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Songs for Your Pre-Game Playlist That Will Get Everyone Dancing

It’s 2021 summer, which means you want to do as much partying as possible after a full year of covid restrictions. Naturally, you’re going to want to be on aux before you go out to get everyone ready to go. Here are some songs to put on that pregame playlist that will get everyone in the mood to live their absolute best lives at the bar. 

Won’t Sleep–Tones & I

If you were a fan of Dance Monkey then you know that Tones & I make some great party songs. Here she is again with another banger where she sings about partying so often that you quite literally don’t sleep, which is the goal of the summer if you ask me. It has a good beat to start off your pregame and get people in the correct headspace to stay at the bar until closing time. 

Broken People–almost monday

Recently I discovered almost monday myself and I’ve been absolutely obsessed ever since. If you’re like me and have a chaotic friend group full of people who are hanging on by a thread at all times, songs like these will get you going. This song has a great beat and one of the best parts about it is the radio hasn’t overplayed it to the point of no return. 

Kiwi–Harry Styles

Some of you may not have listened to Harry Styles’ self-titled debut album back in 2018, and that’s okay I’ll forgive you for that. Kiwi, however, maybe your new best friend. Styles goes crazy with this one, which is about a party girl with a no-good boyfriend and will take you right back to 70’s rock and roll songs. It’s upbeat, in fact, there is even a time where Harry is quite literally screaming and it will make you want to dance and never stop dancing. 

Revolving–Yung Bae, Marc E. Bassy

I don’t know why Marc E. Bassy featuring on songs gets me ready to rage, but they do and this one is no exception. This song has been on repeat at all of my pregames recently and, when you listen, you’ll get why. It’s a medium-level hype song, but you really will want this on your playlist because it’s a hit every single time. Songs like these are great for when you are playing games beforehand and you don’t want to pay attention to aux. 

One More Time–Daft Punk

Yeah, I know this song is old and maybe you think it’s been overplayed. I challenge you to put this on during your pregame and tell me you aren’t ready to run a mile to the bars and dance like your life depended on it. It’s one of the most timeless songs for a pregame that you most likely forgot was such a bop. I’ll forgive you for judging me when your pregame gets ten times more fun after this song gets going. 


Sebastian Paul is another recently discovered artist on my end that straight up doesn’t miss. Every single one of his songs is catchy, and while most are about breaking up, they are upbeat and work in almost any setting. This song in particular has been a group favorite of ours for a few months and it has shown no signs of slowing down. In fact, we listen to it religiously on repeat because it’s that good and about not being able to wait for someone to finally want to date you forever but still wanting them to remember you fondly. Relatable. 

I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)–Lykke Li

I can attest that this is one of the songs that my friends and I have yet to tire of when pregaming. It has a quick beat and just really makes you want to get up and dance with your friends. You may know this song, you may have heard the song and were unaware of the title and didn’t have time to Shazam it at the club. Either way, add it to your playlist. I could not be more adamant about adding it to your pregame playlist for a guaranteed good time. 

The Spins–Mac Miller

If you haven’t heard this song on TikTok or just relentlessly played by your friends, then I am happy to introduce it to you. The Spins is a timeless classic and if you put it on it is sure to get everyone on their feet. Girls love it, boys love it, I’m pretty sure your dog even loves it because I really haven’t met a person who hasn’t requested this song at some point in the night. It’s upbeat one of Mac Miller’s many songs that are sure to get the drinks flowing. 

See Also

Dangerous (Oliver Remix)–Big Data, Joywave

Have you watched Euphoria? Who am I kidding, everyone has. Anyways this song was featured in the soundtrack and is also a banger. It’s the perfect main character track for you and your friends to feel like the hottest people about to enter the bar. It’s really just the perfect pregame song to get your confidence and God complex up before heading out for the night. Add. It. Now. 

Tempo–Lizzo, Missy Elliot

Of course, there is one of Lizzo’s many empowering songs featured on this pregame playlist. I’m not kidding it always gets me ready to twerk and if you don’t feel the same way then I am deeply sorry. All about wanting to dance and shake what your mama gave you no matter your body type or what you look like paired with a trap beat, you won’t want to miss such a song on your playlist. Trust me on this, you’ll be up on chairs and tables dancing with this one. 

Plastic Hearts–Miley Cyrus

Miley’s rockstar phase is popping with her most recent album, so obviously she made some bangers to accompany it. Her songs are always great, and if you really love some throwbacks include some bops from her Hannah Montana days and it will get your party singing. Plastic Hearts is a great song for your pregame playlist and gives off a similar message to the Tones & I song I first suggested, which is really about partying until you can’t. 

Sex on Fire (The Lost Boys Remix)–Kings of Leon

Pull up your old Soundcloud account for this absolute gem of a remix. Obviously, Sex on Fire is a great, timeless song that you could easily play the original version and get people on their feet. However, I urge you to play this remix because it gives the song a beat that somehow elevates it even more and I swear it’s possible. It’s good for your main character moment right before the Uber pulls up to take you out for the night. 

Add these songs to your pregame playlist for a guaranteed good time. Let me know your go-to songs in the comments so I can get some new songs too!

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