signed her to her first record deal was skeptical at first as he feared the song Pon De Replay would be too big for a new artist to try to come back from. 

20. 4 Minutes 

This 2008 banger by Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland is said by Madonna to be about “saving the environment and having a good time while doing it”. This urgent and energetic track will have you ready to take on the world. 


What are your favourite songs from this playlist? Are there any more songs that you have on your feeling yourself playlist that aren’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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