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10 Songs That’ll Give You Autumn Vibes

10 Songs That’ll Give You Autumn Vibes

Music is the soundtrack to our lives. The songs we play on a daily basis affect our moods, will power and give us confidence. While the summer may be filled with upbeat tracks and beachy tunes, the fall is full of mystery, hope, and a sense of nature filled wonder. Here are 10 songs that will give you autumn vibes.

1. Harvest Moon: Sunflower Bean

This cover of Neil Young’s classic is truly hypnotic. The band Sunflower Bean really catches the essence of the wonder that the fall season can bring. Lead singer Julia Cumming puts to use her tender vocals, backed by Nick Kivlen’s soft guitar chords and Jacob Faber’s percussion. The song will have you feeling in love this autumn for sure, while you’re taking a walk through some fall foliage with that special someone.

2. Clovers: Barrie

Barrie is perfect for all seasons, but the song “Clovers” is especially¬†a track you’re going to want to have on hand this fall. The song is dreamy and captures the feeling of being in a haze, but not in a bad away. It’s almost as if lead singer Barrie Lindsay is saying that sometimes it’s better in life to be a little out of it and escape every once in a while. So when you need that escape from the busy day to day of fall, turn on this track.


3. Shadow Days: John Mayer

John Mayer is perfect for any time of year but his “Born and Raised” album has an autumn feel. This notion is especially true for the song “Shadow Days”. With a slow electric guitar and strong percussion section, Mayer grips the listener from the start. The track details the feelings of being lost and taking a critical view about what may have led to certain events taking place in one’s life. It’s perfect for the fall, as that is a heavy period of self-reflection. There is a song message within the track that sometimes there is simply no explanation as to why bad things happen to good people. All we can do is hope that the bad times or the “shadow days” are beyond us and that a brighter future is ahead.

4. Open Season: High Highs

When I think of fall I definitely hear this song in the back of my mind. The song captures the empty feeling that often comes to people when bogged down with the stresses of day to day and being confused about what you want in life. With an indie vibe that features an acoustic guitar as the main beat and a lot of synth backing for the rest of the instrumentation. Whatever stress I’m feeling the song does a good job at soothing and making me feel at ease, saying that a lot of what causes us anxiety, we often make worse by overthinking.

5. Somewhere Only We Know: Keane

A truly heartwarming song, “Somewhere Only We Know” will have you feeling fall in all the right places. The song has deep nature descriptions (definitely in tune with fall), while also describing feelings of longing and regret. Anyone who has their “special spot” certainly can relate with the song, and how when you’re in it, the whole world seems to fade away; all the worries and the responsibilities turn to ash. The simple fact of being in that one wooded spot reminds us ourselves, and that regardless of all that is going on, it’s something that we always need to keep the focus on.


6. Babylon: David Gray

You may have never have heard of this song, and that’s because it is a track truly lost in time. This track from 1998 captures the feeling of being in love, but it never being the right time. It feels as if in one moment things seem to be moving forward and the next they come to a complete halt with no explanation. Eventually Gray, once giving in to his stubborn ways, finds the love he was searching for; he finds his Babylon. The song is an example that even though in the chaos of fall it can be hard to make the effort long-distance relationship, that feeling when you see the one you love makes it all worth it. Regardless of how you interpret the song, it should definitely be on your fall driving playlist!

7. Autumn Leaves: Ed Sheeran

I mean the song is titled “autumn leaves” first off, but the track holds so much meaning. Sheeran sings about remembering a girl who has passed away but for him, she is not fully gone. He still feels her whenever he looks to the stars and the memories come rushing back like the autumn leaves. The song is definitely a tear-jerker for sure, and anyone who has lost a loved one, it really hits home. It will make you think about how precious life is and that you should ever concede to the notion you ever have to be fully done grieving.

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8. Fade Into You: Mazzy Star

This hauntingly beautiful track by Mazzy Star will touch you in ways you never thought possible. With the airy vocals of Mazzy Star combined with a slow acoustic guitar and an eerie bass riff will certainly have the weight lifted from your stomach. The track details being so in love with someone, you lose sight of who you are, only to realize that the person hasn’t even bothered to notice. It’s the perfect song to play on a cool autumn night looking up the yellow moon and bright stars, contemplating past events.

9. The Basement: Lunar Vacation

A hidden gem by the band Lunar Vacation, the track “The Basement” will remind you of basement parties, whether it was something you left behind in high school, or have continued in college. The track details the conflicting feelings being at one of these parties. You feel lost like no one really sees you, and like it all really may not matter. Any girl who has ever been to one of these parties can definitely relate to the feelings expressed in the song!

10. Goodbyes: Post Malone ft Young Thug

This new Post track is perfect on your fall mix. It tells the tale of moving on and getting over someone who is too toxic in your life. It’s a new school year and a new you. Therefore if people are in your life who are only bringing you down it’s time to say goodbye. The song is all about taking care of yourself first and taking charge of the situation. And if you feel like it’s time for a change this fall, listen to this track as a source of inspiration.


Any other songs give you autumn vibes? Share with us your picks in the comment section!

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