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Songs That Will Fuel Your Workout

Songs That Will Fuel Your Workout

Songs That Will Fuel Your Workout

Working out is a mental challenge just as much as it is a physical one. Keeping your head in the game during your workout takes a lot of dedication and drive. Music is a great way to keep your head in your workout. Music acts as a tool to heighten certain emotions and moments. When you have the right song playing, you feel like you can do anything. You can get lost in the song and feel like the strongest person at the gym. Everyone has different tastes in music, but there are a few songs that just set a certain mood needed for a powerful and effective workout. So, let’s get a few songs added to that killer workout playlist. Check these out when you need an extra boost in your workout. 

  1. The Rumbling by SiM

  • Powerful, unstoppable, and determined. These are the feelings you will get by having this song playing during that killer set. It’s a great song to get your workout started, but also a great song to have on when you need your body to give you just a little bit more power. The song slows down for just a few seconds which gives you that extra preparation before killing your set as the song stimulates more power. This is the perfect song to set some new personal records with. If you want to see how far you’ve come, then this song is perfect to use to get you in the right mindset for the challenge.


  1. Stronger by Kanye West

  • When you go to the gym, you go to become a best version of yourself. Greatness is what this song is all about. This song has a beat that keeps your head in the game and fuels some power through your body. It might be a bit cliché, but when you need to become a little stronger during your sets, this song will give you that extra strength. A great song to use before getting to your goal. It will keep you motivated and help prepare you to hit your set goal.


  1. Disaster by KSLV Noh

  • When you look at someone in the gym, you can normally tell their level by looking at their body language. This song will transform your body language entirely. You will enter the gym feeling as if you own the place. This song has a very upbeat and intense energy that will keep you energized and feeling strong. This is also a song you’ll want to listen to when you don’t need any outside interference affecting your workout. Nothing is going to stop you when you are listening to this song.


  1. After Dark by Mr. Kitty

  • Another song that will make you ready to take on any challenge. This song has a similar energy and vibe as Disaster. A song meant to give you confidence in your own strength. This song also works perfectly if you want to use it in bursts of energy. There are plenty of ups and downs that give you time to breathe and go right into your set. Another song to listen to when you want to think about nothing but the workout itself.

After Dark

  1. Broken Boy by Cage The Elephant

  • This is a great song for you to run to or do endurance exercises to. This song will make you feel as if you’re free falling and give you a rush unlike any other. It’s a very fast paced song meant for fast paces workouts. Put this song on and go for a long run or go and do some abdominal workouts. Using a fast paces song such as this one for an endurance work out will help the time go by just a little faster for you. You’re going to feel charged and ready for round two after hearing this song.

Broken Boy

  1. Industry Baby by Lil Nas X

  • Another fast paces song that’s meant to give you a big boost. This song has a great energy in it that will pick you up when you are getting tired during your workout. This song is another great one for endurance type workouts, but it also works for smaller sets where you just need a boost of strength and energy. It’s also a great song to listen to after a very intense set to just cool off to for a few minutes and catch your breathe.


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  1. Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me The Horizon

  • This song will have you going very fast. A lot of people tend to release their emotions at the gym, and this is one of those songs that will help you get a killer workout while battling some strong emotions. This song has so much rage hidden behind such an iconic beat and vocals. Use this song to channel those inner feeling into pure strength and adrenaline. You will feel all the emotions running through your body with this song.

Feel my

  1. Royalty by Egzod

  • As the name suggest, this song will have you feeling like royalty. It has such a powerful beat and energy. The entire song is meant to get you ready for a challenge and that part is made clear as soon as the beat drops. Use the first few seconds to get yourself ready and as soon as you hear that beat go, you go. The song doesn’t stop therefore you shouldn’t either. Stay in rhythm with it and keep your head in the workout.


  1. Home by Vince Staples

  • A song made for a superhero. This song was written for the uprising. Use it to fuel your workout and hit every goal you set for yourself. This song is fast and upbeat and will keep you going strong. You will feel like a hero roaming in the shadows with this song playing in the background. This is a very upbeat song to add for your days where you want to truly test your strength and see how far you can push your workout.