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50 Songs Perfect For Your Halloween Party Playlist

50 Songs Perfect For Your Halloween Party Playlist

Halloween is just around the corner which means it is time for you to start planning your Halloween party! To help you out, we’ve made a list of the fifty best songs to create the perfect Halloween party playlist!

1. Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett

This is the definitive Halloween song. The 1962 classic is loved by all and will get everyone singing and dancing along at the party.

2. Witch Doctor – Cartoons

Admittedly, a witch and a witch doctor aren’t the same things – but this song is just too funny to leave off your Halloween party playlist.


3. Thriller – Michael Jackson

The best part about including this on your Halloween party playlist is watching everyone attempt to do the dance from memory.

4. Ghost Town – The Specials

This 80s classic is as bizarre as it is creepy and it will really set that Halloween mood at your party.

5. This Is Halloween – Danny Elfman

This fantastic song from The Nightmare Before Christmas will have everyone up and singing. It’s a crowd favorite.


6. Sweet But Psycho – Ava Max

There’s nothing scarier than a psycho girlfriend which is why this song belongs on your Halloween party playlist.

7. Time Warp – Richard O’Brien, Patricia Quinn, and Little Nell

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the best films ever made and this bonkers anthem gets everyone up and dancing.

8. I Put A Spell On You – Screamin’ Jay Hawks

It speaks for itself. Spells = Halloween.


9. Devil Woman – Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard probably isn’t the first person you think of when you’re making a party playlist, but Devil Woman is too much fun to miss out.

10. Black Magic Woman – Santana

The sultry tones of Carlos Santana mixed with a song about an evil woman makes this a Halloween party playlist must-have.

11. Black Magic – Little Mix

What says Halloween more than four girls cursing boys to make them fall in love with them?


12. The Devil Went Down to Georgia – The Charles Daniels Band

“He was looking for a soul to steal…” This traditional American anthem captures that evil spirit of the devil.

13. Bad Moon Rising – Credence Clearwater Revival

This band sings about how something is going to take your life – although we don’t know what. Either way, it’s perfect for your playlist.

14. Sympathy for the Devil – The Rolling Stones

Is it really a party without a Rolling Stones song on the playlist? This classic will get everyone pumped up.


15. A Nightmare on My Street – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The French Prince

Will Smith and his DJ bestie Jeff released nothing but absolute bops and this one is no different.

16. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult

If the Grim Reaper doesn’t scream Halloween, I don’t know what does.

17. Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

This funky song about being stalked will fit perfectly on your Halloween party playlist.


18. Monster – Paramore

This song might have been released for a Transformers movie, but the sentiment fits Halloween.

19. The Monster – Eminem Ft. Rihanna

This wasn’t Em’s most famous song, but every time he and Rihanna collab it is always amazing.

20. Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!


21. Demons – Imagine Dragons

This is a ballad which will be good for when everyone needs a break to rest their dancing feet.

22. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

Who doesn’t love this song? Everyone will be belting it out at the party.

23. Dark Horse – Katy Perry Ft. Juicy Jay

This is a great song to dance to and will get everyone onto the dance floor.


24. Alice – Avril Lavigne

Avril’s haunting ballad about Alice in Wonderland will help to create a spooky vibe.

25. Bring Me To Life – Evanescence

Whether you love Evanescence or just this one song, everyone loves Bring Me to Life.

26. Superstition – Stevie Wonder

A true classic from a legend.


27. Disturbia – Rihanna

This is still one of the weirdest and catchiest songs ever written and everyone knows the words.

28. Get Ur Freak On – Missy Elliot

Another dancefloor filler and crowd favorite.

29. Killer Queen – Queen

It’s not a party without Queen! This is the perfect song from the band for your Halloween party playlist.


30. Maneater – Nelly Furtado

So she doesn’t physically “eat” men, but the implication is there. Pop it on the playlist.

31. Sweet Dreams – Beyonce

This song was always a bit unsettling which will fit with the creepy vibe.

32. Die Young – Kesha

Kesha is perfect for any party and this song is probably the most appropriate for Halloween.


33. The Addams Family Theme

The song about the spookiest family in history will get everyone clicking their fingers.

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34. How Soon Is Now? – The Smiths

The Love Spit Love cover of this song was the theme song to Charmed, so it fits.


35. Welcome To The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

Get ready to sob as soon as you hear that G note.

36. Zombie – The Cranberries

The Cranberries were incredible and this song is still fantastic.

37. She Wolf – Shakira

Nothing says Halloween like a woman turning into a werewolf in your bedroom closet.


38. Do You Believe In Magic? – The Lovin Spoonful

Well, do you? Good, put it on the playlist.

39. Rapture – Blondie

Blondie is great and this song about the end of the world is fitting for Halloween.

40. Heathens – Twenty One Pilots

The Suicide Squad theme song about being locked up in a mental asylum will suit your Halloween party.


41. I’m In Love With A Monster – Fifth Harmony

This song is all about falling for a bad guy – but you can pretend it’s about an actual monster.

42. Magic Dance – David Bowie

Most of Bowie’s songs are weird enough to be on this list – but this one wins the prize.

43. I Want Candy – Aaron Carter

Get it? As in trick-or-treating? No? Okay.


44. Devil In Disguise – Elvis Presley

Time for some Elvis! This song is fun and it’s about the Devil. Perfect!

45. Born To Die – Lana Del Ray

A good choice for when the party is slowing down.

46. Scary – Stormzy

There isn’t enough rap on this playlist so far so here is Stormzy.


47. Bury A Friend – Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has song weird songs but this one suits Halloween.

48. Highway To Hell – AC/DC

A true crowd-pleaser and karaoke classic that will get everyone jumping.

49. Freak Like Me – Sugababes

The music video had the Sugababes dressed as vampires, so it’s going on the list


50. Black Widow – Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora

They could be referring to the killer spider or the killer Marvel character but either way, it’s about a killer.

What do you think of the playlist? What songs would you add? Tell us in the comments!

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