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10 Songs That Will Bring You Back To Summer

10 Songs That Will Bring You Back To Summer

This article is about ten songs that remind you of summer. Because midterm season is here for many students, they may want to listen to some happy songs and think about summer times.

With the weather cooling down and days getting shorter, there’s no doubt that autumn is on the way, bringing with it midterms and unbearably cold weather. But even though you won’t be able to lounge around at the beach all day doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the last moments of summer 2018. Here are 10 summer songs to add to your playlist that will bring back those sunshine vibes and help you stay positive despite the approach of autumn!

1. Champagne and Sunshine (Ellusive remix) – Tarro & PLVTINUM

The title seems pretty self-explanatory, but this chill summer bop is all about kicking back and making that carefree feeling last forever. There are no consequences or responsibilities, and you’ll find yourself singing along to the catchy tune in the car. The duality of the lyrics, such as “Sipping on the stars while we laying under sunlight // Tanned skin, light eyes // Oh my she’s so damn fine,” perfectly capture the spirit of summer. Pretty soon, you’ll want some champagne and sunshine too.

10 Songs That Will Bring You Back To Summer

2. Bring Back the Summer (ft. Oly) – Rain Man

Again, the title says it all; this is the perfect nostalgic summer song to add to your playlist. From the initial buildup of the first verse to the slowing down of the hook and finally the beat drop, you’ll be jamming to Rain Man’s beats throughout the whole song. The song also hints at the loss of a loved one with the summer with the lyrics, “I never, I never want another // Come back, come back to me my lover.” Overall, it is a smooth, relaxed song perfect if you want to “bring back the summer.”

3. Love You Like That – Dagny

One of Norwegian singer/songwriter Dagny’s best tracks, Love You Like That is ideal for shouting at the top of your lungs with your friends. The catchy song is about true love and carries so many wholesome vibes. Listen with your significant other or your best friends, and I guarantee this song will have everyone nodding along to its fast paced beats, while evoking emotions when the melody slows down during the bridge. “You know how they say you got the real thing // And nothing else matters, I love you like that” is probably the best description of how I feel towards this summer bop.

10 Songs That Will Bring You Back To Summer


4. Root Beer Float (ft. blackbear) – Olivia O’Brien

This teasing, fun song is filled with innuendos about making a “root beer float,” and unlike many of Olivia O’Brien’s slow ballads, Root Beer Float rides on a quick beat. With root beer floats being a classic cold drink, this song will for sure bring back those summer adventures with your besties, when you would “Pick your friends up, no destination // Drive in circles, you got no shame with it.” Add in Blackbear’s rap, and you have the perfect lighthearted summer jam you can belt out with your girlfriends.

5. When We Were Young (ft. Norma Jean Martine) – Lost Kings

The end of a adventure-filled summer also signifies the bittersweet end of childhood for many, and this is another catchy, slightly nostalgic song that perfectly captures your mixed feelings about growing up. With a repetitive pre-chorus of “For a second, for a minute can we go?” leading up to the chorus: “Can we go back to when we were young // And didn’t care if we messed up? // We have forever so we got lost in each other,” followed by a beat breakdown, Lost Kings delivers emotion with an addictive tune. As the music fades out, you’ll hear the final lyrics, “You can’t catch me, na na na na na,” a play on the popular children’s chant, and feel nostalgic all over again with the inevitable passing of time.

10 Songs That Will Bring You Back To Summer

6. Mama (ft. William Singe) – Jonas Blue

If you’re looking for a carefree and easy to follow along song for a last minute road trip, Mama by Jonas Blue is the perfect song for you. The pace is medium tempo, making the lyrics clear and easy to sing at the top of your lungs. With lyrics such as “Don’t wanna wake up one day wishing that we dont more // I wanna live fast and never look back, that’s what we here for,” the song embodies youthful spirit and living without regrets. When you have your loved ones by your side, there’s nothing to be afraid; you can go anywhere with “the keys to the universe.”

7. Let Me Down Easy  – Jane XØ & LöKii

You can probably tell by now that I love chill EDM tunes in my summer playlist, and this song by mysterious SoundCloud artist Jane XØ and newly debuted producer LöKii is no exception. Jane XØ always knows how to deliver with her powerful vocals as she paints a picture of holding back from approaching a lover. Although the message is a bit heavier than some of the other songs on this list, the beat drop is definitely worth a listen. Despite the lyrics, the overall tune of the song suits the end of summer and coming back to reality.

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10 Songs That Will Bring You Back To Summer

8. I Feel The Love (ft. Ross Lynch) – Tritonal

Let’s bring it back to the height of summer with the breezy, happy I Feel The Love, a hopeful song about getting to know the one you love. Tritonal’s chill beats encapsulates the feeling of seeing someone you love and wanting to get close to them. There’s so much to explore, and there’s no looking back. “I feel the love, I wanna get to know you // I feel the love, let the past burn into the sun” definitely conveys this feeling. You’ll find all your worries slipping away as you jam to this lighthearted summer song.

9. Kamikaze – MØ

Now, this song may be a bit more mainstream, but it’s amazing regardless. Danish singer MØ’s vocals and the top quality products that can only be the work of Diplo come together to form this insanely addicting tune. The lyrics convey the boldness from going out and having the best time of you life. There’s no stopping the party, you’ll be going “one, two, three, til the end of the world” when you listen to this song. You’ll find yourself singing along and dancing when the beat drops, feeling as if summer will never end.

10 Songs That Will Bring You Back To Summer


10. See Sea (바다보러갈래) – Hyolyn

For the last song, I’m going to have to put some Kpop on this list. For those who are reluctant to dip into the genre, this is not Kpop in the strict sense, but more of a chill, vibing jam. Just think of Hawaii beaches and long car trips, and that’s exactly what the song represents. Sometimes, you don’t need to completely understand the lyrics to get what an artist is trying to convey. With a laidback pace throughout, See Sea is all about heading to the beach and just kicking it back, preferably with a summer love. If that image doesn’t capture the feeling of summer, I don’t know what will.

What are your favorite nostalgic summer songs? Comment below!
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